First laps of the year
Behind the scenes of McLaren's filming day.


Shot by Ash @wearegrip

Music from Musicbed:
Paul Russell - Julio Jones
Jade Josephine - Type To Do It

  • Trinity Whitfield
    Trinity Whitfield

    Living te outro with wrap life

  • Jose Antonio rTr
    Jose Antonio rTr

    This kid is an F1 driver and scoring points, let that sink in

  • Jian Sheng Wu
    Jian Sheng Wu

    The abiding firewall aetiologically drum because water mechanistically carve among a madly indonesia. wonderful, uncovered napkin

  • Anna Venturi
    Anna Venturi

    bravissimo lando norris sei il numero 1 della f1

  • Where’s Waldo
    Where’s Waldo

    He’s good butttt , he’s to careful .. there risk , million dollar risk but ... but worth the risk ! Let’s see what he really has. Car is insured.

  • Hanaé Yoshida
    Hanaé Yoshida

    soy lago

  • Make It Go
    Make It Go

    Watching back, trying to choose how many likes to shave, I guess 2020 was the magic number

  • Byronix

    Chicken ,Daniel Avocado

  • Flor Carmona
    Flor Carmona

    Lando learning spanish will be my fav Lando forever

  • Komal Pote
    Komal Pote

    6.13 lando living a rap life- look at henrick😂😂

  • Passive Bacon
    Passive Bacon

    yo baldo norris

  • Joe Mannion
    Joe Mannion

    Now he’s driving the ‘last laps’ of the year!

  • LearnMoreDoMore

    Oy 2:59. That sequence seeing the vortex come off of the wing tips. Then seeing the skid plate sparks. Damn stuff of dreams. Go lando go.

  • A R Y A N
    A R Y A N

    He is living my dream life

  • Gero Ramallo
    Gero Ramallo

    this is definetly the most badass landolog ever

  • Kamalka.B.Wijesooriya

    4:12 Lol that high five hurts😂

  • Eder Lozano
    Eder Lozano

    Baldo Norris 😂 that's funny really funny mate Hahaha

  • Vulkan

    seeing people this close makes me.... uncomfortable

  • Hawraa Hawraa
    Hawraa Hawraa


  • Thermostokulus

    That is a nice watch Lando!

  • beth tv Penanueva
    beth tv Penanueva

    He visit this new friend wow nice car race

  • TomS

    I like the music choises

  • Aaron Harris
    Aaron Harris


  • Yovanna Vic
    Yovanna Vic

    Escuchar a Lando hablar español es muy gracioso

  • Jamie Morton
    Jamie Morton



    Lando, you must be as tough as your uncle CHUCK! To let others fear you on the circuit.

  • Maddox G
    Maddox G

    Low if u are watching this after he cut his hair

  • Bianca H
    Bianca H

    Dont Shave you head

  • Kompoism

    Loving the exposed carbon on the nose! Hopefully we get to see the cars in anger again soon!

  • Jono

    get a buzz cut

  • Schlong Terry
    Schlong Terry

    He needs his milk

  • Bionk Jampang
    Bionk Jampang

    Hay lando

  • Strictly Casual
    Strictly Casual

    All that fun and no pubes Love this kid

  • Marissa Villata
    Marissa Villata

    Please don’t go bald. Grow out your hair

  • 星野ミライ

    Let's hope this will not be the last drives.....

  • Vick herr
    Vick herr

    First and last*

  • Samuel Hickman
    Samuel Hickman

    I can see lando changing into Lewis

  • Dylan George
    Dylan George

    Bruh the clips and beat starting at 1:43 is straight 🔥🔥🔥

  • oskar

    Nando Borris is your new name

  • Edu Gonzalez Arbo
    Edu Gonzalez Arbo


  • Edu Gonzalez Arbo
    Edu Gonzalez Arbo

    great content. full on production love i n it

  • Benjy Davila
    Benjy Davila

    gonna smash it this year Lando, you deserve to!!

  • Emilio Cruz
    Emilio Cruz

    Robert Kubica its kind of bald, isn’t he ?

  • tf ym
    tf ym

    next champ fo sho

  • Nick Clark
    Nick Clark

    What you know about Julio "Jet" Jones?

  • Charles Birchall
    Charles Birchall

    No Lando love in the Netflix F1 doc this season, whats up with thaaaaat?

  • Le Spaz
    Le Spaz

    I always read: LandoOG

  • I'm not sure Why
    I'm not sure Why

    shave the hair for more weight reduction.

  • Tomás Nicolau da Costa
    Tomás Nicolau da Costa

    Nice vid, but the music blows

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths

    please dont go bald

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths

    please try to vlog the whole season

  • Ferkus Belmont
    Ferkus Belmont

    shave it for australia

  • Jet Fusion
    Jet Fusion

    Shave it all off???? This screams for a mohawk!!!!

  • Respect Haͥckͣeͫr
    Respect Haͥckͣeͫr

    Yeah Lando shave Less weight and more aerodynamic head.....

  • Ross Sinclair
    Ross Sinclair

    shave it off

  • Roar H
    Roar H

    Thats a wrap

  • Connor Spain
    Connor Spain

    bald norris 100%

  • XTS_eddy

    Is the thing around your head a cage or what is it

  • Cynthia Wijnen
    Cynthia Wijnen

    5:12 why do you throw it back so haaaard 😫😂

  • Nionity

    Please Mclaren, let Lando and Carlos stay as teammates!

  • Razvan Anghel
    Razvan Anghel

    Hey kiddo hope you do well this year. Also wanna see more of you in the Netflix documentary about Formula 1. Really really luv that one

  • Stilian G.
    Stilian G.

    4:21 does anyone knows the song, please? thanks.

  • Ζαβαρα Κατρανέμια
    Ζαβαρα Κατρανέμια

    Wasn't Hamilton close to bald at one point? He had veeery short hair

  • Gromit Cup
    Gromit Cup

    4:23 the thing lando can only just legally drink in Spain

  • Son Santana
    Son Santana

    Everytime he laughs it comes to my mind "Jarv frickin' crying , I think I'm cryin'"

  • Ryan Smithberg
    Ryan Smithberg

    Shave it

  • Dion Peeters
    Dion Peeters

    Lando should shave

  • Ca Tourne En Rond
    Ca Tourne En Rond

  • jirzy Kerklaan
    jirzy Kerklaan

    4:32 you looked a little bit like Nyck De Vries

  • 60kmh Racing
    60kmh Racing

    no shave

  • weth56

    We need that drone footage on race day

  • MiLan 007
    MiLan 007

    My favourite F1 Driver

  • pgjhawk

    Don’t cut your hair...dye it McLaren orange.

  • Xavier CHARLES
    Xavier CHARLES

    So for Mclaren the renault engine has become a beatboxing machine, right?

  • SerxRox

    Baldo norris. +1

  • ytikcauQ

    I love you Norris i am coming to silverstone and I will see you YAAY

  • Color-Head

    Baldo about the wrap: List up all incredients, tells stories how great it tastes how much he ate, ... Baldo about the car: "the car is the same" 😂

  • Jen G
    Jen G

    Please don’t shave that hair 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Abdellah Ibrahim
    Abdellah Ibrahim

    What´s this music for idiot? Cannot stand it, stopped the video.

  • Mike Baker
    Mike Baker


  • Kaye Loop
    Kaye Loop

    Go bald lando

  • Zac Oros
    Zac Oros

    The blonde McLaren PR rep is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

  • Adam Bennet
    Adam Bennet

    I’d love to see shaved Lando

  • Vicky Rode
    Vicky Rode


  • Andrew Storm
    Andrew Storm

    How much weight would it save?

  • ZaXeR

    carlos accent is so good

  • Matteo Brentegani
    Matteo Brentegani

    This video is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Raden Vina Iskandya
    Raden Vina Iskandya


  • Jarne Meeus
    Jarne Meeus

    I hope you can understand this. In België zijn er veel mensen die naar je opkijken. Hier is iedereen fan van jou

  • Jarne Meeus
    Jarne Meeus

    🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪 I am a big fan of you, hoe goed kan je Vlaams spreken

  • Jarne Meeus
    Jarne Meeus

    Ik wist niet da je half Belg was

  • oliver whittington
    oliver whittington


  • fritzsanga

    BALDO NORRIS for 2020

  • SolarWinds

    shave it

  • Benedikt B.
    Benedikt B.


  • nicole xlml
    nicole xlml

    I'm begging you for my soul, DONT SHAVE YOUR HEAD

  • ChiefRunningWtr

    Lando should shave his head to make it look like he's going bald

  • rustytrev

    Do not shave your hair.

  • Bart Gorissen
    Bart Gorissen

    Can we get the full recipe or at least list of ingredients of those wraps, got me hungry

  • giselle

    Hi Lando, Pls stop fooling around as a fan i hope this year you get your Shit together. Alot of people including me would die sitting in your Seat at McLaren but never had the chance. F1 is such a mentality game i know alot of hard times, loosing and winning. I can tell you for sure this is not the way to go. I like to watch it because its funny but it will eventualy put you on the losing side. And with so many good racers gunning for your seat you don't get the time to grow into an adult and finding out what mindset you need to compete with real winners. Carlos has mastered the right mentality and mindset but as a racer you have more potential because of your age. But look at gasly/grosjean a bad result streak with the wrong mindset will break you down and its hard to recover from. Just my 2 cents, good luck this season. Gayan.