PODIUM! // #AustrianGP Livestream
Shot by Ash @wearegrip

  • Caleb Espino
    Caleb Espino

    Hey lando, can you play f1 with charles leclerc george russell and alexander albon pls? Thank you!

  • La grasa Te vigila
    La grasa Te vigila

    Im moving up and dawn side to side like a rollercoaster 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎼🎼🎼🎵🎵

  • Diether Santos
    Diether Santos

    Pronto Lando? S🅱️innala

  • Ryan Tuscano
    Ryan Tuscano

    You are streaming on your mobile Phone

  • Param Drall
    Param Drall

    i See You Too ! 🐥

  • Jessica Adshead
    Jessica Adshead

    hey lando, ive got a few questions i would like to ask i would appreciate it if you could answer 1. what advice do you have for girls wanting to take there karting further 2. do you like being famous or not 3. do you think getting a podium/win most weekends like lewis would become a bit boring and not as meaningful 4. who was your biggest idol growing up

  • Kusqen

    where are you

  • Chaospaints

    Hey Lando you should know how to drift

  • Lord Dobi
    Lord Dobi

    I hope Lando doesn't get cancelled for saying poggers.

  • Sude Aydın
    Sude Aydın

    Ah Lando üzümlü kekim

  • DaftyCrafter

    Hi I’m a fan and you are my favourite f1 driver

  • Jan Drahota
    Jan Drahota


  • Dnns P
    Dnns P

    Landooooo! Wazzzup! 🤙

  • Sil Ae
    Sil Ae

    Pls do anothr landolog

  • Malte Kull
    Malte Kull

    You are the best F1 driver LOVE YOU

  • Nicolas Sousa
    Nicolas Sousa

    Right right

  • Arham Muhammad
    Arham Muhammad

    Lando + Podium = No more videos

  • sofia montiel
    sofia montiel

    4:32 his dumb picture😂 i love him


    Where are you lando

  • Noobtube

    Speedy recovery lando

  • Len Van den Bergh
    Len Van den Bergh

    Can you do a video where you talk more dutch?

  • travelling around the world TV Travelling videos
    travelling around the world TV Travelling videos

    hi lando norris

  • The Moving Bricks
    The Moving Bricks

    Hopefully he starts streaming again this off-season

  • jotabasta

    Lando, I love your sneezes. Your sneezes are so sexy, so manly and so powerful. Please, upload more sneezing videos like this video itmores.info/player/video/rJuvqaSso8qqesY

  • Arham Muhammad
    Arham Muhammad


  • Jari Hertogh
    Jari Hertogh

    Max max super max max super max

  • mir4x Hjx4
    mir4x Hjx4

    Love you Lando 😊🦊🧡🧡

  • Ian Forbis
    Ian Forbis

    He said he passed Perez so that means that a mclaren is faster than a merc

  • linda en jeroen power
    linda en jeroen power

    Vlogger lando 😂😂

  • Henry Ross
    Henry Ross

    can I get a poggers in the lair for lando!

  • Matteo Montalti
    Matteo Montalti

    Lets go Lando!!!! The next seseaon repeat

  • iDontCare

    Soy lago

  • Carlos Quimeso Hidalgo
    Carlos Quimeso Hidalgo

    Its Saturday Sunday What !? 😂😂

  • Drg Fan
    Drg Fan

    Hi Lando norris

  • Kenujan Selvarajah
    Kenujan Selvarajah

    Why aren’t u posting anymore

    • ofek shaltiel
      ofek shaltiel

      I think he's not posting here because he's posting on the Team Quadrant youtube channel. It's different content though.

  • Roman Bagurkov
    Roman Bagurkov


  • Syafiq Adyan
    Syafiq Adyan

    Where you been man

  • Cesare Pio Marchese
    Cesare Pio Marchese

    Do you like the pizza?I’m italian

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown

    Love you ❤️

  • #STARWARS 10
    #STARWARS 10

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your future Formula 1 world champion!!

  • Juraj Dunatov
    Juraj Dunatov

    All that bird chirping in background reminded me of my childhood. Such a nostalgic video.

    • Juraj Dunatov
      Juraj Dunatov

      I bet Lando will come back to this video later in life.

  • Connor Thomas
    Connor Thomas

    I swear, McLaren has got to be one of the most entertaining teams to work for just because of Lando's shenanigans

  • Xian 19
    Xian 19

    In love, you are god

  • Frederick Richard
    Frederick Richard


  • Lello il belloTM
    Lello il belloTM

    Hi Lando you have to know that my twin brother's name is Kimi cause he born in 7/10/2007 can you tell this to Kimi raikkonen pls?

  • Natasha Lambert
    Natasha Lambert

    Hi lando, I'm a huge fan and I would love to come see you live one day that would just be amazing. I wish you all the best in your career and I will watch your videos as soon as you upload. I'm subscribed to all your channels including team quadrant. Well done in your race today. Your the funniest f1 driver I know so thank you for being amazing

  • Traction Control
    Traction Control

    happy late birthday

  • Diaz Raditya
    Diaz Raditya

    Happy birthday 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Callsuma Runa
    Callsuma Runa

    Oops no wonder lando is unlucky Friday 13!!!

  • Lóuise Productions
    Lóuise Productions

    Happy birthday

  • der joninator
    der joninator

    Happy birthday landooo

  • Zu wild
    Zu wild

    Wer bat die Auflösung VERARSCHT?

  • Ouss. M'solli
    Ouss. M'solli

    We want another fucking podium laaaannndoooo

  • Jeremy Rodgers
    Jeremy Rodgers

    I camme here from a long time ago from the norris nuts when you did a collab wiht bigg norris and sabre norris witht he cake game

  • Filip Tomic
    Filip Tomic

    I and you have bhirtday on same day 13 november

    • Filip Tomic
      Filip Tomic

      I am from sweden and i like you and sainz

  • Bam bam
    Bam bam

    Lando Doris is a knob

  • Sebastian Heyworth
    Sebastian Heyworth

    Still waiting for LandoLOG 20 :(

  • Vincent Barnes
    Vincent Barnes

    Suck a nice guy

  • diegoracing15

    very poggers, gg

  • Dark Phonox90
    Dark Phonox90

    Let freaking go lando,always expected this day to arrive,and you definitely performed

  • Maria reiss Ch vtuber [HIME.ID]
    Maria reiss Ch vtuber [HIME.ID]


  • Mickey believe me Never Mind
    Mickey believe me Never Mind

    hi,does anyone kewo what he use for monitor screen to PC... please let me know. thanks.

  • Milan Hietbrink
    Milan Hietbrink

    If i could choose the podium places then i would make Max Verstappen first, you second and Daniël Ricciardo 3e

  • Fleckify

    I thought I was the only one that was named lando in the world

  • Amatsuka

    It reminds me the voice message "Norris on the podium ahsudvjsissv" something like that

  • Connor Sargent
    Connor Sargent

    Congrats "are you crying haha"

  • Sports_Man

    Why did you git mad at sainz when he crashed at Russia on the first lap

  • Sofia Manzanares
    Sofia Manzanares

    We want more videos Landooooo. You make me laugh every time I watch your videos!

  • Charenor

    This was the first F1 race I watched, and Lando's podium is probably the reason he's my favorite driver.

  • Meteoti

    Would you like to come to switzerland ?

  • G K
    G K

    When you doubt of your overall feel about someone, ask yourself what would be a world with 1 000 000 copies of that person. I would love to live in a Norris world haha! A driver, a pro and a noble man.


    i got a good feeling about landan next year

  • PetronellaRose

    Hi lando I'm a big fan I'm so happy that you won please ik you can do bet bottas and Lewis some day please keep on the good work byeeee

  • CM punk
    CM punk

    Please stream more gp's

  • BravoRomeo YT
    BravoRomeo YT

    Lando “Streamer” Norris...

  • Joshua Lui
    Joshua Lui

    @McLaren what does it take to give Lando his 600LT?

  • My hero Academia
    My hero Academia

    Rember that crash

  • CallMeChess

    * Gets Lots of cash as a F1 driver and gets extra after getting P3 * Norris : Thanks For the 10 gifted subs! What a true streamer right there😂

  • anon

    I know people are going to say who cares but I just really want to know and I apologize if I'm being offensive, im just curious, but is Lando gay? Nothing wrong with it at all, just interested. He's really cute by the way.

  • Adrian Vergio
    Adrian Vergio

    You can watch minibikers preseason also its funny and you being describe twice ,your hero and your song

  • Arianne Carrillo
    Arianne Carrillo

    epic guy

  • -HOUSE-

    Are you aware that your bending the knee to an organisation that promotes rioting, looting and criminal damage (ripping down statues and destroying peoples businesses and livelihoods) Now you abandon your new helmet for the fear of offending someone somewhere, that’s not the roll model people want.

  • niko gamer 2 loquendo
    niko gamer 2 loquendo

    Lando pit garage tour please

  • Taumr S
    Taumr S

    Lando ur my dog's favorite driver. Her name is Senna

  • Chris Wild
    Chris Wild

    I just love everything about Lando. So happy for his podium, he totally deserves it

  • Kushagra Chaturvedy
    Kushagra Chaturvedy

    Now we want Lando to yell pog when he gets his next podium.

  • Josh Josh
    Josh Josh

    1 word LOL

  • Reece

    just me or is lando the least british person in the world

  • idk whatijustposted
    idk whatijustposted

    I guess he needs that camera stabilizer thingy, because the shot was moving up and down, side to side, like a rollercoaster

  • Georgia Atlanta
    Georgia Atlanta

    who needs pepper spray when you have champagne

  • Herbert3

    that was poggers mate

  • Philip Karosi / der Safety Car Fan
    Philip Karosi / der Safety Car Fan

    Lando is a LEGEND.

  • Ttrr Yttrr
    Ttrr Yttrr

    Moving up and down like a roller coaster

    • Ttrr Yttrr
      Ttrr Yttrr

      Side to side

  • JoshuaW_2

    I love that “hi! : )” at the beginning lol idk why seems wholesome

  • Alistair Helliwell
    Alistair Helliwell

    landos my fav

  • wannabeeboy

    Yo Lando. Play ROBLOX

  • Asare Isaac
    Asare Isaac

    "Champagne tastes horrible", I 100% agree

  • Dorito King
    Dorito King

    You look like a D'antonio in John Wick.

  • Cowboy Animal
    Cowboy Animal

    Lando, you and your crew are fucking legends! It's the only reason I still watch, for you and the gang.

  • Cowboy Animal
    Cowboy Animal

    Lando, torpedodatnigga that man. You are #1 British Champion! Fuck PC.

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