NOT the AusGP with WillNE, Thibaut Courtois & More // F1 2019 Game
Since the actual Australian GP couldn’t happen we thought we’d do it on the F1 2019 game instead.
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  • lowfuse2

    will plays f1 ??????????!!!!!!!!

  • Gameboy Leo 11 19
    Gameboy Leo 11 19

    Loved it when you said Scheisse (shit in german)

  • Dominic King
    Dominic King

    get lando on the eboys podcast

  • Der Wuselige Rüdiger Rammel
    Der Wuselige Rüdiger Rammel

    at 3:50 lando speak german

  • Joshua Howard Racing Channel
    Joshua Howard Racing Channel

    This guy is good at F1 games, he should do it in real life!

  • Orbzy

    Annyone notice that slow-mo Lando sounds like a cow

  • John Sinner
    John Sinner

    Ah a Ferrari are crashed 😂😂😂😂

  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT

    Your the best

  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT

    I love you

  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT

    Do you like sweets

  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT

    And I wanna be you best friend

  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT

    You the best

  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT


  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT

    Do a Fortnite dance

  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT


  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT

    Anyways I’m stroll

  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT

    Say your the best

  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT

    Can you laugh

  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT

    Lando I love you you the best

  • David EhosiemYT
    David EhosiemYT

    Landon your mum calls you son your the best

  • Nina 06ly
    Nina 06ly

    "Ahhh scheisse" your german Lando it´s really great

  • Ghira Nade
    Ghira Nade

    Nick the sBin

  • Luca Minietti
    Luca Minietti

    Hey Lando if u see this can u consider commenting back or liking

  • Sam Daurua
    Sam Daurua

    this is how i imagine him driving IRL, just laughing in his helmet to himself

  • Ben Conway
    Ben Conway

    Holy shit ex Chelsea keeper courtiour plays F1?? Tell that traitor should of stayed at Chelsea.....and love how you drive in your socks do you drive in real life in your socks???

  • Nico Gast
    Nico Gast

    12:25 Lando sounds like a cow

  • TTV_ Khwajaji
    TTV_ Khwajaji

    Landon Norris be like : “you fricking muppet”

  • Max and Perdi's Football Channel
    Max and Perdi's Football Channel

    All of us watching with intense things going then there is Lando Got em Lando trying to be cool

  • Dolley Fusik
    Dolley Fusik

    The maddening vessel elderly hate because comb partly switch amongst a imaginary rat. dysfunctional, alcoholic imprisonment

  • Wee

    8:06 even Ferrari’s in this game are capable of S🅱️INNALA.

  • luca latella
    luca latella

    "A FeRaRi aaaa CraShEd" hahahaah that killed me im italian

  • Devan Gadhia
    Devan Gadhia

    oi willi

  • F L R S H
    F L R S H

    Real driver vs gamers hahaha

  • Tonee bayhon :/
    Tonee bayhon :/

    I really didn't know that Will plays racing games

  • chris williams
    chris williams

    Do you stream live? If so what do you stream on

  • TheKurtax

    You should check out OpTicBigTymeR

  • King Fernando
    King Fernando

    Turn on captions at 1:42

  • Nicholas Stathos
    Nicholas Stathos

    why does lando always use above view?????!!!!11!!!!!!

  • gabriel h
    gabriel h

    Willne and thibaut courtois not a title I ever imagined

  • Thijmen Lips
    Thijmen Lips

    Hou have a black flag 😂😂😂



  • Loris Norris
    Loris Norris

    Gg nice race

  • Anak Nyasar
    Anak Nyasar

    12:25 I thought the sound there was for Binalla

  • Thomas Scott
    Thomas Scott

    POV: you're missing this.

  • Matthew Riddoch
    Matthew Riddoch

    Get Daniel on here

  • Sangita Sarmin Katun
    Sangita Sarmin Katun

    Lando Norris keeping the f1 season going strong He the Real MVP

  • Sangita Sarmin Katun
    Sangita Sarmin Katun

    I bet lando actually screams irl when cars are going off left and right in a real race

  • Jensen Diecast
    Jensen Diecast

    Happy Halloween everyone remember to stay safe and stay yes

  • DPR4NDY 2820
    DPR4NDY 2820

    cant believe willne really got into this

  • SavvasNotFound

    I really miss watching f1 esports in quarantine

  • Zach White
    Zach White

    This is Noels epic friend right?

  • BMXTander252

    I wanna see Garth Tander or someone vs him in a f1 game cuz they’re both like insane racers but like they race different cars so....

  • Canal Automovilístico TV Dorta
    Canal Automovilístico TV Dorta

    ▀▄▀▄Good Lando may youtouber favorite (^_^♪)ಠ_ಠ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀

  • Peeper The Penguin
    Peeper The Penguin


  • Luka_Aussie

    10:10 bit toxic mate

  • Nazaret Velazquez Lillo
    Nazaret Velazquez Lillo

    Soy yo la única que le encanta sus calcetines??

  • Yannick Groot
    Yannick Groot

    who else is watching this after f1 is already started

  • MHanssen

    P20 for AR12gaming rip

  • Maria Siebra
    Maria Siebra

    I LOVE YOU 💜

  • Maria Siebra
    Maria Siebra


  • Maria Siebra
    Maria Siebra


  • JoshuaW_2

    Never thought I’d see a willne lando crossover xD

  • Max Otte
    Max Otte

    Sagt er scheiße😂

  • DyReX 99
    DyReX 99

    3:50 ahhh Scheise

  • puffyboi _
    puffyboi _

    8:04 that’s when AR12 nick crashed if u were wondering

  • julia

    'i think there are like 14 racing drivers?' 'maybe it's like 10?' '7 or 8?' '...maybe 6'

  • The Thanos
    The Thanos

    this guy seems really good at f1, he should try to be a real driver

  • Mark Halfpenny
    Mark Halfpenny

    Me thinking lando wont know how to play cause he never plays... oh wait hes an f1 driver🤣🤣

  • Da Kid
    Da Kid

    If it was real life, he wouldve drifted

  • Lanna Evellyn
    Lanna Evellyn

    My name is F1 2019 this Felipe MAGALHÃES

  • Lanna Evellyn
    Lanna Evellyn

    Game of the me !!!!

  • Krisztián Horváth
    Krisztián Horváth

    Hi norris drew you

  • Connor_flynnn

    My guy lando

  • Shayna Mc Caffrey
    Shayna Mc Caffrey

    Lando and Will is a duo I never knew I needed tbh

  • Robbo ooow
    Robbo ooow

    Imagine this is how Lando screaming in a real race😂😂

  • JoneHD777

    why are you cursing in german?

  • dave skirvin
    dave skirvin

    Love your videos.. You're a really down to earth kinda guy. Like to see you be world champion

  • Shishy 846
    Shishy 846

    I was bored so I watched this video and I am happy to watch F1 but I am sad to not watch not the gp

  • jayz Playz
    jayz Playz

    Actual most British thing I've ever heard "shizer u frickin mupet

  • Gary O'Keeffe
    Gary O'Keeffe

    How random that the Real Madrid goalkeeper is playing F1 on stream

  • David Romero Andreu
    David Romero Andreu

    Puto amo courtoid

  • _-2045-_

    Wills on their lads! My favorite brits uniting

  • Tom Logue
    Tom Logue

    "p3, lads, let's end the race here" ;)

  • Saahil Dhawan
    Saahil Dhawan

    It must be so cool to play as urself

  • Aj Games
    Aj Games

    Willna rip Willne

  • Nicht


  • Sarah Branston
    Sarah Branston

    What pedals do you use lando?

  • Santtu

    12:19 you cant even imagine how many times iwe driven out at that exact point

  • wheelix

    Was that Ar12 nick. Or DJ

  • Oliver Moore
    Oliver Moore

    Man said will nuh

  • Ollie Hull
    Ollie Hull

    Why am I surprised to see WillNE here

  • James Cole
    James Cole

    WillNE? Formula 1? Lando Norris? How did I not see this sooner ?!?!

  • Roei Shane
    Roei Shane

    11:10 like a melody in my head

  • Zottel

    Let’s just hope that no McLaren sponsors are watching this.

  • Dylan Tuite
    Dylan Tuite

    Anyone notice at 15:25 that AR12 is in p20

    • Noel Dejesus
      Noel Dejesus

      I did, cant belive he came last, or was it really him?

  • harry knowling
    harry knowling

    How did a f1 racer not win

  • Ben Haldenby
    Ben Haldenby

    "P3 lets end the race here" well this aged well......

  • Lucky5tr

    4:30 overlapped on yellow flag...

  • Julian Dapoop
    Julian Dapoop


  • Ben R
    Ben R

    Little did Lando know he was going to get a podium in austria