I created my own kart
Say hello to the box fresh LN Kart.


Quadrant x Clover Motors

Shot by Ash @wearegrip

Adria Karting shots by

  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin

    VIEW * NICE AWES0ME C00L KEEP_IT_UP ! INDEED .... YEYK * REMEMBE .... NICE DRIVE ....📳📳📳📳💻💻💻💻🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥⌨⌨⌨⌨⌨🖱🖱🖱🖱💽🏆🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🏎🏎🏎🏎🏎💨💨💨💨💨💨💨

  • Carl Turner
    Carl Turner

    Hi lando im a big fan and i would love to progress in my karting but ufutunally my dad doset have the money for me to race go kartd out side it would be my dream to race you go karts or meet you Feel so bad for you at sochi

  • Alex

    OTK really grew in that 1 year they've been around

  • Hamza Mzibri
    Hamza Mzibri

    Damn, he's good at this, he should be an F1 driver

  • Westheim

    Cart #4 is under investigation - white line violation at 5:05!

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    You can tell lando is happy here, this kid is something special he's got a bright future Infront of him and maybe he one might become a 7 time champ

  • Chantal X
    Chantal X



    Hello Norris I don’t think you will see this but if you do You are my idol and I hope you can do ITmores and F1 for a long time cuz I like watching you doing your stuff :)

  • A. Protte
    A. Protte

    Finally a new video🙏🏻

  • alida flus
    alida flus

    Such a proud moment!!! So proud of you Lando!!! Can’t wait to see many wins in the LN cart

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      Landoooooo ❤

  • PaceWorks

    Sweet kart lad 👌 Well done 🤙You hardly Want to sponsor my 6 year old nephew with one not for me atall 🤣 Bit of marketing 😋🤙 He wants to do youtube stuff too why not make it raceing themed 😁👌🤙

  • Mar Martínez Azorín
    Mar Martínez Azorín


  • Rizon1985

    This is how you get those old pictures of an F1 champ at 6 years old posing next to the champions they grew up watching. The F1 icons visiting their roots and somewhere on the circuit is a boy or a girl who will never forget that day and talk about it as they hold the WDC cup 20 years later.

  • sjon kleve
    sjon kleve

    No mask, no BS, when I am looking F1 all mask.....f*&k this mandates, I want too watch see smiles from lando max lewis george pierre carlos charles mick & all the others, stop this f*&^cking freakshow

  • FettyRex

    nice nice nice

  • Danger Mouse
    Danger Mouse

    How much for the LM cart?

  • Toccando crea canale Ulteriori informazioni
    Toccando crea canale Ulteriori informazioni

    Oh, you're the guy that got challenged by SuperGT 6 months ago

  • Ryan Franklin
    Ryan Franklin

    I've missed the LandoLOGs🔥

  • Simone van Schaik
    Simone van Schaik

    Montoya? Haha that cameraman needs some updating!!

  • fabian.matthias

    Love how they edited the Audi logo off of the steering wheel hahahah 12:05

  • Nelson T
    Nelson T

    The man from Bristol....with a Kart to race! So proud of you Lando!

  • NorthWestRider

    Not that racing drivers are full on engineers, but it’s to bad in a case like this (and I’m sure others who have karting brands also) do get to test and tweak the chassis for a true signature kart. I’ve seen a different OTK factory tour and they say in that video that every chassis they make is exactly the same (example the top tier advertised for TAG or x30) and they simply get painted a different color and get different graphics depending on what branding it’s going under. So the LN kart is exactly the same as an Arrow, exite, Tony kart, and whatever other brands OTK has.

  • rajeev kulkarni
    rajeev kulkarni

    Landoooooo ❤️

  • Fabian Santiago
    Fabian Santiago

    I’m surprised F1’s face mask mandate doesn’t apply to the drivers when outside of an F1 venue / event. What good is it if they catch Covid elsewhere and then carry it back into the paddock? Testing aside…

  • Peter Sorrell
    Peter Sorrell

    No you didn't, you created a new set of stickers - there is a big difference..

  • Mr metal michael
    Mr metal michael

    You missed out on lando speed karts

  • Melanie Miles
    Melanie Miles

    Such a proud moment!!! So proud of you Lando!!! Can’t wait to see many wins in the LN cart

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    Lando is pr gold “I was sad after Sochi so... this makes me happy” lol

  • A.Killa 47
    A.Killa 47

    Lando gibbon stole your f1 car

  • Christopher Mora
    Christopher Mora

    Hi everyone! I want to start in karting competition and I would like to know what it could be the best option for me (what kart should I buy?) :I'm almost 15 and all the experience I have in karting is in rental karts, but I guess that at my age I should be able to drive a kz or dd2, also if you can comment me how to be inscribed in a competition I would be grateful. Thanks.

  • _tgibbo

    I love how he’’s using his F1 gloves


    Ls kart. I was thinkinf they put a ls on a kart

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay


  • Adrian Munoz
    Adrian Munoz

    of course you did.

  • Ritesh Fernandes
    Ritesh Fernandes

    It’s really great that Lando is doing his bit to encourage youngsters into motor racing

  • Lars Schlönzig
    Lars Schlönzig

    Nice OTK kart


    you dont need more reasons to love Lando, then he holds the door for the camera guy... this kid is great.

  • Victor Persson
    Victor Persson

    Look at that! Sudden Montoya!

  • Speed Racer
    Speed Racer

    Of course you did. I would also expect they are out of the price range of most people. Make a kart for $200-$300. Then more people will have a chance to live their dreams.

  • Mike Menzel
    Mike Menzel

    Mechanically what sets an LN kart apart from any other OTK kart?

  • Esteban Ocon
    Esteban Ocon

    Lando's go kart,carlando's indycar

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    This guy never stops incredible achievements, especially at such a young age.

  • Dylan Archer
    Dylan Archer

    When you remember you have a ITmores account, so use it to cure post Sochi depression

  • eL K Dee
    eL K Dee

    "I think the car's name is LN" "ELLEN! ELLEN! ELLEN!!!....or maybe it's steve? STEVE STEVE STEVE"

  • Laiba Yasir
    Laiba Yasir


  • Ben Murray
    Ben Murray

    Now you have your own kart, do you think you might be able to beat @SuperGT in a kart race?

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      Im a simple person: when i see lando post a video, it makes my day…no my week

  • Nicolas Sebastiani
    Nicolas Sebastiani



    Good,I will buy one

  • Xxlynx_icexX


  • Pit

    my dream is... drive an F1 car in the future.

  • atxc

    "you'll grow into it" lol

  • Carlmis

    Might have to buy myself one...

  • Anna Venturi
    Anna Venturi


  • Nicholas Tomasella
    Nicholas Tomasella

    Lando’s channel is back!!!!!!!!!! GO LANDO KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

  • Andy Darnell
    Andy Darnell

    I look forward to seeing an Ln kart here at Clay Pigeon Raceway 👍

  • guille blanco
    guille blanco

    Next video: I create my own f1 car 😅

  • sissi03

    I like leando😜

  • d0rifto1

    who is that ??? he didnt know oh JPM was ??

  • Don Draper
    Don Draper

    i love for this to be in Mario kart on the switch

  • Gi Forman
    Gi Forman

    You know it’s gonna be a good day when lando posts on his channel🧡🥳

  • Gi Forman
    Gi Forman

    Im a simple person: when i see lando post a video, it makes my day…no my week🧡💙

  • Alessandra Santos
    Alessandra Santos


  • Sander16V

    Who are you and why are you on my ITmores feed

  • spyrox

    11:22 Landooooooo

  • Louel

    There should be a special once a year event in f1 (like an nba all star game) where all drivers race in go carts!

  • Andrew Pfeifer
    Andrew Pfeifer

    Would be cool if you guys contributed some LN Karts to underserved kids and communities, broaden the sport to those not financially able to even begin in karting. As you said, “just being a part of it” is the point and most will never be able to be a part of it for even a day. Whether you sponsored kids or just had track days for communities that don’t typically have access. Would love to see you guys do that and would really increase the long term value of the LN Brand.

  • NardjesTV CANADA
    NardjesTV CANADA

    Wonderful ❤️ greetings from canada 🍁🇨🇦🍁

  • AGAM 215
    AGAM 215

    more #LandoLOG 's please... really love his content.

  • Mike Witte
    Mike Witte

    Lando should really go on a break from social media he looks so tired and down je deserves a vacation peace

  • Jet Fusion
    Jet Fusion

    Chicken camera man geez. Running for the good shot LOL

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews

    We were all sad after Sochi too Lando! 😥 Your time is coming tho mate. Future WDC winner for sure

  • Dek Shunari
    Dek Shunari

    Lando you are pretty cool

  • Aleks

    god you're so cute

  • Jacques Nel
    Jacques Nel

    Thank you for acknowledging the young drivers looking up to you. You and the rest of the F1 drivers are the reason they drive their carts. Much respect for your actions Lando. You deserve success with your vision and the LN cart and I predict a future F1 world champion coming from racing your LN cart. Good luck for the rest of the year, your 1st F1 win is in the near future, get your elbows out and focus, we are all rooting for you.

  • Randy Enos
    Randy Enos

    Did Lando Norris just say "I now have something to look forward to"? Seriously cool kart!

  • Toby Goodenough
    Toby Goodenough

    I was sad after Sochi too lando 😢

  • Isak s
    Isak s

    honestly, you're my favorite F1 driver of my life and tied for first of all times with senna. stay you cause you're amazing lando =)

  • Wasted Clan
    Wasted Clan

    Will you ever be able to buy these

  • big gamer
    big gamer

    what a man…. holding the door for his camera man

  • Raffy Celentano
    Raffy Celentano

    Let Steve join

  • Ana Beatriz
    Ana Beatriz

    Que homem,que homem meu pai amado😍

  • kaylaisawesomeandcool

    new game: take a shot everytime you see LN

  • Forza9905

    Great race today lando

  • Matteo Comensoli
    Matteo Comensoli

    to test the kart you went literally behind my home🤩

  • Luigi

    9:14 is that his gf?

  • Art Hand
    Art Hand

    from Philippines

  • Adarsh Bhowon
    Adarsh Bhowon

    U messed up that race in Sochi rly bad lol

  • Diamond3go The Beast
    Diamond3go The Beast

    Please post more videos

  • Alpha 12  Magnus
    Alpha 12 Magnus

    Mamma mia🇮🇹 it is beautiful

  • Ricardo Sosa
    Ricardo Sosa

    I can not believe he didn't recognize Montoya. Disappointing.

  • Yash Gowda
    Yash Gowda

    Lando can I get a heart. Pleaseeeee

  • Fishmunkee

    Anyone know what watch he is wearing?

  • Lazze_Randm

    Let’s go lando!!!!! Great creation!

  • MoverTera

    Omg my favorite f1 driver is remember his channel

  • Walton Enlund
    Walton Enlund

    How much are they

  • Carlos Molina
    Carlos Molina

    Him as a graphic designer, I bet even he felt it was too much LN branding on it

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      Team OTK !!!!!

  • mithritades

    Maybe on the Leggera Model it'll get a Turbo lol

  • Gladio

    Glad seeing you uploading again

  • C H
    C H

    Going back to your roots! Nice one! DR helps design pink hoodie LN helps design go cart, I know which one I'll choose and I do not like the colour pink.

  • Sean Hickey
    Sean Hickey

    Please tell it's sold under the name LN4

  • Dennis Tafeltennis
    Dennis Tafeltennis

    Get Lando to 1 million subs guys and girls.

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