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    lando should never be hired for a pitstop lol

  • Matthew Carlesso
    Matthew Carlesso

    Hi lando what tracks have you been to

  • James Newton
    James Newton

    Jesus Lando, slow down. You’re making my American concession karting brain hurt.

  • Steve Solo
    Steve Solo

    Too much grip? Widen the rear wheels out 1 cm, or raise the tire pressure 1/2 a pound. .. or tighten up the chassis to keep from injuring yourself. Shifterkarts are brutal if you don't set the kart up to the track. Teach the newbies. What we all want to know is how the Shifterkart compares to a formula car? I have driven both and found the shifter more difficult because it had so much power and was so, in your face! Lando, what do you think?

  • Menames cho fan
    Menames cho fan

    when you notice you were there not long before that 😳😳😳

  • Sa yan
    Sa yan

    I have KZ and these things are no joke, especially when you learn to drive KZ. It’s like holding on a Bull’s horns and hope to calm down. Crazy machines!

  • Coby Applin
    Coby Applin

    Can we admire this is the same person who pulled the McLaren mcl35 in hungry a few weeks ago.

  • Antonio Malara
    Antonio Malara

    I need to know who edits these magnificent videos

  • maya weug
    maya weug

    I was actually there when you were there with Kruetten and Kodric in Ricky Flinn and Leclerc with us in Birel. I have you in my on board video as I pass you. LOL My claim to fame :)

  • Saiogaming 57
    Saiogaming 57

    In what Hotel do you stay when you are in Italy?

  • Javi 93
    Javi 93

    3:03 finger to the screen then to the face, that never again!

  • EJ Tamayo
    EJ Tamayo

    When Lando retires he should join the pit crew for mclaren


    y dislike

  • Loop'n'Mix

    Do you have DRS too? 😂😂

  • saleenr6

    the jealous

  • JekkuNakki

    You can drive the s turn faster. I know this track i drove three races in Lonato.

  • FedoraSmoker

    1:05 whats the go with that massive hole being drilled in the seat

  • ToxicMonky 43
    ToxicMonky 43

    I’m a go kart racer in 2 strokes

  • امنية عبد الحنان
    امنية عبد الحنان

    you visited Saudi Arabia !!!!

  • DannysMyNanny

    Holy shit those carts whip!

  • Gina Gr
    Gina Gr

    Lando is there any way possible I can meet you ? It's my dream, I don't want a life without having the chance to meet you

  • Ross Waring
    Ross Waring

    Love the pit stop timer! Ha

  • Ricardo Figueiredo
    Ricardo Figueiredo

    New tracks should be fun, with the bridge

  • The Abused Trashcan
    The Abused Trashcan

    I NEED PEOPLES OPINION ON THIS: Whitch is better: Pragakart (IPK) or Tonykart (otk)?? Btw, i prefer the otk karts

  • Veri Gonzales
    Veri Gonzales

    Very gob

  • Medln

    I wish I had rich parents

  • Admiral Croissant
    Admiral Croissant

    I need lando content. We need lando content. Millions of F1 fans already, many of us waiting for these inside scoops and day-in-the-life vids. Helps a ton that Lando is a crowd favourite for personality

  • Fōx James
    Fōx James

    Max is my favorite driver but lando is my second coz he’s so inpireing

  • J B
    J B

    “Get in there Lando” 🤣💪🍾

  • Velvino

    What helmet does he use ?

  • Susi Rodriguez
    Susi Rodriguez

    Calvo Norris!!

  • Christian

    Jesus Christ those things accelerate fast

  • Cesar Leal
    Cesar Leal

    I wonder how much one of those karts costs??

  • Mike Up
    Mike Up

    How to get a seat in F1. 1: hope that your family is very wealthy with sponsor backing. 2: do a bit of karting for experience and name recognition. 3: repeat steps 1 and 2 and if it doesn't happen it wasn't meant to be. Pure racing talent without money will get you to the very top of a 40 hour work week.

    • Frank Taylor
      Frank Taylor

      Everything works like that. You have to have money even to get a free education, because otherwise you have to work a bullshit job for food instead of getting that education.

  • 川元優希Nsytr0

    I love these Vlogs, thanks for letting us seen what F1 drivers get up to off the track.

  • TyRacing88

    lol im 11 and im almost the same weight as lando (apparently he is 44kg and im 40 but 45 with all my gear on) i just started junior tkm karting thats why i said with all my gear on

  • Lars

    5:34 still faster then hamilton’s stop

  • Lars

    5:34 still faster then hamilton’s stop

  • Testdriver Music
    Testdriver Music

    Nobody made a comment about that McLaren fishy at the end?! :O

  • sebtarta

    You need to make sure the focus is correct. It is always focusing on the background and not the primary object. Other than that your videos are great, keep them coming please!!!

  • Rick M
    Rick M

    Kill it this weekend dude 💪😎

  • Hamstar

    All the best for Silverstone bro! Hope all the recent hours clocked playing F1 2019 game helped! :D

  • multi gamer channel
    multi gamer channel

    Yo bro lando tacking on Lewis In Austria future champion

  • DUCKer 27
    DUCKer 27

    I was at Lonato 1 week after Norris 😱... Ps. Super video

  • Sin Cara super fan 24
    Sin Cara super fan 24


  • lop

    Please post more videos! Can’t wait to see you at silverstone!

  • Scott Kremers
    Scott Kremers

    PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!!!! You are F1's next WORLD CHAMPION - F1 fans

  • Charlie's Karts
    Charlie's Karts

    Wish I would have started karting earlier. Like bambino. I feel like I’m running out of time to get better. I mean, I started at 10 which is early, but I feel like it’s not enough.

  • makkai zsombor
    makkai zsombor

    You are the best

  • KaiAsk

    6:57 Jim 😂

  • Mr Wartex
    Mr Wartex

    Can You try to give German Interviews at the next GP Weekend

  • sahil chandnani
    sahil chandnani

    Where do you get your music from?

  • GreatGamerKZ

    Hey guys my name is KZ

  • Er Nippo
    Er Nippo

    "There is one thing I have never told you about, but since he is running in F1 this year makes me even happier. It was 2013, my best friend and I had bought Battlefield IV for PC together and then played it together online and made co-op battles, even engaging different players of other nationalities to play together and have fun. Well, one day while we were playing, I noticed a player (who was also good at it) whose nickname was "LandoNor00", and from there I said to my friend: "you who are better than me with English , write them in chat and ask them if you want to join in our team. " He wrote to him and the boy replied: "Really? Why not?" Well, that kid was Lando Norris. A 14-year-old boy in whom we often talked about videogames, F1 and various bullshit in the game chat, and he told us that his dream was to run in an F1 stable. I told him: "I wish you Lando with all my heart, because you really are a good boy and you deserve it infinitely." He replied: "Thank you Mirko, I hope." Well, it's been 6 years since that message and today Lando is there, on that McLaren to show his talent. And if I follow the F1 it's not just for Ferrari, but also for him." Sorry for my english. By Mirko Oliviero

    • Axy Bømick
      Axy Bømick

      I raced him on iRacing like 10000000000 times xD

    • SX AD
      SX AD

      Well that’s a happy Ending

    • Pamela Ashwood
      Pamela Ashwood

      this is so freaking sweet, my teeth are rotting from it

    • Isaac

      This seems fake but I think it's to detailed to be fake

    • Luca #56
      Luca #56

      You should try going to the Italian GP to remind him of that story

  • DS

    Video's stopped :-(

  • Seth Harvey
    Seth Harvey

    What were you doing on the grid in France. Bouncing up and down? 😅😂🤣

  • Alberto Brancè
    Alberto Brancè

    Good job Lando, today you did amazing

  • Skyraider303

    Why do f1 drivers make such good vloggers? Anyway, good luck in the rest of the f1 season Lando!

    • nopemp4

      because money to pay people to edit and film haha

  • Mary Rivers
    Mary Rivers

    I love these videos, why did not continue? Seeing them felt like being in contact with the world of wonders 😊 I wait for LandoLOG 014 😉

  • Marvin Weller
    Marvin Weller

    I'm Here to congratulate you on the awesome france qualifying. This will probably not my Last comment tho, considering that you are an absolute beast. Keep it Up!

  • nadiaemmalie

    No matter what happens in your career, no matter how famous you get, I will always think of you as Lando Calrissian Chuck Norris.

  • Olivier Delarosa
    Olivier Delarosa

    Come back LANDO 😭

  • Camilo León
    Camilo León

    Lol I didn’t even know you had a channel. Keep this up! You’re one of the coolest of the grid. Great things to come!

  • WickedWildNWise

    next time I envy the F1 life...will remind myself least I can change a wheel quicker lol

  • Harrison Mercer
    Harrison Mercer

    plz reply

  • Michael Leong
    Michael Leong

    Posh boy

  • Rikkkzzz ,
    Rikkkzzz ,

    I want to meet lando

  • Schen

    If u ever want to run karts in Canada would love to have you out at my club ( south sask kart club) racing a 1.2 km track just outside Regina :)

    • Schen

      Instagram Schen.j

  • Norbert Kuba
    Norbert Kuba

    Lando make a new video, btw congrats to 8th place in Baku, you drove very well!!! Norbert 🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎🏅

  • Hector Foss
    Hector Foss

    Moreeee vlogs. It's so gooood

  • Hamza Kasry
    Hamza Kasry

    The Vlogs quality is impressive! Nice job!

  • François

    1:45 Omg a bee is in my bedroom

  • s tosh
    s tosh

    Good job in f1 🇧🇭 gp p6


    what is the music to the beginning when the kart is stopped and in slow motion? Shazam can not find anything ... HELP ME PLEASE !!!

  • CachineroF1

    Lando got to drive the 2019 Williams car.

    • Gabriele Papa
      Gabriele Papa

      Please no

  • Amaan Khan
    Amaan Khan


  • Lydia Tang
    Lydia Tang

    When someone doesn't know the difference between fishing and snorkelling haha

  • jensvdm

    thats south garda karting

  • KaiAsk

    Ayyyy, did you see my name on the tyre rack? I drive for RFM ;)

  • Sodium Ruto
    Sodium Ruto

    Capeta.. Rich version

  • LHSlash

    A world class elite F1 driver has a ITmores channel sharing some of his life. What an incridible time to be alive!

  • Fatality_X_KB 11
    Fatality_X_KB 11

    Landon I’m in rental kart championships but how can I get like you in those karts

  • Anas 3457
    Anas 3457

    I bet he won't reply to this

  • fastcougar3200

    Well, you must win in Bahrein :)

  • madara Uchiwa
    madara Uchiwa

    An other landolog

  • MrGiboz24

    Who pays for all this?

  • Isaac Thomas
    Isaac Thomas

    Surely there’s a Legendary LandoLOG at some race weekends?

  • Thomas Mctighe
    Thomas Mctighe

    Coach me in karting please🙏

  • Jake Block
    Jake Block

    Good race yesterday

  • Nigel Payne
    Nigel Payne

    Great to watch you in a kart again with rfm, i see you crossing the line in the world champs in a photo at work everyday (clay pigeon). Lando have a great session in f1

  • F1 Fan
    F1 Fan

    Man these videos are so rad. I sure hope we get plenty of LandoLOGs throughout the season.

  • Annoying caow.
    Annoying caow.

    i wish i could also drive gokarts but it costs to much

  • Vincent AXM
    Vincent AXM

    more racing onboard please

  • Fahad M
    Fahad M

    Welcome to Saudi f1 driver / diver / next world champion 🤙🏼🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  • Stefano Ciurciù
    Stefano Ciurciù

    sottotiled in italien

  • Kieran Scholes
    Kieran Scholes

    I remember watching you when you were 14 I said that guy is gonna make it to f1 and look what happened

  • Fraser Sime
    Fraser Sime

    So nice to see an f1 driver advertising real karting not rentals

  • Scramblaar

    "were all absolute rookies" Says the f1 driver LMAO

    • Mohammed Aso
      Mohammed Aso

      Learning from the Mercedes boys

  • Purified State
    Purified State

    Imagine being 19 years old racing f1 for McLaren. Living the life Lando!

  • RS

    How has Lando only got 26K? His videos are immense