Shot by Ash @wearegrip
Cospe - So Fresh
Ooyy - Changli
Dylan Sitts - Keep It
Cospe - Jchs

  • Devang Sarvaiya
    Devang Sarvaiya

    That is one ugly car

  • David Rojas
    David Rojas

    6:30 we can hear Tyler1 car sound XD

  • David Rojas
    David Rojas

    6:30 we can hear tayler sound car 😂

  • Katie Marsh
    Katie Marsh

    I was there and had no idea you were driving this 😂!

  • Arham Muhammad
    Arham Muhammad

    wow i am the first to write a comment on youtube in 2021 

  • Young Sip
    Young Sip

    Bro that gift crazy 3d printed camera 1person view

  • lowFATmEmEs man
    lowFATmEmEs man

    Bruce died in this car

  • Eugie Reven
    Eugie Reven

    Oh, what a sound! Almost like music. V8, right?

  • P.E

    7:53 If you become a millionaire and everybody becomes shit in you eyes.... Just kidding 😂 i am a fan

  • GRod

    Is good wood events always supposed to be in the rain?

  • Luis Aguiar
    Luis Aguiar

    RIP ears

  • Snpz Jake
    Snpz Jake

    Lando was like : let me drive the Bus

  • oofyeetoofyeet 1
    oofyeetoofyeet 1

    It's Landos van cub

  • Anthony Leighton
    Anthony Leighton

    As long as he doesn't eat too many of them or he won't be getting in the cockpit......

  • Zeke Skulski
    Zeke Skulski

    What the fuck was with the guy whos whole job it was to hold the umbrella, idk who he is but I hope hes doing great in life

  • Ashish Desai
    Ashish Desai

    You look soo different lando

  • kraft macncheese
    kraft macncheese

    i love the sound of that v8

  • ar13gaming

    1min 15 sec there's a mercedes banner

  • Mike Snevets
    Mike Snevets

    Funnier then daniël ricciardo? I thinks so, you do to?


    The sound of that incredible machine wow 😳 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • denmark39

    I have watched a couple of the vlogs and Landó is not very good at saying hello to people he meets

  • twist

    Look at this fucking orange dude I love this color omg

  • Dika

    Wit is that the car that are crashed by bruce mclaren?

  • Bandeira Quadriculada Brasil
    Bandeira Quadriculada Brasil

    My Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Rubens Barrichello

  • Christian Bailey
    Christian Bailey

    who else is wierded our by big crowds now

  • Garden Sandwich
    Garden Sandwich

    Kinda disappointed that he didn't eat an actual donut in the car.

  • Carlita Snyman
    Carlita Snyman

    @2:15 Am I a joke to you?

  • Louis Utsch
    Louis Utsch

    Thats a lot of hay

  • Zottel

    I still remember driving Goodwood in Gran Turismo 5 on my PS3 😂

    • John Gancarcik
      John Gancarcik

      It's a pain in the rear

  • kevin wangsa
    kevin wangsa

    3:59 is that Lando's girlfriend to the right? edit: spelling

  • Kinang Eagle
    Kinang Eagle

    White kids Im talking about that fan talking about GP2 not Lando

  • Johan F.
    Johan F.

    Is he screaming or the car?

  • john avila
    john avila

    8:15 lando just turning in into a baby while parking

  • Callum Roberson
    Callum Roberson

    at 4:20 is that the stig?

  • Hermz.


  • Shrey Satapathy
    Shrey Satapathy

    And that , is How I wish F1 sounded today ! ( its still good today, buuut u know)

  • Lottie Styler
    Lottie Styler

    Good boy Lando

  • Legendary Beast
    Legendary Beast

    We need Lando cam during races if possible ✌️✌️😌

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor

  • Daskuts

    The guy at 7:50 really loves his job

  • Ollied

    What an incredible driver you are,

  • hazel rafif alfares
    hazel rafif alfares

    Why always petronas?,why not the pertamina

  • Zbynek Broda
    Zbynek Broda

    Fans: want Landos signature Lando: wants fans chips

  • João Martins
    João Martins


  • Nicholas Christiaan Scheckter
    Nicholas Christiaan Scheckter

    That was so awesome to see Rubens drop by!

  • Ronin DeMott
    Ronin DeMott


  • Lilis Febriyanti
    Lilis Febriyanti

    4:06 ruben barichello and his son

  • Noah C
    Noah C

    Whats th e camera call that you put in your helmet 3:32

  • the detinator 71
    the detinator 71

    where did you get the camera that you put in your helmet??

  • Reno Saintz
    Reno Saintz


  • Sitranine

    That car is such a piece of shit

  • Nathaniel's Channel
    Nathaniel's Channel

    “Can I nick a chip?” 😂😂😂

  • Nick Hagen
    Nick Hagen


  • Adog

    7:11 is what you came for. You’re welcome

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths

    i need that raincoat

  • Steve Thurow
    Steve Thurow

    What a machine.

  • Kompoism

    Rubens! Whay a lovely guy! Wow wow wow, stuff like this must be a great bonus as an F1 driver...driving a piece of history up the hill... awesome!

  • s h o o k
    s h o o k

    Ah yes lando norris the professional streamer as quoted by f1 😂😂

  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade

    You're like a bobble head in that car

  • matteastwood87

    I once had a wank on a mclaren

  • Federico

    The name of the camera?

  • BR

    I'll trade you a chip for a photo

  • little o
    little o

    What's the camera called?

  • Buhga

    4:18 mt legal ver o rubinho e o filho dele conversando com o norris

  • dyslexius maximus
    dyslexius maximus a vid from the out side. it's not from the same run but still a sick doughnut in the same car.

  • Ruan Moreira
    Ruan Moreira


  • kasen walker
    kasen walker

    Rubens and his son and Lando, the dream team

  • Angela Arelí
    Angela Arelí

    you are amazing 🔥

  • AlexPog


  • Element Black
    Element Black

    God damn how does your neck endure this lmao

  • Gandalf with an AK-47
    Gandalf with an AK-47

    What a beast

  • Hector Jacques Giovani Lima Santos
    Hector Jacques Giovani Lima Santos

    Cool, he found Rubens and Eduardo Barrichello on the pits

  • Sta99er

    Lando: Whishes to drive a random Mcaren sports car Also Lando: didnt get to drive the sports car bid did get to drive the F1👌

  • First Prototype
    First Prototype

    Take #Caseyneistat video and put it on your channel

  • Muhammad Usama
    Muhammad Usama

    That lando guy drive’s very well he needs be in f1 or something

  • Tim

    Give your fans a thumbs up when they're lifting their banner, so that you telegraph your appreciation to them! I saw you appreciating them but they don't know if you're just watching ;) You're the best!

  • _ Luizz
    _ Luizz

    Caraí até o Rubinho ali

  • Ruben Rodriguez
    Ruben Rodriguez

    Plese use this helmet cam when you're driving your F1 car.

  • Fábio Silva
    Fábio Silva

    1:31 Mercedes flag looking at Nando for 2021

  • Yung Tamz
    Yung Tamz

    Lando out here charging people chips to have a photo

  • Cosmo Sutcliffe
    Cosmo Sutcliffe

    8:54 is soooo funny, that kid is fantastic!!

  • Hus 9
    Hus 9

    V S A U C E

  • ÒwÓ Xenøn Folf
    ÒwÓ Xenøn Folf

    Its suprising that you dont have over a million subscribers

  • Suspicious0ne

    Lando Norris is the Zyzz of racing

  • Walox

    What’s your Twitch ?

  • Andre Pacheco
    Andre Pacheco

    N dominou o zerin kkkk

  • Hero Game
    Hero Game

    Lando Norris:i wish that was my car McLaren: *sigh* here we go again

    • Leandro Lambardi
      Leandro Lambardi

      I didn't get it and I am curious enough to ask

    • Hero Game
      Hero Game

      @HYPRZ Yo..

    • HYPRZ

      I like ur profile pic

  • Surprise toy City
    Surprise toy City

    who's that guy ?

  • Simon Hehl
    Simon Hehl

    OMG that car was screaming !!!🔥🔥🔥

  • Komandor Bentus
    Komandor Bentus

    The way how to get used to the drilling a hole in the wall sound. :D

  • scuttle06

    dang, i'd be scared to even get inside that car since thats the car that perished bruce mclaren

  • GramsTv Films
    GramsTv Films

    Where can i get the helmet camera??

  • Nicky

    Lando in 5:55 moving up and down side to side like a roller coaster

  • Mattie Azar
    Mattie Azar

    Lando wat if a F1 car is street leegel😰

  • Nick Goodyear
    Nick Goodyear

    McLaren F1 car is good

  • Ben Sutcliffe
    Ben Sutcliffe

    Lucky enough I got to see you drive this at goodwood Lando, and might I say, it's very loud in person isn't it?!

  • s1Lv1U sMeChErU
    s1Lv1U sMeChErU

    On 10 th July is my birtgay,LOL

  • George Helliar
    George Helliar

    I like that you were prepared to take the can-am car out on slicks in the rain.

  • Kieran Eve
    Kieran Eve

    I was there the day before a shame I didn't see you but at least I met Carlos.

  • Arif 82
    Arif 82

    Hey Lando don't lie you shit when you first took off aye😂

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