Shot by Ash @wearegrip
Mulle Beats - Mindless
Theevs - Innerself
Nate Rose - Bad Moves

  • Skratt Prime
    Skratt Prime

    That drip though.

  • King Samson
    King Samson

    Fuck driving the F1 cars, being able to just go into the pit to the GOAT is worth all the dedication haha

  • Anushka Patel
    Anushka Patel

    He is docter 😍

  • Levi Boone
    Levi Boone

    H2 boss here employees

    • Levi Boone
      Levi Boone

      Happy you have good time

  • Mistyc. fn
    Mistyc. fn

    Grande Valeee💪 sono italiano :) viva la pizza porca putana

  • Isaiah Brazile
    Isaiah Brazile

    Why do I feel like you were the celebrity and Rossi was meeting you

  • Ritzen Fikou
    Ritzen Fikou

    Lando you a propper dick

  • buvaneshwaran

    Great person😍👌

  • Michael Kikon
    Michael Kikon

    What never changed over the years ... Yamaha engine and vale accent

  • wahyu eko p.
    wahyu eko p.

    Feel likes on again in Petronas..... VR is a right compliement for a nice race... n still got a blues with VR in a right race.... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Gerardo Andres Villoria
    Gerardo Andres Villoria

    i sea the moto gp to

  • Zap

    “Allora i’ve “ 2:36 Solo chi italiano capirà

  • Sand Overlord
    Sand Overlord

    There’s always something happening at British GP 😂

  • Blue Flags
    Blue Flags

    Both of them are some of my favorite Motorsport icons to me

  • Erico Peruzzi
    Erico Peruzzi

    The personality make him a legend

  • Waffel

    Lando Look there is No Fish

  • Yulian Andre
    Yulian Andre

    Try bike bro

  • WilLno Sabono
    WilLno Sabono

    Valentino rosi🔥🔥

  • chris martin
    chris martin

    lando is rossi illegitimate love child for sure. can definitely see lando pulling off elaborate stunts when he is in a car more capable of winning too

  • Vapor_JS

    Look at this twitch virgin meet Rossi 😒

  • cranky1812

    Level of Valentino Rossi is so amazing that even formula 1 drivers are his fans.

  • Poppy !
    Poppy !

    My dad work for valotino rossi 46 for life

  • Robert Waldron
    Robert Waldron

    You lucky lucky sod! I think I’d be a crying , jelly type substance incapable of coherent speech! 😀😀😀

  • Ghulam Afzal
    Ghulam Afzal

    Love how humble Rossi is and he has such a cool personality. Absolute legend of Motorsport in general let alone MotoGP. To be racing at that level, consistently for so long shows how much of a legend he is.

  • Chris Casserley
    Chris Casserley

    Valentino is also close with Hamilton, imagine the 3 drivers being Rossi, Hamilton and Norris

  • Kyro Ren
    Kyro Ren

    The way Rossi talks to Lando is like a cool ass uncle talking to his favourite Niece/Nephew

  • Emi 005
    Emi 005

    These cars are so fast😂

  • stefano beltramello
    stefano beltramello

    Il finale con il biberon mi ha fatto morire!

  • M Nabil Rabbani
    M Nabil Rabbani

    RINS IS PUNCH IT ON THE LINEE marquez : imma head out

  • Irshath mohammed
    Irshath mohammed

    Title: meeting my hero Video: Valentino talking with lando like lando is hero😂

  • Diether Santos
    Diether Santos

    0:00 Looks like Tom Holland 😂

  • Cedric Asdfghjkl
    Cedric Asdfghjkl

    Vale is the GOAT.

  • Kevin Larsson
    Kevin Larsson

    Landos neck is huge!!

  • LtGenWadeWilson

    Lando should use number 46 as well

  • Roky 71
    Roky 71

    VR46 legend

  • Bekka Mausa
    Bekka Mausa

    vale looks so happy and passionate to talk to Lando

  • Nabil Arrafi
    Nabil Arrafi

    he just casually ignores lin jarvis🤣💀

  • Simone Costantini
    Simone Costantini

    The Valentino’s accent is super nice

  • Bob James
    Bob James

    Dont watch Moto GP but absolutly love Rossi!!!

  • Sima Biswas
    Sima Biswas

    Cranky loser

    • Sima Biswas
      Sima Biswas


    • Sima Biswas
      Sima Biswas


    • Sima Biswas
      Sima Biswas


    • Sima Biswas
      Sima Biswas


    • Sima Biswas
      Sima Biswas

      Started again

  • Marta Zanella
    Marta Zanella

    Raga, l'inglese di Valentino Rossi è qualcosa di top 🤣

  • Sima Biswas
    Sima Biswas


  • Stefano Moretti
    Stefano Moretti

    Nobody, few second later, lando: i guys

  • Jack Stein
    Jack Stein

    Sander Lattinne this aged very well. I think you will be pleased lol

  • Param Shah
    Param Shah

    Man i like lando’s shades

  • Kommunist Koshka
    Kommunist Koshka

    In the next few year: meeting my hero, Lando Norris

  • haris a.n.
    haris a.n.

    The cameraman sound is more like Jarv


    Is this person a Baby or an little bit old man? Or a young man..?! Nice Milk in there haha...

  • Gede Nharaya Danadyaksa No.12 /grade3c
    Gede Nharaya Danadyaksa No.12 /grade3c

    ROSSI is a nice guy

  • siong ci
    siong ci

    So lucky u are..but next year will indonesia gp

  • Lando Ferrari
    Lando Ferrari

    You can see that he’s still in disbelief that he actually met his idol that he can’t even look directly at him, that’s what we would do when we meet him

  • Edoardo Grattoni
    Edoardo Grattoni

    we want lando logs back Like if you want them too

  • King Kong
    King Kong

    93 cbr boy

  • Favourite Ngidi
    Favourite Ngidi

    Happy Birthday Landooooo🎂🎁🎀🎉🎊 its also friday the 13th😱

  • Andrea Moscheni
    Andrea Moscheni

    Passerei una serata con voi due

  • Ibas Baskoro
    Ibas Baskoro

    Yamaha semakin didepan

  • MrKrakatoa1

    I can't believe how many people in that motorsport universe don't recognize a F1 driver

  • Yebo

    Put a smile on my face. Thanks

  • Imad Ahmad
    Imad Ahmad

    i like how he can shop freely without them having any clue who he really is

  • Atari

    Thanks to the epic danny ric/lando prediction comment... I learned YT comments have a limit of 500 replies lol

  • Anej Z
    Anej Z

    6:52 Lando sorry but Hulk reserved driver for MotoGP

  • EBroat Channel
    EBroat Channel

    2019:No One Cares Lando 2020:hey the streamer

  • GS

    Valentino was so genuine and engaging.

  • Dimas Ariq Putra
    Dimas Ariq Putra

    1:01 you dont even say hi to the boss... hahahaha Lin Jarvis did actually saw you

  • Samir Vairal
    Samir Vairal

    He is so humble and social

  • Rajul

    Odading mang oleh

  • Marwa Fazal
    Marwa Fazal

    simply awesomeeee....!!!

  • Davi Gerhardt
    Davi Gerhardt

    I thought you were max verstappen when I saw it xD

  • ElizuatItalia CarCalluMickPifititiLando
    ElizuatItalia CarCalluMickPifititiLando

    hahahaha le sue foto con il suo cappello, la sua maglietta e la sua bottiglia !! LOL

  • Valeria Solorzano
    Valeria Solorzano

    Who is binge watching lando vlog in 2020 ?

  • Logan Taylor
    Logan Taylor

    Rossi is my childhood hero Hes an incredibly humble person

  • 陳琇英

    Valentino Rossi or Marquez is not young, he need a new challenge, is going to do f1! Let's every body knows drive moto gp can also can drive and wins!

  • Leon Bräutigam
    Leon Bräutigam

    @Sannder Lattinne are you a time traveler

  • ASICAN 11
    ASICAN 11

    Sander Lattine dream come true, Norris and Ricciardo in the same team!!!🤣🤣🤣.

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    That's not even a corner for us.

  • fake f1 fan
    fake f1 fan

    Rossi is the most down to earth celeb I've ever seen

  • Sono Ale così
    Sono Ale così


  • Ritika Chand
    Ritika Chand

    Lando has my entire heart 🧡🖤

  • Elon Esqandar
    Elon Esqandar

    To be honest, I too thought baby bottle as small bottle.

  • A B
    A B

    09:24 😂🤣😂

  • raisu_

    1:09 "now, you are twenty- ?" "nineteen" "NINETEEN. fuck... fuck..." that moment of realization



  • Tofuu YAYA
    Tofuu YAYA

    nobody: Rossi: faaaaack

  • island boy
    island boy

    Rossi carries conversation very well and made it comfortable for lando

  • Davide Cavalli
    Davide Cavalli

    2:34😂 ALLORA

  • Erol Germann
    Erol Germann

    Crazy Lando, thanks for the laugh ! Best regards. 🇧🇷

  • Qistina Harry
    Qistina Harry

    1:51 really down to the earth

  • -

    Lando was so shy cute ^-^

  • Blazer Bosnia
    Blazer Bosnia

    Avoiding eye contact with Rossi lol

  • Gema Radya Prabowo
    Gema Radya Prabowo

    Did he just pass Lin Jarvis?

  • CursedDolphin 78
    CursedDolphin 78

    Hate on me all you want MotoGP is the better out of the two motorsports

  • Roman Ruiz 61
    Roman Ruiz 61

    *Allora intensifies*

  • Maisyarah 21
    Maisyarah 21

    1:01 lin jarvis

  • Bram van der Sanden
    Bram van der Sanden

    So, where can one buy a similar umbrella-stand like on 3:15? Asking for a friend ;P

  • BFB-DanceySteve

    Thanks for the Yellow 'The Doctor' cans of Monster. I'm well addicted to them... 😂

  • JL 16
    JL 16


  • Sonic Boove
    Sonic Boove

    09:30 Gangster.

  • Emasar

    1 like =un'altra persona italiana qui dai non ditemi che sono l'unico

  • Eron Sebastian Ermino
    Eron Sebastian Ermino

    i realixe now how thicccc f1 drivers neck are cuz of the g's thosebare thicccccc

  • jeremy eneas
    jeremy eneas

    0:59 its that edd?

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