Over in Bahrain training for the brand new Formula 1 season.
PAP - instagram.com/papsc1
Shot by Ash @wearegrip
Music from Epidemic Sound & Artlist.io
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  • VORTEX F270
    VORTEX F270

    "yellow and black, my kind of colours" lando norris is a bee

  • Raphaela Pareto
    Raphaela Pareto

    Lando, hope you`re fully recovered from COVID by now! Good look on this year's camp! ♥

  • Luan hughes
    Luan hughes

    the lando log straight sounds nice XD

  • Philip

    30k is warmup

  • Jodie Ahmed
    Jodie Ahmed

    his style in the squash is not the greatest but atleast he can hit the ball (coming from a squash player)

  • Andrea Vassura
    Andrea Vassura

    That bike's saddle is too low...

  • iamDarken

    this content is sooo good, u need to post more lando!

  • Miglė JJ
    Miglė JJ


  • сука блять
    сука блять

    Reads title:... Kimi is.

  • Kyrozen

    And now You have 2 more days until the Bahrain Grand Prix Good luck lando

  • Charlie Austin
    Charlie Austin

    I know I’m really late with this because I’m rewatching the Landologs but what bike is Lando riding?

    • Kyrozen

      He has the Bahrain grand prix in 2 days

  • William Lowth JBG
    William Lowth JBG

    not sure if it was a joke with the helmet...

  • mx Viking
    mx Viking

    Talking about cycling, I prefer going MTB than on a route

  • test account
    test account

    what is the song called

  • Virgil O.
    Virgil O.



    Enjoy the vids

  • Alex Friel
    Alex Friel

    I still cant believe george Russell wont the f2 drivers championship and ended up with williams

    • xMissMilkyWayx

      He chose them he went in with a PowerPoint presentation to them about why they should choose him and they chose him no joke

  • Matthew Bookbinder
    Matthew Bookbinder

    Rooting for you this season. Let's see you fighting Lewis for those poles Lando

  • Streams4Charities

    You don’t even look like you have ever been to a gym....

    • StewartѰ

      to keep weight they stay small

  • Lorenz Lautner
    Lorenz Lautner

    Can you let me drive a F1 car? Thx

  • Krutarth Patel
    Krutarth Patel

    Tom Holland of formula 1

  • The- potato-warrior
    The- potato-warrior

    Anythingforviews is better...

  • KingCornholio

    I've nevern seen a F1 driver vlog before....

  • noomerical

    you should wear goggles when playing squash/racquetball. eye injuries while not too common, can be pretty bad in those sports.

  • Senne Goossens
    Senne Goossens

    Hey Lando, your saddle on your bike is a little bit to low. I should try to set it a little bit higher.

  • shreyas bhat
    shreyas bhat

    Kid living his dream

  • LookatyouLP

    Cycling glases under the helmet strap. Big no go xD


    What kind of watch is he wearing ?

  • ALX Entourage
    ALX Entourage

    He's so bloody sweet

  • Nesy M
    Nesy M

    You so talented!!..the eyes on you keep going🧡👏💪

  • Vinayak Iyer
    Vinayak Iyer

    3:36 that’s jehan

  • اميرة كل الكون
    اميرة كل الكون


    • اميرة كل الكون
      اميرة كل الكون


  • Lilis Febriyanti
    Lilis Febriyanti

    3:36 carlos sainz

    • xMissMilkyWayx


  • MrArchie800

    "Only managed to do 30k"!!!! FFS if I could do that without breaking a sweat like you did I'd sell the car and save soooo much money! My wife could even cycle to the shops for my beer!!

  • Praveena S
    Praveena S

    What is the music at 2:05?

  • Lewis Hamilton
    Lewis Hamilton

    Hajshsh guys, welcome back 😂

  • Matthew McDonald
    Matthew McDonald

    I done an hour on karts the other day an i was mashed after, its a work out in half, now i understand how brutal racing can be, an i could imagine a f1 car would be heavy as, the ground force at those speeds would make steering an effort in half, would love to av a go at f1, I am pretty good behind a wheel, not sure about f1 tho, lol................

  • HeliNomadic

    I love that you play squash. That squash court was pristine!

  • DSI

    All the gear, no idea..

  • Elle

    That neck thing looks horrible

  • Zafreen Mohamed
    Zafreen Mohamed

    I lve LandoLOG ❣️

  • Emyr Derfel
    Emyr Derfel

    5:02 Did Specialized give you a proper bike-fit, Lando? Saddle height looks a little low based on the angle of your knee at full extension.

  • CookieBuilds

    And people say f1 drivers aren’t real athletes

  • Hus 9
    Hus 9

    We're not here for fun. We're here to kill or be killed.

  • Liam Palmer
    Liam Palmer

    Someone wanna explain the next workout? Where the guys pulls his head and he has to hold his head straight?

    • BigFire

      F1 driver experienced tremendous out of G-Force going through corners. From 3-6Gs.

  • vineela sriram
    vineela sriram

    9 months later.... Still rooting for you Lando!!!!

  • livia arruda
    livia arruda

    what name is this business that is used to pull the head?

  • Jonathan Betz
    Jonathan Betz

    Humble kid

  • Praveena S
    Praveena S

    Ok, I actually thought it was horse riding. I’m stupid.

  • Federico Passuello
    Federico Passuello

    a twitcher on f1

  • Ellinor Glasell
    Ellinor Glasell

    God I would love to see you horse riding actually hahah. Not as easy as it may look

  • Jet Fusion
    Jet Fusion

    "My eyes!!! they full of sand!!!" LOL

  • Maurice Beltcher
    Maurice Beltcher

    2:05 music?

    • Philis Gram
      Philis Gram

      did you find the song title?

  • Four noob
    Four noob

    Extra slim suit .. not bad 🤣

  • Malcom Wei
    Malcom Wei

    wait this is how they train? im impressed

    • Isaac Benson
      Isaac Benson

      This is only a part of training pretty much all the muscles in the core and neck must be at a high level of endurance strength and the workouts for it are quite literally the most torturous thing out there

    • xMissMilkyWayx

      Lando anyway and not like this all the time I believe this is just a certain thing they do like a training camp

  • 43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava
    43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava

    One word, Galantis.

  • Κωνσταντινα Νικολοπουλου
    Κωνσταντινα Νικολοπουλου

    Come to greece😍🇬🇷



  • Guto Reis
    Guto Reis

    Lando, you deserv all the good things on earth. What a great guy you are

  • Scott Kremers
    Scott Kremers

    PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!!!! You are F1's next WORLD CHAMPION - F1 fans

  • David Ogg
    David Ogg

    Your saddle is way too low. Get yourself a BikeFit

  • makkai zsombor
    makkai zsombor

    Gud luck british grand prix

  • miles hamilton
    miles hamilton

    I play squash and i know he does does not hit the ball properly

  • Bandit Darville
    Bandit Darville

    Now THAT is kart track!

  • Brent Goodwin
    Brent Goodwin

    That neck training looks like torture

  • A10 Warthog
    A10 Warthog


  • NitrooCS

    7:17 - Lando doing his best danny ric impression

    • saira ca
      saira ca


  • Fredrik Bødtker Fjærli
    Fredrik Bødtker Fjærli

    Bro, u ride normal shoes not cyclingshoes, wtf

    • Emyr Derfel
      Emyr Derfel

      4:55 they're road cycling shoes, but with very plain styling.

  • Prasath Ahilan
    Prasath Ahilan

    People saying that F1 drivers are not athletes, needs a reality check.

    • Morgan Cuthbert
      Morgan Cuthbert

      @Maxski everyone says it

    • Yeeehaw The imposter
      Yeeehaw The imposter

      @Wyatt Spencer literally everyone in my school

    • Tova Dianita
      Tova Dianita

      @Steve McLean well my P.E teacher said the WHOLE motorsport isn't a sport lol and I'm disappointed

    • B

      Who said that 😂

    • Ling Ling
      Ling Ling

      @test account you can check the description box :D

  • Marching Food Truck
    Marching Food Truck

    Congrats on p2 bro

  • Shrivatsan K Chari
    Shrivatsan K Chari

    Wow that's hardwork

  • Beebo! in the House
    Beebo! in the House

    6:02 "I'm dying" * continues to ride *

    • Bram Vugts
      Bram Vugts

      That's what cycling is

  • Beebo! in the House
    Beebo! in the House

    Meme lord

  • Fernando

    I'm tired

  • quartetMusic

    You look like Bane

  • thetrue chexmixer
    thetrue chexmixer

    The horses had cloth over their head's too. Are they also being scanned and given custom helmets?

    • Sedot KA
      Sedot KA

      Think its a protection for flys or in this case it might even be because of the sandstorms^^

  • KiMa


  • Kevin Snyder
    Kevin Snyder

    Great VLOG Lando! From a Fan in Canada. Am i the only one who thought you were biking in front of a Green Screen at around the 5:20 mark. LOL. Keep pushing yourself man. You're setting the bar high for a 19 year old, and are a breath of fresh air to the f1 season this year. Will be cheering for you this year every race! good luck to you and your team

  • Yasmeen Eyad
    Yasmeen Eyad

    I've actually been to the ritz a couple of days ago playing squash I would like to thank you for visiting my school (st Christopher) it was a honor having you visit please reply to this ❣

  • Daphne Ham
    Daphne Ham

    You’re my new favourite F1 rookie.. you are fast and talented! Interesting lifestyle you have and great videos.... keep it up Lando... new sub and new fan here from Malaysia 🇲🇾

    • Kevin Snyder
      Kevin Snyder

      Im not the only one! Definitely my favorite f1 Rookie too; Though he really seems wise beyond his years :)

  • Yasmeen Eyad
    Yasmeen Eyad

    whilst your now in Bahrain, hopefully u r staying in the Ritz again and hopefully I get to meet u x

  • Elle

    What’s the reason for all the neck work outs

    • Nehal Chaturvedi
      Nehal Chaturvedi

      High horizontal g forces around corners

  • Renato Cahuana
    Renato Cahuana

    Shortest driver in 2019 grid? You look like a manlet

  • yasir

    Love Lando. You my bro.... 🔥🔥👍👍

  • Somewhere In Time 86
    Somewhere In Time 86

    Lando is cool and smooth! Just like Lando Calrissian:) he should ware a cape as well;) good luck buddy! Kick carlos *ss!

  • Florentina Sandu
    Florentina Sandu

    But why did you do that neck training, for what is good? And it's look so painful

    • keerthi n l a
      keerthi n l a

      They experience a lot of G force. They need to train their muscles to take the strain.

  • Frazer Price
    Frazer Price

    Yes! Can't wait for more of these. Good to get an insight into one of my favourite drivers processes.

  • Ricardo Ludeke
    Ricardo Ludeke

    Please please please keep this going all year!

  • Ahoy Hoy
    Ahoy Hoy

    what was the song you were playing during the bike ride? #sorrynotsorry

    • Utkarsh Chaurasia
      Utkarsh Chaurasia

      Midnight hour by raw

  • Flinty!

    After your first grand prix victory, if there isn't even the slightest reference to you and your car making the kessel run in 12 parsecs I will forever be disappoint. If not, I'll be waiting by the phone for your apology. >_> O.o >_

  • Dru B
    Dru B

    You really need to get a personality if you’re going to be a popular F1 driver or you’ll just go under the radar like previous Brit drivers without a personality, and it’s not putting you down I wish you the best of luck but unless you’ve got that extra you will go unnoticed

  • ambrosiafilms

    don't divebomb like you do on iRacing ay ? ahaha good one pal

  • Another Joe
    Another Joe

    Best of luck Lando, but, you haven’t been karting for, like, 5 years? Are you serious?

  • Mr Bnanna
    Mr Bnanna


  • Owen Aulenbach
    Owen Aulenbach

    Was that mick?

  • Vetboy Schmo
    Vetboy Schmo

    Have a great season - looking forward to it. And cycling glasses go over the helmet straps;)

  • TheRealD4VID

    I'd like to know what time it takes Lando to run the mile? We see F1 drivers exercising and training very hard but rarely see actual figures to know what level they're at.

    • Emyr Derfel
      Emyr Derfel

      Lando's probably not at Button's level (Brawn era). Remember Monaco? "oops, parked in the wrong place, guess I'll run up the straight after winning this race" Button was probably a level above most F1 drivers in terms of commitment to cross-training, given his involvement in Ichiban Triathlon. Mark Webber had his MTB epic on Tasmania and Alonso had some involvement in a road cycling team, but neither of these was the F1 driver as a true competitor.

    • Robert Last Name
      Robert Last Name

      TheRealD4VID they’re definitely more of endurance athletes than sprinters. So I’d guess they’re probably running consistent mid to high 6 to low 7 minute miles while still able to hold a conversation.

  • schurgy16

    "Bit of Yellow and black" Lando to Renault Confirmed

  • Isaac Lyons
    Isaac Lyons

    Good luck this year!

  • Justin klasens
    Justin klasens

    This is actually a lot of fun to watch. You get a good sence of what the drivers do besides the races. Keep it up! :D

  • BH

    Landologs are the best!