Shot by Ash @wearegrip
Music from Epidemic Sound

  • REDHPOWER Car Vids
    REDHPOWER Car Vids

    Does Lando remind anyone else of Tom Holland

  • Russian Boer 1
    Russian Boer 1

    For me it's Sebastian then lando then kimi



  • Anushka XII- I, 13
    Anushka XII- I, 13

    Those neck exercises look so painful! I would die doing them.

  • Zak Maddison
    Zak Maddison

    Lando is my favourite driver

  • Tyre Smoke Motorsport
    Tyre Smoke Motorsport

    Hey lando What is the song called at the start/ throughout the whole vid Anyone because it’s really cool

  • Marcos

    What is the intro song?

  • Sour

    formula 1 driver but still drives a mini

  • Salty5th

    Next to leclerc landó is my favorite

  • John Guilherme Sampaio Magalhães
    John Guilherme Sampaio Magalhães

    Só seu fam Norris na f1

  • TheNo2 Memeulous
    TheNo2 Memeulous

    It’s so good to see what it’s like to be an f1 driver I thank lando for putting time into videos

  • Brody Martin
    Brody Martin

    What was the first song called

  • Fariha Sajjad
    Fariha Sajjad

    Love how’s there’s just a fanatec wheel sitting behind them when he’s cycling

  • Jolene Ann Turner
    Jolene Ann Turner

    Same here.

  • Sketchi

    you end up showing all the cars plates m8 HAHAHAHHA so much trouble bluring it all for nothing

  • Jack Stevenson
    Jack Stevenson

    Fav drivers Lewis Lando George Valtteri Sorry Valtteri :(

  • Cruzy King
    Cruzy King

    Lol is car

  • Andreas

    Playstation F1 Driver!

  • Max and Perdi's Football Channel
    Max and Perdi's Football Channel

    Lando you chose to do this

  • Piper Warrior Sim Project
    Piper Warrior Sim Project

    Are you running on PC or ps4 3monitors set up

  • John Harris
    John Harris

    what a shame most of the video was boring garbage but at least we got to see some of the simulator

  • Carlita Snyman
    Carlita Snyman

    7:10 i was laughing so hard at Havana playing in the background



  • Jacob Mobley
    Jacob Mobley

    whats the intro song name

  • KataSwing

    Its so weird to see him drive a tiny car lol

  • speakingofrolls1

    His “office” looks really cool. Hope Charles Leclerc do the same with Ferrari.

  • Shishy 846
    Shishy 846

    Plz name of songs

  • Luke Gibson
    Luke Gibson

    I did not know lando used zwift


    hi watching from Singapore

  • Charlie Hills
    Charlie Hills

    What percent was the ffb on

  • Dineo Mnisi
    Dineo Mnisi

    Landos laugh always gets me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Shishy 846
      Shishy 846



    @2:30 “Don’t worry, you can trust me”


    redbull may be my most favourite team ever but lando is one of the best... i hope lando would think one day about racing for red-bull... it would be quite fun

  • Luís Henrique Trivinho
    Luís Henrique Trivinho

    Is not VR Glasses better than 3 TVs?

  • Pulse_Squidy_

    Anyone here after first podium

  • Lauxo

    hey can you keep going with these vlogs

  • PinkxPineapple

    0:00 song?

    • Florian

  • DILO GOD !!!
    DILO GOD !!!

    Oh dont film it! XD

  • Param Drall
    Param Drall

    My Neck is HURTING !💀

  • Clarissa

    weird fact that he uses both legs to drive an automatic car (the opposite of what you learn irl)

    • Kaan

      Clarissa oh right that makes more sense 😂😂

    • Clarissa

      Kaan Swan i meant the Mini.. hahah

    • Kaan

      But F1 cars aren't automatic

  • Alex_7348

    Intro song name?

    • Florian


    • Florian

    • PinkxPineapple

      Have you found it?

  • Petros Tzekos
    Petros Tzekos

    You don't want Kubica to listen to this title!!!!!

  • Alex Tapisevic
    Alex Tapisevic

    What a privileged lad.

  • Matthew Bookbinder
    Matthew Bookbinder

    Amazing job. Well done for Sunday


    Anyone here after he got his first podium?

  • R2G Pico
    R2G Pico

    Who is watching after his first podium?

    • DrunkenGamer

      I do but i had no clue he had a yt channel. I was watching best twitch moment of leclerc and yt suggested him to me. Not dissapointed.

    • Neychot

      @PinkxPineapple download shazam and there's a thing called the pop up shazam where it can detect the song within the device you're playing in

    • PinkxPineapple

      Neychot thank you! I’ve been looking for so long...

    • Neychot

      @PinkxPineapple riccochet oomie

    • Нαггү ατ Яовlөx
      Нαггү ατ Яовlөx


  • 이성호

    Nice lando!!!!! P3

  • Gabriel Garcia Zuniga
    Gabriel Garcia Zuniga

    Landoooo you did well f*** done you are the BEST

  • robdotcom71

    You wouldn't want the trainer to let go of the elastic during the neck *THWACK!!*

  • milk Son
    milk Son

    Daniel Riccardo + lando Norris = awswome

  • Kacper Der
    Kacper Der

    I love lando norris

  • II MaynarD II
    II MaynarD II

    What's the neck exercise for?

  • Milo Ertugrul
    Milo Ertugrul

    why is lando holding a spin cricket ball.

  • lemonpillow720

    What sim do they drive? Not the rig but the “game”

  • Gaspard Andriot
    Gaspard Andriot

    He has a mini and he is at McLaren’s😂

    • SG MiNi
      SG MiNi

      Gaspard Andriot I think he’s got a mclaren now

  • August Von Der Lippe
    August Von Der Lippe

    he drives a mini?? i am confused

  • Zedoche La pétoche
    Zedoche La pétoche

    Good to see Sacha too !

  • Internet Marketing Auckland
    Internet Marketing Auckland

    omg those neck exercises, wowza!! GG player #1

  • petarbg123

    4:50 lmaooo I was expecting the perfect turn syncronized to the beat drop hahahaha

  • 高一埕

    I like mclaren,but I like ferreri best.

  • tom hwg
    tom hwg

    Which sim game where you driving and with which car

  • JP J
    JP J


  • P&D

    Hello Lando Norris!)

  • JanaBella8 Schneider
    JanaBella8 Schneider

    He's só funny guy, ihnw 🤣♥️ focused up on McLaren)

  • Max Van wageningen
    Max Van wageningen

    is this a custom sim? or just 1 everyone can buy

    • DV

      Max Van wageningen denk eentje die exclusief worden gemaakt, maar wie weet, met genoeg geld kan je het waarschijnlijk wel kopen

  • Nathan Carey
    Nathan Carey

    He looks so young!

    • DV

      He is

  • Speedy Swiss Gaming
    Speedy Swiss Gaming

    Nice Simracing Station

  • Critical _ Josh
    Critical _ Josh

    6:16 when the guy in the carlin jumper almost fell hehe

    • Pedro

      @RIthvik Bangari I think that`s Sergio Sette Câmara

    • RIthvik Bangari
      RIthvik Bangari

      Looks like Juan Manuel Correa

  • Just a user watching yt on iPad Kk
    Just a user watching yt on iPad Kk

    Everyone’s laughin at the neck exercise but it’s good as in every corner an f1 driver goes through 4-5 g-force levels witch is very hard

    • Ved singh
      Ved singh

      @maJR my boi Centrifugal force exists

    • Niffo van Vliet
      Niffo van Vliet

      maJR corner + braking you get a lot of gs

    • maJR

      No not the corner the braking just before the corner

  • Seshvir Seodutt
    Seshvir Seodutt

    “”I Hit a wall”

  • David Carrasco
    David Carrasco

    Cut your hair men!!!

  • Benjamin Bing
    Benjamin Bing

    No McLaren as daily car?

  • gold333

    Finally a setup with a correct fov

  • Martin Dashov
    Martin Dashov

    Im not sure but i think its rf2 :D ITs very nice simulator. :)

  • Val Valerio
    Val Valerio

    How much is that sim setup, I wonder.

  • Xerlapis

    i wanna see vettel and leclerc vlog

  • Mr B VR
    Mr B VR

    What kind of screens/ monitors is he using?

  • Blotted

    What red sim cockpit is that? absolutely beautiful

  • Lucas Doncev
    Lucas Doncev

    You have the potential to win the championship 2020 your my favourite driver

  • Kisian / Paddock Slag
    Kisian / Paddock Slag

    Never skip neck day

  • Saudi Prince
    Saudi Prince

    With your shite music out at the start fucking deafening

  • Lambogamin CH50
    Lambogamin CH50

    Because my dad does funcup a racing tournament

  • Lambogamin CH50
    Lambogamin CH50

    I have the same pro sim as you mate. I am your biggest fan

  • Jon boy
    Jon boy

    I reckon your personal trainer really enjoys ringing your neck. hehehe

  • S. Paul Guillory
    S. Paul Guillory

    Anyone know what sim he is using ? Or is this an in house sim exclusive to McLaren?

  • tl.manage

    He sounds like super GT

  • William Neto
    William Neto

    2:30 "come on, get up, you have a race to go" xD

  • Lee Hawkins
    Lee Hawkins

    great training but please try some other way of training neck with elastic and someone holding it, if that person left go for any reasong that would cause some injuries to your face. thats not realy safe.

  • Tim Whiskerd
    Tim Whiskerd

    Lando, a bit more effort on the home trainer , please. Nice to see you like farm life, thats rather touching. Follow Jodies example for a balanced life and things to do after F1 is just history.

  • Fede Doria
    Fede Doria

    La idea del simulador no es ser lo más cercano posible a la realidad? Si es así lo que usa Norris es tremendamente irreal porque esas tres pantallas con la imagen super ampliada hacen una butaca enorme en comparación con el piloto. Es decir, el piloto ve las cosas mucho más pequeñas en la realidad, o sea tamaño normal

  • Mirek Poczarski
    Mirek Poczarski

    Intro music name ?

    • Florian

  • EJ Tamayo
    EJ Tamayo

    F1 driver and is driving on a gt car simulator

  • Manu_17

    Grande Lando

  • ___

    0:20 wHoS sAcHa?

    • Zedoche La pétoche
      Zedoche La pétoche

      He's talking about Sacha Fenestraz

  • Ilyaas Bedar
    Ilyaas Bedar

    There’s people in concentration camps in China

  • Keira Harris Racing
    Keira Harris Racing

    #keiraharrisracing_20 you will be doing this soon lol

  • ofcrsa 221
    ofcrsa 221

    Ayyyyyy mah boi lando

    • ofcrsa 221
      ofcrsa 221

      How’s mclaren

  • Victor 6
    Victor 6

    I like you because you have sense of humour

  • skilewis74

    What wheel base is that? Hard to tell but kind of looks like a Simu Cube 2, probably the Ultimate.

  • Important Dolphin
    Important Dolphin

    Use gran turismo lewis Hamilton driving style to train yourself