Shot by Ash @wearegrip
REMCO - Lemon Pepper Wet
Jef - Mystic
Epidemic Sound

  • Mirko Maione
    Mirko Maione

    2:55 lando changed to a kz and at 3:27 he changed magically from a tony kart to a birel art ahahahahh

  • Charlie Locker racing
    Charlie Locker racing

    Anyone know the name of the song at the start

    • Remco Langedijk
      Remco Langedijk

      Its my song “Lemon Pepper Wet” 🤗

  • Young B4oke444
    Young B4oke444

    So cool

  • Shachi Hardi
    Shachi Hardi

    I love you

  • Hail Harty
    Hail Harty

    Love that track

  • ttv_ lrbgamer1
    ttv_ lrbgamer1

    Number 33 👀

  • Keanu Al Azhari
    Keanu Al Azhari

    3:27 he magically starts driving a birel from his tony kart

  • Riley Stewart
    Riley Stewart

    Your kart looked like a tony kart with a rotating 125 on it

  • Tobias Fuchs
    Tobias Fuchs

    From the sound, you changed from a 80ccm to a 125ccm shifter.

  • Bruna Toniatto
    Bruna Toniatto

    Lando é fofo

  • Wes Swain
    Wes Swain

    That’s my home track!!!

  • Kasper Ebbers
    Kasper Ebbers

    Why no. 33? 🙈

  • P.C. H.
    P.C. H.

    Is the Ok engine, direct drive as fast as the KZ 6 gears?

    • Tobias Fuchs
      Tobias Fuchs

      Depends on the track. But normaly shifters are faster. Between 1-5 tenth.

  • Hampus Bodén
    Hampus Bodén

    Om the onboard cam landa drives a ok kart but om wills cam he drove a kz

  • Andrew Stafrace
    Andrew Stafrace

    What engine do you have?????


    Obviously I'm not an F1 driver but I think it could improve the racing if they kept karting alongside. Keeps that competitive hungry racecraft that you sort of see gets lost after all that time racing formula cars. I dunno that's just an untrained observation, but if you look at Alonso and Riccardo who have karting programs, and the younger drivers that are more recently out of karting, seem to be braver in their racecraft.

  • Davo

    what time?

  • Adam Weaver
    Adam Weaver

    Where is this?

  • Rictex HD
    Rictex HD

    2:30 he is in a birel

  • Rictex HD
    Rictex HD

    Nice a ok senior

  • Tim Seidl
    Tim Seidl

    Awesome videos. You are doing it the right way!

  • SW3RVY

    hey lando, i firmly believe you together with max and leclerc are going to be great rivals! You, Sainz and mclaren have been making incredible progress. I hope to see you fighting for podiums soon

  • Jelmer MW
    Jelmer MW

    0:50 pretty background mate

  • Scott Kremers
    Scott Kremers

    PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!!!! You are F1's next WORLD CHAMPION - F1 fans

  • Florian Schwarz
    Florian Schwarz

    Please more landologs from the Formula 1.👍

  • Alistair Murison
    Alistair Murison

    Rotax > X30

  • Braden Clark
    Braden Clark

    Nice job! What class is this and what engine are they? (I race karts in Australia)

    • Cole McKinney
      Cole McKinney

      That's a senior class Tony Kart. It looks like a Vortex Rok engine

  • Axy Bømick
    Axy Bømick

    Clicked the video faster than Mercedes W09

  • Kevin Snyder
    Kevin Snyder

    NOTE: The 10 thumbs down are all the f1 drivers you beat in Bahrain.

  • Axy Bømick
    Axy Bømick

    Let's hope you will be on podium at least once this year.

  • iKRiPTiCz

    to think, i stopped racing here like 12+ years ago is mad.

  • Zongqi Yu
    Zongqi Yu

    Haha Sacha's race suit

  • Trevor Jansen
    Trevor Jansen

    So this is what the 2019 F1 challenger looks like. All the best for Barcelona!

  • shankster

    Keep your chin up while you're racing at the back of the field this year. I hope this pitiful team doesn't ruin your career. Third world oil money can do that.

    • Jack Hemmings
      Jack Hemmings

      shankster well... this aged well

  • brodeur212

    hope you keep updates all season

  • Matthew Gibbs
    Matthew Gibbs

    Good luck in 2019 Lando 👍🏼

  • Frazer Price
    Frazer Price

    Who makes these!? They're so well produced

    • Frazer Price
      Frazer Price

      Hahaa! Will got wrecked

  • speed force Sim Racer
    speed force Sim Racer

    Hi lando great video fingers crossed for your f1 career keep doing the videos specially sim racing

  • Declan Mahoney
    Declan Mahoney

    Hope you can bring McLaren back to its former glory

  • Jake B
    Jake B

    I go here every now and then with my kart. What were your lap times on this cold/wet/green track?

  • Charlie Smith
    Charlie Smith

    What sort of lap time, as I go to this track often and would like to know compared to Lando🤣

  • Boston Tom
    Boston Tom

    "here for fitness" 4:45 mmmmm ;)

  • Tim Ver Elst
    Tim Ver Elst

    can you drive kz in england I thought it was banned there

  • Tim Ver Elst
    Tim Ver Elst

    go to kerpen with a kz than we talk hahaha

  • Dryout

    The camera work is amazing on these.

  • BjornDP

    that Wil cam moment though , hahaha

  • Nicola Zoppellaro
    Nicola Zoppellaro

    Hey Lando! Have you ever been on Adria?

  • forza Ferrari
    forza Ferrari

    This vlogger can drive!!! He can earn his drive on f1 someday or maybe become the world champion Lol, 🤣😂😂😂

  • Robert Tinsey
    Robert Tinsey

    Love you Lando

  • Dorian Drenski
    Dorian Drenski

    At least you survived longer than in Bathurst race on iRacing

  • Lukas Müller
    Lukas Müller


  • Alien Nation
    Alien Nation

    I hope Lando would heart my comment😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏻

  • Jraybay

    I love Karting so much, its so pure 😢 Hope you can keep the vlogs going. F1 is a huge challenge and you may not be able to continued!

  • Hugo Centeno
    Hugo Centeno

    Loving u guys in f1 are starting to create some new content inside f1 life, luck this season!!

  • joepiter

    24k club

  • Amer Harris
    Amer Harris

    It's an OK as it stands for Original Kart which refers to the need of pushing the kart in order to start it like the karts back in the days which doesn't have the starter/battery

  • Kevin OBrien
    Kevin OBrien

    Lol at Will's understeer straight out of the puts 😂

  • RitchieF1

    God dam these r good

  • Karthik N
    Karthik N

    Who edits these Lando. They're beautiful

  • Dustin Lehnhoff
    Dustin Lehnhoff

    Lando mclaren f1 team ❤️

  • Jason Kay
    Jason Kay

    Watching Lando drive, thinks how the fuck does someone drive that well? I would love to be able to drive a third of that skill. CAn't wait to see you down under Lando, A flag is being made!

  • Puppies/Videos/Compilation

    damn bro would love to see some more on board!

  • Dat_One_guy 025
    Dat_One_guy 025

    Just done 50 laps today in an amateur kart. My back is in bits from bouncing around the seat😂

  • Sam

    Why did he avoid saying the kart's name ?

  • Matt A
    Matt A

    You are my favourite Lando better than Calrissian

    • Maurizio Arrivabene
      Maurizio Arrivabene

      Its impossible to be better than calrissian

  • Eamonn Leahy
    Eamonn Leahy

    Great editing, Great vlog. Lando is a class act. These vlogs are a great insight, thank you for uploading

  • Kike Gil
    Kike Gil

    Hay Lando my name is Cristian,spik Spain,12years old

  • Daan Boersma
    Daan Boersma

    Can you make a highlight video of the iracing stream?

  • Leandro Anderrüti
    Leandro Anderrüti

    Didn't you were in Lonato with RFM

  • maria vittoria sesgundo
    maria vittoria sesgundo

    Can’t wait to see another Landolog

  • Willy Bimmer
    Willy Bimmer

    What’s up Lando!! Great stuff here. Keep them coming. Good luck this season 💪💪💪

  • Connor Bell
    Connor Bell

    Hey Lando, are you going to be vlogging at all the different countries you are visiting? I know you will be short on time to do so but we would all love to see things from the plane rides, to the hotels, to the workouts and then getting out on track. #landoisahotlap :)

  • H jak Hania
    H jak Hania

    Good job

  • Mpg 321
    Mpg 321

    Dope video. Keep it up

  • Zak O’Sullivan
    Zak O’Sullivan

    3:25 did he just switch to a birel ART from a Tony Kart?

  • Botond Burányi
    Botond Burányi

    This kart is faster than the 2017 mclaren

  • The Merovingian
    The Merovingian

    #L4NDO ❤️

  • Francoberry

    epic production value :D

  • Aaron Duggan
    Aaron Duggan

    Loving the vlogs 🔥🔥

  • cicci0salsicci0

    You should have called it VLANDO

  • Barry Herron
    Barry Herron


  • Filip Olofsson
    Filip Olofsson

    I have the same chassi :)

  • jesus saves cars s
    jesus saves cars s

    I'd love to race you in a go kart

  • zeru

    Nyck de Vries...

  • Barney

    This one caught me by surprise. Your the man dope vlogs

  • artursz1993

    dat AUDI in the background at the end (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

  • Olivia Central
    Olivia Central

    Lando is the best vlogger ❤️

  • Jaimie Stroomer
    Jaimie Stroomer

    I love your videos Lando. I’m rooting for you this season. Keep it up!

  • Harry Brown
    Harry Brown

    2:55 looks like Lando magically changed to a shifter kart

    • The Speed
      The Speed

      Well its a magical kart

    • Rictex HD
      Rictex HD


    • Daniel Crossley
      Daniel Crossley

      he definitely did change into a shifter kart

  • Bruce Green
    Bruce Green

    Today I went karting as well🤣

  • Magnus

    See you in Hockenheim bro

    • Magnus

      Joey-A. · jo bin auch dort

    • Joey-A. ·
      Joey-A. ·

      Du auch :D

  • Bruce Green
    Bruce Green

    I appreciate your vlogs lando well done and good luck in your first full F1 season

  • Prabhanjan Kulkarni
    Prabhanjan Kulkarni

    Please keep this vlog up even after F1 season starts.

  • wammy xx
    wammy xx

    What karting place is that

    • Alistair Mallard
      Alistair Mallard

      @wammy xx Whilton Mill, he says in the video

    • wammy xx
      wammy xx

      I go to buckmore park

  • Basinity

    didnt you just fuck up bathurst

  • wammy xx
    wammy xx

    Imagine if there was drs on cars Will would literally crash on the straights

  • Sloppykop

    118th like and 23rd comment noice

  • BTD

    Lando being mocked for being 2ft 😂😂

  • F1 _E55A
    F1 _E55A

    I went there in an IAME CADET

  • harika89

    I love the vlogs. It gives us an idea of what an f1 drivers life is actually like. I hope you aren't to busy and can give us some more vlogs in the future.

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