Shot by Ash @wearegrip
Hello - G-wiz

  • Oswaldo Yépez
    Oswaldo Yépez

    What is the name of the song feo the intro??

  • Kritarth Tripathi
    Kritarth Tripathi

    Lando.... The mcalren f1 driver purchasing water bottles in mclaren headquarter...... Mann mannn, 😂😂😂

  • Kritarth Tripathi
    Kritarth Tripathi

    2:11.......I left my toy scooter their once and now its in their showcase

  • Levi Boone
    Levi Boone

    Get out of my gold car employee

  • H4CK61

    Shit sound track ffs. Put me right off.

  • Sophie Turner
    Sophie Turner

    looks like avengers hq in endgame

  • Eanna McNamara
    Eanna McNamara

    Reminder for the 2021 season to jump into the lake if you get a win.

  • Oliver Johnsen
    Oliver Johnsen

    Can u stream with albon and Charles and George Again soon?? BTW u my favourite F1 driver and it would mean The world to me if u replied.

  • René

    Not gonna lie,but I will getting lost in there. The office are so big🤩

  • Ahmed Haeba
    Ahmed Haeba

    “I am sitting in one of the 500”, mate you are one of 20 f1 drivers

  • Kool KartsRacing
    Kool KartsRacing

    You did make a purchase the water at first I was confused 😅😂😂😂

  • Reece's mtb
    Reece's mtb

    why does no one take any notice of you !

  • Reece's mtb
    Reece's mtb

    i have been here :)

  • clubsfinest

    Lando my motherfin street G

  • Shinx990

    Just to think that after this year, another trophy by Lando would be in that cabinet. 3rd place in Austria!

  • silverwolf marcus
    silverwolf marcus

    We have the same water bottles at my school.

  • Boxing Gossip
    Boxing Gossip

    Spending daddy’s money I see



  • Kian jones
    Kian jones

    Did lando say James hunt room? Can't get it out my head

  • clairox

    That place looks like you'd get fired if you got a wall dirty or something

  • Bryce Craik
    Bryce Craik

    Please can we get more of these

  • Reddz Gaming
    Reddz Gaming

    Time to jump mate

  • Jayson 2196-ZA
    Jayson 2196-ZA


  • Daniel Hy
    Daniel Hy

    Muy fabourite car is your F1 car y love you

  • Intrepid -man-
    Intrepid -man-

    Who’s watched this in 2020

  • Aaron Cronnelly
    Aaron Cronnelly

    is it just me or does no one say high or smile in this beside Lando people got to be happy

  • R C
    R C

    2:13 wow McLaren has strollers!?

  • Marc Marse
    Marc Marse

    Never forget stoffel !!!

  • lil burre
    lil burre

    lando !! i ask that okay mika häkkinen is from finland and i am from finland did you see it ?

  • RafBaf_HD

    and now the austria trophy stands there

  • cimia indah
    cimia indah

    1:21 no no that's not a door 😂😂😂

  • Sam Barendsma
    Sam Barendsma

    I am not here for the cars nor f1 info but strictly for those mclaren bike's @ 2:56🔥

  • H_V_28

    Who’s here after the madness 2020 has given us

  • WolfpackWill

    I’ve just realised, someone I know is a super car broker and I visited his warehouse where he keeps the cars and he had a 675lt that there was only 3 in the uk and I got to sit in it. Just like lando

  • SY3D H4YD3RAL1
    SY3D H4YD3RAL1

    You've got a poidium

  • Charenor

    Holy... that music is louddddddd

  • Aryan Sharma
    Aryan Sharma

    and I thought the car brands they are attached to in F1 load their drivers with their brand cars

  • Renz Abella
    Renz Abella

    5:12 How’s your swim in the lake then? 😅

  • Kaare Sørensen
    Kaare Sørensen

    The music is way too fucking loud!

  • psplfq1


  • psplfq1


  • Henry Sun
    Henry Sun

    looks like the place from cars 3

  • KeepitRazzy

    lucky he has the richest parents in the uk

  • sebrr

    4:09 SAY IT BACK WTF :'(

  • Xavier Green
    Xavier Green

    Hey Lando can i gib you fish

  • Jack Schneider
    Jack Schneider

    Hi Lando

  • Hridayy Agarwal
    Hridayy Agarwal


  • Alex Amerri
    Alex Amerri

    6 minutes of a privileged person walking around McLaren offices and mumbling to the camera.

    • Joseph Robinson
      Joseph Robinson

      If I was a employee l would do the same

  • Pat Roro55
    Pat Roro55

    Still trying to find the purchase

  • L_Fieldy

    2:18 it. looks like a car off of Mario Kart

  • Schwein777-300er

    Am I the only one that thinks that is the coolest building I have ever seen

  • aksha y
    aksha y

    If you bought a mercedes will they kick u out?

  • ACErusea

    LandoLOG 002? Lando is a weaboo confirmed

  • Senuk Fonseka
    Senuk Fonseka

    a mclaren on the thumbnail..... and the purchase was water

  • Triangl333

    This mclaren building looks like a new avengers base

  • No1.Mullet Man
    No1.Mullet Man

    He looks like a normal person who goes to uni and drivers there mums van

  • Timothy W
    Timothy W

    Is it just me or he looks exactly like Martin Garrix?

  • junhwi kim
    junhwi kim

    Can you tell me the information of the song in 1:49?

  • GasmanOAV

    Buys two bottle of water. Clickbait. 👎

  • Harsha Vuppalapati
    Harsha Vuppalapati


  • Bradley

    Who is here at 2020?

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown

    I guess this is what happens when f1 drivers are also millenials

  • Marleen Broekkamp
    Marleen Broekkamp

    I am new here did you already make a video with max?😆

  • Damian Berti
    Damian Berti

    Good place!

  • Chuy

    Una piola usando converse en el mclaren grande, ese tipo sabe!


    Stop fucking talking when I’m driving

  • Ninjaah

    This is crazy. Exactly like Cars 3 lmao

  • Ben Harbar
    Ben Harbar

    Anyone here after Lando’s first podium?

  • Riccardo Giovannetti
    Riccardo Giovannetti

    probably that water bottle costs 1000$

  • Jadk Cowan
    Jadk Cowan

    I’m new to f1 and your my favourite driver nice guy good luck in the future

  • Edu Hard
    Edu Hard

    5:11 noted that mr Norris, noted that

  • It’s just Austin
    It’s just Austin

    Lando you are soo funny and a great driver keep it up

  • Dre Underscore
    Dre Underscore

    Part time f1 driver full time ITmoresr

  • CODM warzone
    CODM warzone

    It's time to jump lando😛

  • sxints_

    Clickbaiter wow

  • Daniel Hall
    Daniel Hall

    I'm not usually fooled by clickbait but this kinda broke my mind...

  • JaylowLP

    This is maybe the most impressive building ive ever seen. CRAZY

  • JakeCal

    Annoyed me when e didn’t thank the ladies In the dining area

  • superprabal

    Wtf is this clickbait.

    • Joseph Robinson
      Joseph Robinson


  • Jack Maguire
    Jack Maguire


  • Praveen Sampath
    Praveen Sampath

    Strange no one recognises him in the cafe.

    • Will

      They probably do but he’s just a part of the team, not some alien


    It’s got that avengers HQ feel about the office lol

  • general bacca
    general bacca

    I like how he is a formul 1 driver and can’t catch a bottle

  • dan garnell
    dan garnell

    Girls In the canteen don’t sound impressed.

  • Aniruddha Ghosh
    Aniruddha Ghosh

    Mate you gotta jump in, you got your first F1 win. And podium finish counts as a win. In a way

  • Bruno Gajdos
    Bruno Gajdos

    He did not buy it he gets the car fror free

  • MADE to MOVE
    MADE to MOVE

    Music's fucked up

  • Ors180717

    Why would he ignore the 1 out of 6 Mclaren F1 LM? 🥺

  • Aléxandros III ho Makedốn
    Aléxandros III ho Makedốn

    Lando behaves like he is a soon of a multi-millionaire

  • D R
    D R

    LANDO ITS TIME you have to jump in the lake

  • HerishiFPV

    Wow! what an awesome building! and some beautiful cars!

  • HAZ

    Would be such a sick place to work

  • Raji Jose
    Raji Jose

    so 2 bottle of water is his purchase

  • Santi D
    Santi D

    Never been so happy to get clickbaited

  • Kusqen

    5:12 this will be the year

  • Darthcam 66
    Darthcam 66

    Maybe after your podium you should get a P1

  • Peter Gorrie
    Peter Gorrie

    An ATM in your work, wow. 2:26

  • Omar Perez
    Omar Perez

    Everybody on ITmores: "clickbait ain't cool man!" Lando and the crew: "GG BOIS"

  • Julius Ott
    Julius Ott

    Who is watching this after his podium in austria

  • Taimour Ayub Khan
    Taimour Ayub Khan


  • Taimour Ayub Khan
    Taimour Ayub Khan


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