WTF1 karting challenge
Back in a go-kart teaming up with Matt (WTF1) & Kelvin Van Der Linde in the WTF1 Grand Prix at Buckmore Park.


Shot by Ash @wearegrip
Music by Epidemic Sound

  • fiendbastards

    Samir, listen.. U are breaking the kart

  • Tita SK
    Tita SK


  • Abqori Abdullah
    Abqori Abdullah

    You’re so humble LN. Hoping to meet you, have a photo together. Much love from Malaysian, LN

  • 08HuskyBoyYT

    Man this Lando Noriis dude should drive F1, he seems really good!

  • Campbell Fowler
    Campbell Fowler

    LOL Lady asking for Lando's name

  • Shishy 846
    Shishy 846

    Imagine him geting podium in Austria

  • Aayush MK
    Aayush MK

    Wat's the song at the start?

  • VORTEX F270
    VORTEX F270

    8:41 he was so happy!

  • Rocky 07
    Rocky 07

    His next race was Spa? 😂😂 Ok. We're checking. Keep going for now. "I can't! It's Broken! It's Broken!Antistall! It's off!" 😂💯

  • Aayush MK
    Aayush MK

    Damn wat's that first song?

  • Henrique Conte
    Henrique Conte

    3:04 number 17... and a name? Lando: seriously?

  • Riley 188
    Riley 188

    7:56 hay it’s that tony cart kid from the spa video, I guessing that this was filmed in the same area

  • tg72201

    Last lap Lando

  • Outsmiles

    Lando Norris, for me the new senna

  • Sangita Sarmin Katun
    Sangita Sarmin Katun

    I love your Nico Rosberg-esque vlogs. Turns out racing drivers make good vloggers. Keep it up!

  • Ranjana Kamath
    Ranjana Kamath

    When Lando joins a karting an event, its like the pe teacher joining one of the teams 😂

    • Blendernations


  • Ayush2727

    when lando's editing is better than matts

  • haris a.n.
    haris a.n.

    Lando, activate scenario 7, scenario 7 please.

  • Matt Bolt
    Matt Bolt

    3:06 "and a name?" PFFFTTTTT HOW DARE

  • Slavsquatter

    3:02- Lando- 'Tells the woman her name' Woman- "That's Fine" Bruh she standing next to a future F1 driver and she say's 'That's fine'😐

  • The Plankmeister
    The Plankmeister

    Lando's pretty fast. But he clearly needs to work on his parking.

  • Ifne Old
    Ifne Old

    I legit live like 5 minuets away from this. Kent Medway

  • Jamezlo

    Happy 2 year anniversary

  • Yasou Wind
    Yasou Wind

    anybody know the song at 1:26

  • Josh Costello
    Josh Costello

    How was this 2 years ago

  • Dk Jones
    Dk Jones

    When she asked his name😂😂😂💀

  • Ben Kerry
    Ben Kerry

    7:57 is that tony kart guy from that “that’s Radion actually vid?

    • weird stonk
      weird stonk

      Yeah it is. His name is Alex Spinks and he used to race against Lando a lot in karting as they are similar ages

  • RAMA2330

    the gopro isneed to upward more mate

  • Karl Grocott
    Karl Grocott

    I think you are going to be the next legendary British F1 driving I love watching your ITmores channel if you ever do a shoutout give me a shout out anytime in any of your videos karlos grocott ❤

  • Archie Paul
    Archie Paul

    And name please Lando: am I a joke to you

  • winson ws
    winson ws

    So Last-Lap Lando was actually born here

  • F1 TV
    F1 TV

    300th comment 😁😁

  • Finn G
    Finn G

    10:38 nice voicecrack

  • George On L2
    George On L2

    I’ve karted there before

  • Sai Vedant
    Sai Vedant

    Imagine standing there and asking Lando his name

  • Aurea Joanne Kho
    Aurea Joanne Kho

    Baldo norris

  • اميرة كل الكون
    اميرة كل الكون


  • Luke's Aviation and F1
    Luke's Aviation and F1

    Great memories at this track winning overall and both of my races, one from last in BSKC Semi-finals

  • Nicholas Christiaan Scheckter
    Nicholas Christiaan Scheckter

    Kelvin was right, some of those guys out there were kak!

  • GVX KY
    GVX KY

    "If go karts when 200mph"

  • Zac Cook
    Zac Cook

    "And name" bich please

  • Claire L
    Claire L

    I had no idea that matty was a stuntman! thats pretty cool

  • maya weug
    maya weug

    It looked like a lot of back in karting!!

  • Tom Huish
    Tom Huish

    i go to this circuit all the time and never seen lando :((

  • Daksh Jotwani
    Daksh Jotwani

    "That's Raidillon actually."

  • Mic Salve
    Mic Salve

    lando has the best music

  • William Mercer
    William Mercer

    Should of turned up in full f1 gear

  • sam tate
    sam tate


  • mos

    6:04 hahahaahahaha why do they all start bouncing

  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade

    Lando: number 17. Lando Norris. Person : OK. Me : FFFFFFUUUUUUUU*********

  • Fredrteo


  • André Niemand
    André Niemand

    Ooooof poor rental.

  • Mash709

    Man, I wish we had a a quality track like that where I live. Looks like so much damn fun.

  • Matthys Strydom
    Matthys Strydom

    Kelvin, my fellow countryman.

  • fish

    What is the song at 1:25?

    • Olav van Eck
      Olav van Eck

      fish Etiqueta from Bassio

  • Edward 02
    Edward 02

    6:01 everyone is bobbing their head around 🤣

    • MrSharkFIN

      @Dolanii There's still no bump though. They were literally still too lol

    • Dolanii

      @weird stonk i said there was a bump. Not bumping into eachother

    • weird stonk
      weird stonk

      @Dolanii They are not bumping into each other, they are trying to use their body weight to force the kart forward to get up to speed faster. It's really common to see and I do it myself

    • Alex Boltasu
      Alex Boltasu

      @Sidharth manoj krishnan In Order to be faster you can do that once while coming out of a hairpin or when starting. They aren't lifting themselves, they are pushing the kart with their weight. They do that everywhere from vsk's to British championships.

    • dani

      It looks like max Verstappen lmao

  • Josh Costello
    Josh Costello


  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    Reckon this kid would be decent at F1, maybe McLaren should give him a shot

    • Cedric Verdin
      Cedric Verdin

      Nah I don't think he would have the talent


    From driver of formula 1 To driver of kart🤣🤣❤

  • alex szigl
    alex szigl

    Can you find, eou rouge?🤣

  • Praveena S
    Praveena S

    Just binge watching every LandoLOG when I'm supposed to be studying. It's 3:40 a.m LOL

  • Not Sosig Ramsey
    Not Sosig Ramsey

    5:27 So this guy has the nerve to tell an f1 driver he can’t have a camera on his helmet when doing quali Edit: It makes me sad that people don’t Understand that this is a joke....

    • Seshvir Seodutt
      Seshvir Seodutt

      An F1 driver is allowed to go at 200 kph on a road 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Chloe Prime
      Chloe Prime

      @Not Sosig Ramsey trust me he knows who he was haha massive fan of him, but track rules are track rules for everyone’s safety :) I know the guy, he said lando was lovely too

    • Igor Lopes 86
      Igor Lopes 86

      What a shit of rule

    • superandrd

      @Frazer Reavell nah

    • Not Sosig Ramsey
      Not Sosig Ramsey

      @HWG 10IAR playing the victim?? pls i really don't get why you feel the need to say that.. maybe you should get help.

  • Sapi Verbum
    Sapi Verbum

    John Button Suite :)

  • Vajover

    In the States you would have never gotten a note like that, just a bigger dent.

  • ryan willis
    ryan willis

    I was the last kid to win at buckmore in Honda

  • Masoom Ahmed
    Masoom Ahmed

    Lando Norris, you are an incredible human. Period.

  • Rakan Al Nsour
    Rakan Al Nsour


  • Sophist990

    Good Stuff Lando you are making it possible for a younger generation to get interested in motor sports. You have a great attitude and awesome personality. F1 could not ask for a better ambassador to the tech gen. I just wish I didn't have to pay for a sports channel just to watch F1 as I watch no other sports. Get F1 to set up an app for F1 streaming only and I'd prolly pay for that instead. But ass always great content.

  • Beausullivanracing 43
    Beausullivanracing 43

    I'd love to race in one of these next year

  • Colin F
    Colin F

    I love how they seem like they're surprised by the fact that Lando Norris is a better driver than everyone else.

  • ignited

    wow i was at buckmore

  • never lift
    never lift


  • Lilith Lianshi
    Lilith Lianshi

    6:08 why are they want to jump ? XD

  • Michael B
    Michael B

    Anyone else remember when Buckmore was a gravel scouts track?

  • midlight xhx
    midlight xhx

    Invite me next time lol

  • TQ-R

    Haha, Lando Norris cant park! :P

  • Greasy Goon
    Greasy Goon

    Not sure why but I have a good feeling about this guy

  • Tony Tran
    Tony Tran

    The camera on the helmet rule is so stupid.

  • Marcos Casado
    Marcos Casado

    Your vids are the best!!!! The best edition I've seen in F1 environment.

  • Dan Christian
    Dan Christian

    Please no punterino Lando Jimmer at 3:00 (shoulder cam)

  • Cliff Lee
    Cliff Lee

    Are those four cycle Briggs and Stratton engines? I'm assuming because in the states four cycle karts are almost always Briggs and Stratton.

  • LunaViking

    matt so thicc, that explains the big seat.

  • Jacob Hanekamp
    Jacob Hanekamp

    Of course Lando went

  • Marqués de Portago
    Marqués de Portago

    2:52 Jimmy Broadbent?

    • Alex Kubacki
      Alex Kubacki

      Jimmer has a silver helmet for his giant melon. Also, this was a year ago.

  • Rider

    Some car rolled back and hit your car, then left a note and number? Should have defo put the lottery on with that.

  • traida111

    insane (10)... yes bro!

  • MusicKid

    Hey lando didn't know u had a ITmores channel but I love and I will be subscribing

  • Lee C
    Lee C

    what is this trashy music

  • Derek Bushrow
    Derek Bushrow

    Super gt?

  • PR0553R_14

    Best in the world got beaten by random people😂 MONEY IS THE ANSWERRRR

  • Drinkenbus

    Guys dont go karting rigt there Those guys are basters tey sad to lando that hie cant film 😱😱🤯🤬🤬

  • Mixalis _ Prs
    Mixalis _ Prs

    3:18 song?

    • Mixalis _ Prs
      Mixalis _ Prs

      @Oliver King no that's why i do the question

    • Oliver King
      Oliver King

      TheGreeKiller GR did you ever find it?

  • Griffin Hinwiset
    Griffin Hinwiset

    What song is that while you are karting

    • Griffin Hinwiset
      Griffin Hinwiset

      Alderney Kingy np

    • Oliver King
      Oliver King

      Griffin Hinwiset iv looked everywhere on Epidemic Sound but cant find it

    • Griffin Hinwiset
      Griffin Hinwiset

      Alderney Kingy no😢

    • Oliver King
      Oliver King

      Griffin Hinwiset did you ever find it?

  • George Burgess
    George Burgess

    I was in the boy in the Mclaren top at 7:53

  • TheFuZZyOne

    Is there anything like this in the States? Is it very expensive?

  • Short Film Studios
    Short Film Studios

    4:53 that skkrt timed with the music well

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts

    6:06 the trampoline seat is that a new go kart feature? Lol

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts

    Got to that clean driver

    • Ethan Roberts
      Ethan Roberts

      Got to be that clean driver

  • Richard

    Who knows this circuit from Super GT?

    • Nicolas Szpytowski
      Nicolas Szpytowski

      super gt is a absolute monster on this track hahaha

    • matthew perry
      matthew perry

      Richard I know it as I live about 10 minutes away from it and have driven around it a couple of times on open days which I would highly recommend

    • InvalidUsername

      i want to see from Super GT “i met Lando Norris” as a video soon 😂

  • CoDKidPeter

    There’s no way that no one knows the name of this song at the beginning. Dear Individual(s) Running This Channel, Please do the good people a favor and share the actual name of this jam. Thanks

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