First helmet designs of 2021
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  • Pauling Chu
    Pauling Chu


  • ProIdentity

    Legend says you can’t heart this

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker

    glitch effect? you mean marpat pattern

  • delbroox

  • Konstantinos Ioannis Mantoulidis
    Konstantinos Ioannis Mantoulidis

    hey Lando, i think you are way too hard on yourself about the sochi incident, many people say a lot of stupid things, i want to say you had an incredible race , yes in hindsight you shouldnt say no twice (despite hamilton being in fault -as you- about this , but he was forced by the team ) ,but having said that i think that you have big balls and you have the confidence (and the skills) to be a champion and not ust a race winner, also i think you are better than Ver and you just keep on doing what you do , it clearly works. I know you arent going to read this but i had to get it out of my chest haha gg

  • Robert Bissell
    Robert Bissell

    Dude todays gp was so annoing dont worry that win will come eventually

  • Noah Selby
    Noah Selby

    Who's watching after sochi

  • Joel Ryan
    Joel Ryan

    NOOOOOOOOO he deserved that win so much :*(

  • sash

    RIP WINNN :((

  • loesaw2


    • Aj decosta
      Aj decosta

      don’t think he will see your comment lol

  • Kenia Cardenas
    Kenia Cardenas

    is that charles ring?

  • Barker

    Pole position congrats. How do you think that went?

  • Daph Smith
    Daph Smith

    Last video upload was 6 months ago? No more Lando logs?

  • Daph Smith
    Daph Smith

    What happened? No more Lando Log?

  • imnothaydenbg

    I mean lando

  • imnothaydenbg

    How you feeling after the Italy gp kando I always cheer you on and dream of driving a mclarn f1 car and meeting you

  • Jonas Lackner
    Jonas Lackner

    You my ❤ Raycer

  • Nathan chaume
    Nathan chaume

    it's friday then

  • I can’t keep going it’s broken
    I can’t keep going it’s broken

    Is this landos latest vid ?

  • javi SA
    javi SA

    lando “THE SHIT” norris

  • Dylan du Plessis
    Dylan du Plessis

    You helmets is very nice

  • LuxcasP

  • Chelsea Wilmott
    Chelsea Wilmott

    Video good

  • Yashi's Empire
    Yashi's Empire

    800th comment!!!!!

  • Zeroblue89

    Hey Dirty-Norris what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you such a dirty and bad loser on the track?


    Your The sponsor Mclaren 😉😉😉 For free fire ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Criscar

    I'll watch this at least til the next video drops. Well.. sy next year... oh wait no: see you in Zandvoort 🎉🎉 hope the sky clears til then and the rain stops ... I'm still freezing #tb last weekend.. but it was all worth it, especially to see your helmet in real life 😁👌

  • Ga Augusto
    Ga Augusto

    Lando you like a Hélio Castroneves?

  • Ga Augusto
    Ga Augusto

    Lando you like a Senna?

  • Racer's Burgers
    Racer's Burgers

    Hello norris. I hope your ok after your crash in spa during qualafying

  • Mike_SV5

    Gary M

  • azael Rumbo
    azael Rumbo

    How it feels to be canceled for doing a mexican party Just curious this ain't hate

  • Y

    Never be good as Hamilton in your career

  • AK

    My fafority song is I moving up and down side to side like a roller coaster

  • addlctedTV

    I hope we get the boost like mercedes have to somewhere get it.. before ppl see that the front wing can go 2cm lower or higher,.. etc .. i kinda see it in the replays.. but .. lando norris is the best driver of 2020/21 .. offline or online,, with winning setups he would be nr 1 ..this dude is acutally goat

  • Fed Van Dijk
    Fed Van Dijk

    Can you play warzone with max again? I loved that videos

  • JU🅰️N PabLo MoNToYa
    JU🅰️N PabLo MoNToYa

    Nice p

  • A.Killa 47
    A.Killa 47

    Who's noellini and what is first name

  • DiamondMasterXD

    Hey Lando! I just wanted to say that I'm really glad that you're doing so well in F1 right now. Being in third in points for you is something incredible. You can do this, man. We all believe in you.

  • Amrita Das
    Amrita Das

    Free fire x maclaren x Lando Norris

  • FatalDragon69

    Pretty Cool looking pair of Bash-Hats.....Nice One !! It's Great to see another Brit on the Grid as well.....I know you've been there a little while now but I've not post here before, soo.....All the Best for the Season, Kick their asses !! On a slightly different note, I'd love to get a Real F1 Driver's answer.....What's your overall opinion of the New F1 2021 game from Codemasters ?? Do you think it's better or worse than the previous 2020 version ?? !! Keep Up the Great Driving !!

  • Brennen Teague
    Brennen Teague

    LLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. why cant i buy a single mclaren orange #4 "FLATBRIM" hat. i want you and ur teams merch. but i hvnt worn baseball caps since little league. redbull has like 30 different flatbrim hats. and mclaren has like 30 different baseball caps. no flat brims. can someone please help me here? i want to rep so badly. but i aint getting a baseball cap.

  • Tygo van Dongen
    Tygo van Dongen

    Aym supper fan

  • Opaleiro Brasil
    Opaleiro Brasil

    You Gonna have a Long carrer.

  • MaranelloGaming

    A video clip of you screaming at a wasp just popped up on my homepage

  • Reuben Baxter
    Reuben Baxter

    Are you going to upload again

  • Mizer Playzz
    Mizer Playzz

    Great race at britan I was there and I’m a big fan

  • Ezequiel Corrales
    Ezequiel Corrales

    i missed this video physically

  • Patrick gaming23
    Patrick gaming23

    Yang sabar ya kak Lando kalau lagi kecolongan jam tangan nya

  • Tommy Fresh
    Tommy Fresh

    Hope you're doing ok after your ordeal mate! Hopefully they catch the scum bag!

  • A. P.
    A. P.

    Lando,just in case you maybe see this, or somebody tells you about it. I'm so sorry for what happened to you recently at Wembley 😟 Must've been horrible. I know you must be shocked and understandably shaken. It's an ugly world we live in but don't let it rattle you my boy. Remember you're better than this. Best of luck at Silverstone! Feel better soon and keep safe 🧡

  • Nathan Kav
    Nathan Kav

    hope your doing ok after what happened @ the euro finals..... how ridiculous has the world become when you cant even go to a football match without the fear of being robbed.... keep up the good work this season future f1 champ

  • Dream Liaison
    Dream Liaison

    I love how Landon loves his family it's very nice I hope he is a 2021 world champion

  • silver and gold
    silver and gold

    So happy you got unharmed, take care next time Lando, don't forget how famous you are and second best driver of the grid now after Max of course 😁

  • CheekyChilliPepper

    So Lando, we all know negotiations start months before people realise! I take it due to no activity- you are going elsewhere - no surprise, Mercedes

  • Vanky

    Did Lando gave up on this channel?

    • nicklas sivén
      nicklas sivén

      he is just busy being an f1 driver :) priorities!

  • Arthur william games_33
    Arthur william games_33

    Hy norris, i whatch mucho F1 and realy are impresined with you poaition on racing if god hope you some day will stay ein 1° place and up on podion E love McLaren, williams and others my favorite is you man. GOOD NIGHT Hello from brazil

  • raoul kuys
    raoul kuys

    My mom:verstappen My brother: verstappen Me: lando norris😃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃😂😂😂😂😂🙃

  • raoul kuys
    raoul kuys

    Thats cool boiiiiiiii

  • Tomenski

    Hey dude. Just wanted to say recently I have become a massive fan of yours. As an avid gamer and motorsport fan everything u r doing is amazing keep it up we love u. Peace

  • lightning plays
    lightning plays

    Mate I'm colorblind and I see green and black😂

  • Player One
    Player One


  • Able Mason
    Able Mason

    #$iverstone$print@nd₩in. Fingers crossed you will pick up everything Lando. Help Daniel pla Sincerely fan

  • Danny Berendsen
    Danny Berendsen

    Really sick helmets! I think the best helmets of this years f1 season! Hope you can stay performing like in austria. And give max verstappen a real challange since mercedes can’t.🤣 greetings from the netherlands! Btw do you know you are super populair in the netherlands? Last race the orange army cheerd as hard, maybe harder, for lando than for max🤣👍🏻😁

  • Bridget Kerrison
    Bridget Kerrison

    I believe I may have a crush on you even though I don't actually know you... maybe one day x

  • Team Tube
    Team Tube

    Post more?

  • alessianorris


  • Monica Petrova
    Monica Petrova


  • Edgar Red Bull
    Edgar Red Bull

    Great helmet

  • Varo_RC


  • Brent Leal
    Brent Leal

    I can't stop looking at the Richard Mille 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Luis Enrique O. P.
    Luis Enrique O. P.

    You did not deserve the podium Norriz, you ruined the 2nd place for Checo Perez, in my opinion I do not know what happened to you, if you got something evil or what, but I hope you will be more sensible later

    • Ciru

      Are you ok

  • J Treining
    J Treining

    The helmet design reminds me of “Killer’s” mask from one piece the anime

  • Fredrik Andersson
    Fredrik Andersson

    Congrats on P2!!

  • Simple Boy
    Simple Boy

    P2 in qualifying....Legend...

  • Super Gamer NL
    Super Gamer NL

    Whos here after Lando Norris got 2nd in Austrain Grand Prix qualifying?

  • Formula 1
    Formula 1

    When can you make new vid?

  • menon koonjul
    menon koonjul

    Did you make one for Daddy Long Legs?

  • tallicAgrl9051

    The second design looks really cool, although from far away, it may seem blended in and might lose some of its "aesthetic effectiveness," but looks great regardless.

  • Chris Vales
    Chris Vales

    Did you learn your timing from gaming or om the track? I feel a little of both would be beneficial to the average lay person

  • Cool Monster
    Cool Monster

    amazing helmets Lando congrats but I like more the 2nd goodbye

  • q7_siz_ asla
    q7_siz_ asla

    Charles leclerkc

  • egggy

    2:52 who did u have babys with and did vettle show u how to make them?

  • Paulo turbin 69
    Paulo turbin 69


  • I. A.
    I. A.

    We need more F1 driver with youtube channel

  • Alistair Badger
    Alistair Badger

    @Lando Norris What's the possibility of setting up a Mclaren F1 discord server?

  • ana

    fala português tô entendo nada

  • BySyfx

    we need more vlogs

  • Christmas TikToks
    Christmas TikToks

  • Silver Team
    Silver Team

    I’m right now in lando’s twitch

  • Kye


  • Lachef 63
    Lachef 63


  • Chris J
    Chris J

    Monaco baby ❤️ P3. Well done 👍👍👍

  • lou63179

    Great job on podium today

  • MemeshortsYT

    Lando podium 2 minute ago YESS

  • Zach Collins
    Zach Collins

    hey what do you think about kart republic

  • maître Oogway
    maître Oogway

    Good season !

  • maître Oogway
    maître Oogway

    Hello, Lando know that I am your biggest fan

    • rahib

      No I am.

  • GTA Man s45
    GTA Man s45

    I’m huge fan of mclaren and Quadrant

  • Tranquilius

    Lando Norris the 5 months vlogger

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