Shot by Ash @wearegrip
DRIVE - Julian Avila
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  • Lando Norris
    Lando Norris

    What ya’ll think? Anything you want to see more of? Got a tour of McLaren coming up tomorrow 😛

    • Adreng20

      The bridge in the factory looks like telavif airport

    • Seb Parker
      Seb Parker

      You gave me your hat John told you

    • Heat YT
      Heat YT

      Secret doors are secret. Not suppose to show everyone. By the way I'm a HUGE fan.

    • Marga Halama
      Marga Halama

      You are a good F1 driver lets go for the podium into the next race at Silverstone 💪💪💪💪💪

    • Abdi Qarebash
      Abdi Qarebash

      first thing: amazing video. second thing: who was video taping. third thing: you are a professional driver for MCLAREN yet you dive a mini. Thats all.

  • InZomnia365

    Still cant believe this is the base of a racing team. It looks like a supervillain lair.

  • Nik David
    Nik David

    landa in mclaren racing but his car aston martin hahahahha

  • Mamards Gaming
    Mamards Gaming

    Well, it's not that big of a secret anymore

  • 네알겠습니다

    영상미 도랏다 what a quality of the video~

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Not anymore

  • harvey jones
    harvey jones

    My dad and his cousin have been in this room. They weren't allowed to say what was in it, where it was or take any pictures of it. It's very cool

  • João Leite
    João Leite

    so seo fam ❤ 🎅 zape11944598806

  • Doofus

    I wish I was the Camara man seeing Lando everyday

  • micah

    some good editing Norris!

  • Nsd Fancy
    Nsd Fancy

    Drives professionally with mclaren Owns a minicooper

  • speakingofrolls1

    I’m starting to like this guy cuz he’s funny just like Ricciardo.

  • Thompson airsoft
    Thompson airsoft

    Sponsered by mclaren drives bently


    Binod op

  • Jacob Arnett
    Jacob Arnett

    2 years later THERES A F***ING WASP

  • Magma Fang
    Magma Fang

    Not a secret door anymore now it's just a door

  • Completehawk371

    Even though this was a long time ago, but no offense but you look like your 18-19 ish.

  • aaydemir89

    4:13 dream to see one of Senna's cars in person, I wish to go to Woking some day because of this!

  • buddeeeeeeee

    4:47 bennito?

  • Stolen Password
    Stolen Password


  • Heat YT
    Heat YT

    It's a secret door, why show everyone..

    • Kane Anderson
      Kane Anderson

      Bet your real fun at parties mate

  • Ashleigh Downer
    Ashleigh Downer

    Seeing you drive around the town i live in is slightly weird to me 0.o

  • Lukas Morfeld
    Lukas Morfeld

    why is this so cinematic lmao

  • secrpanther

    No longer a secret door now

  • Ingeborg

    Lando plz go to Red Bull

  • DLS

    Im jumping up and down side to side like a rolercoaster

  • Cowboy Animal
    Cowboy Animal

    Dude, why are you driving a MINI? FFS, it's not even a mini. It's like a mini but a plus size bloated version. Pretty sure they are buggering you m8.

  • Speed champ 45
    Speed champ 45

    its not secret no more

  • Chaos 25
    Chaos 25

    4:47 why was the wheel blurred

    • Willi

      The racing teams are rather unwilling to show their clutch pedal system at the back of the wheel :) you can see it in a recent Mercedes video to see what it does look like (2 pedals basically)

  • Tobirama Senju
    Tobirama Senju

    4:14 just...

  • yui b
    yui b

    not so secret now.

  • Adam Vinčar
    Adam Vinčar

    imagine somebody breaking in there and stealing everything

  • Some Name
    Some Name

    I wonder if they call it the McLair

  • Zavier Broersma
    Zavier Broersma

    This lando guy is pretty good in driving he should race in the formula 1

    • *

      @Yahya1302 so that’s still very good there area 20 drivers

    • Yahya1302

      @sky gaming but he finished P3.. he didnt won the race, Bottas did and Charles is P2

    • Chornelius Moza
      Chornelius Moza

      @sky gaming he is just joking, why you take it seriously

    • Chornelius Moza
      Chornelius Moza

      @sky gaming you must be very fun when you hangout with your friend

  • Pero Majdandzic
    Pero Majdandzic

    Are you still driving the mini?

  • Andrew Jordan
    Andrew Jordan

    these old lando vids are a vibe

  • Manjunath Achar
    Manjunath Achar

    McLaren F1 driver driving a mini

  • Astro CS
    Astro CS

    imagine touring this building with heelys on 👀

  • David Boring
    David Boring

    Why did you blur the connector for the steering wheel?

  • DriveDead12

    Watching this back after his Podium in Austria is amazing. Especially hearing how his voice has got higher XD

    • RB2K19

      @EMX G I mean, I think at this point he had just moved to near McLaren HQ so do you really need a sports car if you're driving local miles 🤷‍♀️ Plus he seems a pretty down to earth and humble guy so can imagine why he'd go for something that wouldn't attract attention

    • Beto LF
      Beto LF

      GG Boys ez wp

    • Thunfisch 123
      Thunfisch 123

      Cristian Figueroa well yes it is

    • Cristian Figueroa
      Cristian Figueroa

      Podium is not an achievement

    • Ben Chambers
      Ben Chambers

      You mean his voice got lower

  • Arran Barnett
    Arran Barnett

    This just got recommended for me. Yesterday lando got his FIRST PODIUM!!!

  • Sven Laurijsen
    Sven Laurijsen

    I watch the TV f1 of you coming 3 well done

  • Justin Hallam
    Justin Hallam

    I thought my AirPods were dying at 3:05

  • Bobby Moore
    Bobby Moore

    Is that a Richard Millle watch?

  • Rupert Brooks
    Rupert Brooks

    why did they blur the back of the steering wheel?

    • Matthew SomethingOrOther
      Matthew SomethingOrOther

      To censor the Sponsor name.

  • AD O6
    AD O6

    Imagine a gta heist where you have like 8 people break into the mclaren building or a knock off of it and you steal f1 cars and you get like 5mil each

  • Javier Aramburu
    Javier Aramburu

    Lando, react to draqq memes of f1, like mclaren being the funniest team in f1 for 7 minutes, or things like that, they're amazing, pls, react to this comment. A spanish fan.

  • Blaise Darmaga
    Blaise Darmaga

    Sees senna please let me please let me.

  • grapexkx

    My dream is 2 become a f1 driver I just started with karting

  • Luciana De Stefano
    Luciana De Stefano

    10/04/2020 and i'm still watching this! love it!

  • Praveena S
    Praveena S

    Anyone binge watching LandoLOGs during coronavirus?😄

  • Tomos R
    Tomos R

    Hi Lando I am a huge fan. Good luck in 2020 if the season ever starts

  • winston shepard
    winston shepard

    It’s funny that the watch he’s wearing cost like 10x the price of his car

  • Sergey Vinitsky
    Sergey Vinitsky

    Why did they censored back of the steering wheel? It seems that it is attached to the car on a dick

  • Eric Flores
    Eric Flores

    isn't that like an $80k watch? Geez Lando.....BALLIN

  • Ibrahim tv plays
    Ibrahim tv plays

    I'm moving up and down side to side like a rollercoaster

  • Ryan O'Farrell
    Ryan O'Farrell

    0did you get accepted for 2020 f1 season

  • TheRdSyrus

    What’s the tune at the start...?

  • Comrade Chris
    Comrade Chris

    Anyone watching during the corona virus break?

    • Jake Morand the Momoz
      Jake Morand the Momoz


  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia

    Lando, you are awesome and one of my favorite drivers

  • Redmailnet

    That's a happy man!! Meanwhile I'm at my 7th job since I started working 12 years now - most of my bosses were greedy, arrogant and incompetent idiots. Average wage: 700€/month. If it wasn't for Sim Racing and F1 I probably wouldn't be here on this world anymore! I'm rooting for you this 2020 season Lando!! (You and Carlos XD)

  • Deane McGean
    Deane McGean

    hay lando im a fan

  • The Science Sphere
    The Science Sphere

    Smooooooth operatioooooon

  • myke venable
    myke venable

    It would be nice to see a potted plant in the McLaren factory !

  • D3Vlicious

    And now, over a year later, he's going around leaking stuff.

  • DonutMan101 XD
    DonutMan101 XD

    Cheers Casey Neistat! He brought me here. He wasn’t joking phenomenal content! 🔥👍

  • Travels with Yoly
    Travels with Yoly

    I started following motorsport in 1969 after watching Bruce and Denny Hulme tear up the Can-Am series in the US. I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce in the Riverside Raceway garages when I was 21 (50 years ago). To me, he was a true renaissance man, who did it all. He was my first and only real world hero. I remember vividly exactly where I was and what I was doing when I first saw the headline of his accident. I was upset and depressed for weeks. He was the inspiration for my career as an engineer and I've carried a McLaren torch ever since. I may be in my 70s but I've competed for many years in online racing leagues and at one time ranked in the top 2% on the Sony World leader boards in GT Academy. I've had a lifetime love and fascination of motorsport all thanks to a momentary contact with the legend that was Bruce McLaren. Wishing you all the best in your quest for the Championship. I'm a big fan of yours and looking forward to McLaren's recovering their place at the front once again ..... I've never stopped believing :-)

  • Super Predator
    Super Predator

    What's the intro song he used?

    • Praveena S
      Praveena S

      Super Predator It’s in the description :)

  • Regan Louise
    Regan Louise

    Anyone watching these back during the winter break? Just me ok then ✌🏻

    • Angel rojas
      Angel rojas

      CORONA VIRUS break

    • lando norris fan 123
      lando norris fan 123

      YES I AM

    • M5H39

      @Seshvir Seodutt quarantaine

    • Seshvir Seodutt
      Seshvir Seodutt

      Summer break

    • 33 44
      33 44


  • Sidnei Sousa
    Sidnei Sousa

    Tem gente que tem muita sorte na vida. Norris é um. Sucesso a esse garoto!

  • Praveena S
    Praveena S

    I swear, I am getting serious nostalgia watching this. You have come so far now. You did amazing this year! :)

    • AJ V
      AJ V

      Rookie of the year! Of course including my vote. :) 🙋‍♀

  • H-B24

    Ur my biggest inspiration

  • H-B24


  • n5 n
    n5 n

    Nopixel is let's just say amazing

  • Tobias Klinkenberg
    Tobias Klinkenberg

    Quick question. Why did you blur the back of the steering wheel?

    • RonnyChem

      Big ol' dick on the back. (they're very protective of car elements, so probably whatever specific tech connects the wheel to the car was secret)

  • Tubeur 67 Fortnite
    Tubeur 67 Fortnite

    Happy bursday

  • Reza Seewooruthun
    Reza Seewooruthun

    Hi lando i love your videos but I think McLaren needs to give you a McLaren it would make an amazing video

  • TheSonOffDarthVaderLuke

    I hope Lando will sit in the future next to Max in the same car. I think that will be a great duo...!

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze

    and they gave you a mini

  • Aoife Brady
    Aoife Brady

    Can’t McLaren pay for lighting?

  • Be Original
    Be Original

    why is the conection tube of the steering wheel censored?

    • glassbottle15

      Probably a proprietary design. Don’t want to give away trade secrets!

    • Vojta Necas
      Vojta Necas

      It has more to do with all the paddles on the back side than with the actual connection tube

  • giannisgt28rs

    καλο παιδι ο λαντο!!

  • Worlds Worst Musician
    Worlds Worst Musician

    That door is pretty awesome.

  • Slaneeyyy


  • TheElder Gamer
    TheElder Gamer

    Gotta love s secret door... Haha

  • Arshaduddin king
    Arshaduddin king

    What should I do to become a racer like you

  • Claudio Martella
    Claudio Martella

    Nice tour of McLaren HQ with one of the Franco brothers!

  • Douglas Duncan
    Douglas Duncan

    yyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnn. Its just guff music and slo mo

  • Paulo Hadfy
    Paulo Hadfy


  • Justin Hill
    Justin Hill

    Sorry, my jaw is still scraping the ground after getting a glimpse of what was behind “the secret door “! Lando,you seem to really appreciate the things and opportunities you are given and have earned. You’re a great kid!

  • DatGuyB -
    DatGuyB -

    Real Lando Norries?

  • Pan con jamón
    Pan con jamón

    Nobody: CrazyRussianHacker: 3:51

  • David Daraux
    David Daraux

    Now it isn't secret anymore

  • Matteo

    Hello my friend


    Hi Lando!!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Aiziak

    Wow it's like it is in tooned As in mclaren hq

    • CaptainDavid 5001
      CaptainDavid 5001


  • hass

    shmee has prob been in the secret door

  • Pyrex TV
    Pyrex TV

    Not so secret now lol

  • Davide Bellini
    Davide Bellini


  • H D
    H D

    Hi Lando

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