Meeting my hero
Finally got to meet the GOAT that is Valentino Rossi at the British MotoGP.


Shot by Ash @wearegrip

Mulle Beats - Mindless
Theevs - Innerself
Nate Rose - Bad Moves

  • Myles Hasell
    Myles Hasell

    Featuring lin jarvis

  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade

    "they're so fast". Coming from a young adult who drives a 1000hp Toyota prius at 200mph

  • Riegel Vega Аι.τ
    Riegel Vega Аι.τ

    If you didn't saw a yellowed shirt fans in tribune during a MotoGp race You must be not on earth

  • Ricardo Mascaro
    Ricardo Mascaro

    u : Meeting my hero ME: Watching my 2 heroes

  • RaNdOm GuY
    RaNdOm GuY

    imagine going 300 kmh with just a wear pack and helmet is your only safety device what a brave man

  • Luiz Rocha
    Luiz Rocha

    Lol. Valentino Rossi meeting Lando Norris. 👏👏👏👏

  • MK Chan
    MK Chan

    Did You See The Crash? She Did the accident, theres jack miller? Here Or Timer -> 3:57

  • Scenario 8
    Scenario 8

    Everyday I watch something from Lando, after Sochi I "switched off" youtube, every social media stuff, I switched off tv when it shows something about Russian GP. I always watch millions of time highlights about all GP so far but in the last they I cannot do it. Hurts like hell. But today pain is much more less,next challenge, the Turkish GP is close, heads up and support to Lando as much as I can.

  • 7 david
    7 david

    Lando ist back👍👍🧡🖤

  • Katzmanndu

    Rossi is Legend!!! And you are a strong Guy, have a lots of fun and enjoy your Life! Just like Vale46! I see some similarities 😅 I wish you very luck and hope you will win someday the Championship!!! ☺️ Sorry about my bad English...

  • Aditiya Kusumayanti
    Aditiya Kusumayanti

    Komentar saya...untuk yang mengambil motor.....!!.di.Bali........bukan..untuk kalian pembalap......maaf..ya....

  • Aditiya Kusumayanti
    Aditiya Kusumayanti

    Si,Tiya Geram.......?..kembalikan..12 motor ke Bali Garden........seenak..jidat ngambil motor Bali Garden.........

  • Aditiya Kusumayanti
    Aditiya Kusumayanti

    Jangan bilang hati hati sama keluarga saya.....ikan.iri dengki...,..........sia hati hati nyokot motor Batur......pemerasan...pada pengusaha..............!!!.ngambil..harta orang............

  • Christine Wadsworth
    Christine Wadsworth

    GG for russia the stupid weather cocked the whole race.I felt like crying or throwing something

  • Christine Wadsworth
    Christine Wadsworth

    bruh i need one of your shirts AND cap but so expinsive...also they dont sell in rands sooooooooooooo........I cant : (

  • Roberto Gueli
    Roberto Gueli

    Grande Valentino,. Un mito.

  • NighthawX

    Lando Norris is the best thing that happened to F1 in decades. What a funny, honest and down to earth guy, really likable.

  • Matkapete Albania
    Matkapete Albania


  • unknown


  • Neird

    The opeing feel like 2000's youtube vibe,

  • Jess Reynolds
    Jess Reynolds

    So lucky there Lando!! I soooo wanted to meet him there this year, gutted as he is such a legend (fair enough we couldn't due to covid). Whole weekend of racing and fun!! Loved it!! 😍 Hopefully we'll get a chance again at some point xx

  • V. D.
    V. D.

    Vale is constantly looking at you and you constantly look away, like you are not in the mood for his presence. It's like you are the star and Vale is a common person :)))

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark

    Someone said that Lando and Daniel Ricardo should be on the same team. And it came true!

  • Sydney's Bruce Willis
    Sydney's Bruce Willis

    Doctor one lap would heal any flu...

  • Hedge hog
    Hedge hog

    You can learn a lot from Vale' Lando.... The combination of genius level ability and complete lack of ego.

  • Quadir Brown
    Quadir Brown

    Rossi is the GOAT.

  • Joseph Zothanpuia
    Joseph Zothanpuia

    I just realized that there's clearly an inspiration from Rossi when i saw your Helmet on F1.

  • Alan Turnbull
    Alan Turnbull

    Yeah he liked Marko as well but he still killed him and didn't care otherwise he would have stopped to see his friend but no he never even looked back disgraceful human being 💩

  • Paula Silva
    Paula Silva

    So cool to be watching after Valentino said he's happy for Lando and Daniel's podium. I'm so proud of Lando!!

  • Ashwin Loy Pinto
    Ashwin Loy Pinto

    When i watched this video Lando Norris is runner up of Italian GP 2021. He wanted to be in podium, he's in podium.

  • Muneer Race
    Muneer Race


  • Muneer Race
    Muneer Race


  • Muneer Race
    Muneer Race


  • clyde lamour
    clyde lamour

    sadly hes retiring this year

  • CasSandra Wilcox
    CasSandra Wilcox

    I met him at Indy when I was 10 years old just the memory still makes me smile 🤷‍♀️

  • HumanoidSteam 82
    HumanoidSteam 82

    Allora i have the contract for next year

  • Prod By Babygod
    Prod By Babygod

    Mark My words. This video is iconic bc these are two champions. Lando will be one of the biggest names in f1 in 5-10 years no doubt

  • Abhinav Jayachandran
    Abhinav Jayachandran

    The effort and interest he takes in talking to people wins my heart eveytime

  • Maria Dolores Mosqueda Alvarez
    Maria Dolores Mosqueda Alvarez

    Norris habla en español

  • Rakyat Jelata
    Rakyat Jelata

    Im envy...

  • Technology World 
    Technology World 


  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump

    motogp (and also moto3 and moto2) bikes are so fucking loud, its incredible.

  • TudorSSN

    Next time go to the TT

  • Burrito TV
    Burrito TV

    This start ! 😂😂😂


    I like lando norris becaus of rossi


    I still can't believe I'm going to be there this year to see the Doctors final ride around Silverstone MotoGP will never be the same again without the doctor

  • Παυλιδης Γιωργος
    Παυλιδης Γιωργος

    A future legend meets a legend

  • Miko Mol
    Miko Mol

    I'm coming too spa


    0:11 damnnnnnn! when did you retire from cricket???

  • Balqis Adzra
    Balqis Adzra


  • loserless

    unfortunately hes retiring, very sad to hear

  • Erik Rosignoli
    Erik Rosignoli

    Grande un vero tifoso e brava persona

  • Philippe Leng
    Philippe Leng

    I love VR such a good guy. LANDO continu tour great Work this year with McLaren.

  • C4M

    fun fact : only norris had star in motogp ( cause norris interested in motogp in early but he had chance in f1 )

  • Anna Venturi
    Anna Venturi

    Beautiful video Lando Norris i like it.

  • cristiano spaziani
    cristiano spaziani

    L’inglese di Valentino è il tocco di classe del video❤️

  • Seraj Elbosifi
    Seraj Elbosifi

    waiting for Vale to take the 24 hours in spa, guess who is the other drivers?

  • Ali O'Rourke
    Ali O'Rourke

    coming back here after hearing he’s retired 😭

  • Tyler Hydes
    Tyler Hydes

    its soooo sad to see him retiring

  • Zezinho

    Unfortunately he will stop his career... 😥

  • Sammy Garnaoui
    Sammy Garnaoui

    well coz of you are a fan of Rossi i,ll be your fan in F1 alongside Leclerc coz i am a FerraRI FAN

  • DJ

    It’s sad that he’ll be retiring. Absolute legend of the sport.

    • Quadir Brown
      Quadir Brown

      That's a fact my friend. Legends die hard to live forever.

    • Philip Doud
      Philip Doud

      Imagine he retires... and then immediately hits up the TT

    • The Asia Innovation Air Tech Company
      The Asia Innovation Air Tech Company


  • Murray 0
    Murray 0

    Can’t believe he is retiring.

  • Miguel Gomez
    Miguel Gomez

    Happy retirement to the goat

  • Zafri Hazri
    Zafri Hazri

    Here after Rossi retired. What a legend!

  • Roman Roman df?
    Roman Roman df?

    recommend me this after he retired

  • Betz Vega
    Betz Vega

    POV: Rossi just announced his retirement today 🥲

  • Hemplion

    1 year ago : my first race i ever been to ever Now : getting podiums in f1 consistently

  • Ben Allen
    Ben Allen

    Who’s here after the retirement ?

  • ViPDriver GT
    ViPDriver GT

    Who's here after Rossi announced his retirement?

  • christhekill

    And now...

    • christhekill

      @Tempe Bacem yes 😔

  • mqrco22


  • Dario Rossa
    Dario Rossa

    Cambiare mito

  • Lin Samuell
    Lin Samuell

    Rossi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    Rossi looked genuinely interested and pleased to me you 👍

  • speed67

    I think are both crazy and have big cajones.

  • umberto di trotzoni
    umberto di trotzoni

    02:05 Valentni's father Graziano drove there.

  • Levy Van Elst
    Levy Van Elst

    Valentino Rossi #46🔥🔥🔥💨

  • Damiano Pedergnana
    Damiano Pedergnana

    4:45 Woooow I feel like a God is coming

  • DRS Podcast
    DRS Podcast

    you acted like a spoiled bratt .. no eye contact when he spoke to you... priviledged lil boy ..

  • Blake11 Motovlogs
    Blake11 Motovlogs

    Broo the baby bottle killed me! Hahahaha

  • d_segara 07
    d_segara 07

    Anjing lu bego

    • no one
      no one

      Lu kenapa??

    • M. huzenn
      M. huzenn

      Yah anjing kok teriak anjing

    • i do
      i do


  • Fernando Gagliardo
    Fernando Gagliardo

    The Doctor is a Legend......

  • VroomErgoSum:#stewie7913™

    Lando: how long you.. Vale: allora, i have the contract.. Masterpiece😂

  • Fast H Racing
    Fast H Racing

    Try to get to the TT if you can Lando. The same but more.

  • MKA

    I had to say this I'm sorry Lando! Chewing a gun infront of such an idol... Don't chew gum in TV at all mate...

  • Johnny Twice
    Johnny Twice

    Lando is shy hahahaha

  • James Yates
    James Yates

    Lando proper made me laugh, Rossi is my child-hood hero too as he is many around the world. The 🐏

  • Paula Phelan
    Paula Phelan

    Such a cool video! They seem like really nice guys. I like how Lando does shopping, I'm exactly the same. Thank God! I'm not the only one who's merch mad!

  • Mukuro

    And this guy is the future of McLaren. Posing with a baby bottle.

  • Cristian Sas
    Cristian Sas

    Mar Márquez

  • Gusti darma Putra
    Gusti darma Putra

    Gue tersesat woiiii

  • Divyanshu

    "It's a baby bottle" 😂

  • Johann R33
    Johann R33

    You gonna buy a bike now?

  • Juno Glamorgan
    Juno Glamorgan

    Hamilton at the 2021 Austrian GP: “That podium is mine!” Lando: 0:01

    • Ruuko G Chase
      Ruuko G Chase

      LOLing so hard right now 😂

    • LeaApril12

      If only this would have happened today at Silverstone

  • Neil R
    Neil R

    Poor lad genuinely overawed by the great man

  • Lukash

    best race i've ever watched

  • Siddhesh Shivraj
    Siddhesh Shivraj

    Lando reminds of me of Dustin from stranger things. More power to you lando,I wish to see you on the podium more often.

  • Boost_tepelkaas

    The Doctor ❤💯

  • Galactic Jellyfish
    Galactic Jellyfish

    Lando is so awkward around famous people

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