72 hours at the German GP with McLaren


Shot by Ash @wearegrip

Hot lap victim instagram.com/natalie_pin...
World’s fastest gamer instagram.com/rudyvanburen/
Correct predictor instagram.com/helencrossley/
Detailed predictor instagram.com/joshcook66/

Music by Epidemic Sound

  • BFF Models
    BFF Models

    I love how much Pinkers closes her eyes and gasps at Landos driving.

  • Dimas Aristyo R
    Dimas Aristyo R

    Little did he know, he almost win russian grand prix yesterday

  • Chris Kench
    Chris Kench

    Be so great if he still vlog

  • Willy Williams
    Willy Williams

    And now 2 years later he finished 3th in Monaco in F1!! amazing to see how thing changed

  • Nathan Watt
    Nathan Watt

    Whats your favourite number

  • Anna Venturi
    Anna Venturi

    Wow ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • L4ndo 34
    L4ndo 34

    It looks so weird seeing people without masks

  • Nekso

    Wow, my favourite F1 Driver being at the Racing track that isnt even 100 kilometer away

  • Shishy 846
    Shishy 846

    Lando: "I did a good job consider he is a world's fastest gamer." Lando not finishing a lap

  • Juna Milou
    Juna Milou

    I feel so bad while watching his videos because i am from germany and i don't understand EVERYTHING uhhhh. I wish i had english as my mother language

  • Benjamin1669

    Great to hear lando is also a kimi fan

  • Marijn Hermans
    Marijn Hermans

    Oh, lol. I just realised that I was there that race and I still remember that when the race was over we couldn't go through the tunnel because there was soooo much water and we had to walk through the forest XD

  • LouieMaker

    "Pixilated due to F1 Rules, not cause Crofty is naked." Classic Lando.

  • Rocha Karla
    Rocha Karla

    You are beutiful

  • 10 pound sim racing 1
    10 pound sim racing 1

    i ship crofty and martin

  • TheRealKoniQ

    you are the best driver in f1 congratulation

  • Rahil Parkar
    Rahil Parkar

    7:35 such a cutie

    • xMissMilkyWayx

      Stop being a desperate simp ffs creep😑

  • Alex B
    Alex B

    9:38 XD

  • tristen perez
    tristen perez

    Im just now getting into F1 and its so interesting seeing vlogs and and the drivers being themselves and seeing what they do

  • Jordi Moncasi
    Jordi Moncasi

    7:00 Noemi de miguel con su impermeable de color amarillo

  • Konstantinos Drosidis
    Konstantinos Drosidis

    7:00 laughing while saying wet haha

  • George Newman
    George Newman

    3:40 he did the classic Paul walker stare and drive 😂

  • Lee

    “As fast as you want me to..”

  • Agung Kurniawan
    Agung Kurniawan

    Look closely lando look like a letty brother on 2f2f

  • Eder Lozano
    Eder Lozano

    Who's her in the kitchen?! 😍😍😍😍 Ooooh my freaking God!!!! I'm in love really Kisses from Mexico 😘😘 to her 😄😄

  • cjamesmcr

    Imagine being able to make a girl react like that in more ways than one 😂

  • Niklas Pirker
    Niklas Pirker

    You should have focused a bit more on the "kitchen"

  • max gruber
    max gruber

    i am from austria and i immediately recognize that the guy in the beginning was a german bc of his voice

  • Crack Cocaine
    Crack Cocaine

    Lando has a crush on kitchen girl!!!!!! Confirmed!!!!!

  • Forza Mediaa
    Forza Mediaa

    The funny thing is that lando has raced that circuit before and he is an actual f1 driver and he lost to a not experienced racer sorta kinda

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths

    1:03 editing insane

  • Fillox MK
    Fillox MK

    0:03 that guy just has to be Czech

  • Michael Lehmann
    Michael Lehmann

    the 13:37 time of the movie was on purpose, wasn't it? :D

  • Aberama Gold
    Aberama Gold

    7:33 Helen is quite the good looking young lady.

    • xMissMilkyWayx

      Stop desperate simp 😑

  • Eno_one


  • Praveena S
    Praveena S

    Anyone else watching these back to survive winter break?

  • Mirek Poczarski
    Mirek Poczarski

    13:25? Music?

  • apocalypse_nowandthen ✔
    apocalypse_nowandthen ✔

    Wait wait wiat... do you mean to tell me, everytime there is a race in different countries, they build those and take it down each time AND in less that 24 hours??!! Why not just leave them up and maintain them ?

    • Ciara Sanico
      Ciara Sanico

      apocalypse_nowandthen ✔ they have to ship it to other countries. There are only about 5 of these that have been carefully mapped out throughout the season. It’s cheaper and makes more sense logistically.

  • Raines Media
    Raines Media

    I know im gonna really piss people of here. But it just shows how unrealistic the f1 games are, when a f1 driver cant do it.

    • Seggins Productions
      Seggins Productions

      The Logitech wheel probably didn’t help either, lol!

  • Bystronicman08

    Why wasn't Lando racing this race?

    • Tze Chen
      Tze Chen

      because he isn't in F1 in 2018 duh

  • Vicky Rode
    Vicky Rode

    Dios te amo

  • Worlds Worst Musician
    Worlds Worst Musician

    I'd like to take Natalie Pinkham for a hot lap :)

  • ItsVizor

    This was a painful race for me.

  • Stepan_

    Hello Lando, good video👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇬🇧✌

  • Dxsignr

    Lando Lo-Fi Norris

  • Apdulhafiz Useng
    Apdulhafiz Useng


  • Apdulhafiz Useng
    Apdulhafiz Useng

    the girl on 7.38 please

  • J L
    J L

    Why would F1 rules have anything to do with the Sky TV booth??? Really want to know

    • Robert O’Brien
      Robert O’Brien

      Jason Powell f1 rules like broadcasting rights etc. most likely.

  • FerrariF1fan165

    Anyone realised it only rains at the end of a race :'(

  • FerrariF1fan165


  • FerrariF1fan165

    Am I the only one who realised Lando got a haircut

  • FerrariF1fan165

    What is your favourite f1 car after mclaren

  • Pedro Gama
    Pedro Gama

    Make more movies Lando

  • KaliseDerretido

    Which car where you in? This one. Damn Lando

  • Rafa B.
    Rafa B.

    this year Lando is racing in German and scoring some good pionts! What a diference a year makes 🧡🧡🧡

  • Larissa Mendes
    Larissa Mendes

    Have you ever had your guests fall sick during or after the hot laps ?

  • Beebo! in the House
    Beebo! in the House

    0:18 wow man, how one year change things, congratulations for the good job

  • Onboards karting KZ2 / Rotax
    Onboards karting KZ2 / Rotax

    Yea i know,who is the people on begin of video

  • lust4power

    That girl that said she wanted Seb to win in Germany probably got her heart broken

  • Jan-Luca Ganz
    Jan-Luca Ganz

    Missed you last in Hockenheim. Hope to see you this time around 😁 The motorhomes of the teams just look impressive and the hot laps look like great fun. Cheering for you at the Nordtribüne A . Dont forget to Drink some milk 🥛

  • Lets Avenge
    Lets Avenge

    Josh Cook at 12:10, YAAAY! He was my driver for a Hot Lap on the Mexican GP circuit a few months after this video came out. Nice lad!

  • George Gwilliam
    George Gwilliam

    9:37 photographer give chase


    please do more of that stuff

  • Culftheman

    I can't describe it, but this dude is already more chill than anyone I've ever met. He just LIVES. LANDOFORCHAMP2020

  • Ben Summers
    Ben Summers

    Ngl I really like these vlogs

  • Praveen Raju
    Praveen Raju

    Lewis should learn to vlog from this young lad

  • the jones
    the jones

    Are you or was you getting paid by McLaren for just vlogging (having a good time)

    • Its Phantom
      Its Phantom

      the jones no it’s just something he wants to do that’s why he’s probably the best driver off or on track

  • Karandeep Badatch
    Karandeep Badatch

    Watching these LandoLogs shows you how much of a relaxed guy he is

  • dano579

    9:40 LOL that guy just taking a sneaky pic of lando

    • Strictly Casual
      Strictly Casual

      I think you need to check your dictionary and see what the word 'sneaky' says mate, that was blatant not sneaky!

  • FogFighter

    Good luck for 2019 Lando.

  • Nico Rosberg F1 Fan
    Nico Rosberg F1 Fan

    Shit I didn't know you were at Hockenheim :(

  • Kurosama Mg
    Kurosama Mg

    i've just realized this vlogs are making mclaren look so good...

    • Machete Goose
      Machete Goose

      Maybe that's why Lando got the seat. Zak sitting in his room be like "how to get sponsors" and stunbled on the Landologs

    • Frazer Hamilton
      Frazer Hamilton

      Lozza 420 I’ve also been, my cousin works there and was able to bring me and my dad in for a day. Seriously impressive place!

    • JustAYoshi02

      Free PR for McLaren!

    • Hans

      Wopman “aloud” lmao

    • Obi da_pepega
      Obi da_pepega

      @Wopman it was work experience

  • Sonu666

    future Legend 😁👍

  • GloomGaiGar

    I'm guessing Ferrari never lends a car for hot laps lol

  • K 281002
    K 281002

    I hope you drive for mclaren next year

  • RobinCubed

    how does a racer become faster in the rain then in the dry? he was walking

  • zinTaxZA

    3:09 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • hexlgaming

    "I'm just like an amateur driver" 6:38

  • TuEIite

    More Rudy!

  • Play TG
    Play TG

    wow. nice past videos from this channel at last time. You could be the first cool F1 youtuber of history :D your talent is visible lando, so with your skills and a nice aura you would be it :P Greets from Germany for formula community!

  • Edmund Wong
    Edmund Wong

    your vlog content is really good and informative of a driver's life...hope you keep it up in the future in F1!

  • Felix Tippe
    Felix Tippe

    Nice one 👍

  • Emily

    I was theereeee but couldn’t find youu..😭😭 when will you be in Germany again 😎🤩??

  • Sparky 1303
    Sparky 1303


  • kacchan k
    kacchan k

    Why do sound soo weird. U are a brit but sounds forgerin.

    • Opus Dei
      Opus Dei



    Love a good Lando log

  • TheRealD4VID

    But will he really be Lewis mk2? I honestly hope there won't be a void when LH retires. Ftom 98-06 when I began watching, it was sad suffering with Coulthard, Button (despite 09), Coulthard and did I say Coulthard? FFS it was glorious when Hamilton burst onto the scene and you just KNEW in 07 this was a future multiple world champ. Lando are you really the real deal ...hmm. ?:/

  • Sergio B.
    Sergio B.

    Hope he replaces van dorne for 2019

    • Spooked

      This aged well.

    • ellis

      He replaced alonso so close enough hahaha

    • I'm Jared
      I'm Jared

      He replaced Alonso xd

    • Hallu Dixon
      Hallu Dixon

      Your wish is my command

    • Alexej Baldwin
      Alexej Baldwin

      Your wish cam true

  • Jelo Feliciano
    Jelo Feliciano

    since you brought up your helmet, why not have an episode where you talk about your past helmet designs and it's evolution and meaning??

    • DJ

      @Lando Norris Are there still any plans for that? I'd be really interested to see the process myself, as a design student.

    • Lando Norris
      Lando Norris

      Cool idea actually! Wanted to do one where we follow the process from design to paint so will work nice with that.

  • Craig C
    Craig C

    Love the videos, both you and Thiim do a great job of showing parts of a race that the public don't normally get to see. Interesting to see what the drivers get up to when they are not in the car. I hope more drivers start recording little bits of what they get up to when they are not driving at race weekends.

  • MarkDemand Official
    MarkDemand Official

    I wouldn't mind taking Pinkham for a ride ;)

  • anon

    Lando Norris is really cute. He seems like a very nice guy. No homo btw haha.

    • kacchan k
      kacchan k

      anon thats true

    • anon

      kacchan k yeah i am. do u know if lando is? hehe

    • kacchan k
      kacchan k

      anon are u bi? Plus his dad must be star wars fan

    • anon

      kacchan k oh it could be and also he's a like no offense Lando but he is a f1 driver and u gotta be a geek to be one if u know what I mean, like those geeky videogamers that all day just play games and talk about games, so he does have a bit of a geeky accent.but he's still a good looking chap.

    • kacchan k
      kacchan k

      anon mate from london. But he speaks soo weird. Idk maybe a life of travelling around the world the accent gets lost.

  • BBarria

    best Mclaren ambassador Mclaren could ever have!!

  • Nixon Shepard
    Nixon Shepard

    These are really cool videos :)

    • Lando Norris
      Lando Norris


  • The Talemaster
    The Talemaster

    The sim looks to be ProjectCARS, gah why couldn't they have a real sim like Assetto Corsa in there?

    • Rupe Torres
      Rupe Torres

      You meant rFactor2 actually...right?

    • The Talemaster
      The Talemaster

      True! Curious Lando, have you tried the SF70H in Assetto Corsa? With a good loadcell pedal set and formula rim with the right FFB, it's quite the accurate car, at least to me from all the proper sims I've tried :)

    • Lando Norris
      Lando Norris

      If it was iRacing, Rudy wouldn’t have stood a chance… honest… haha.

    • The Talemaster
      The Talemaster

      All the more reason for consternation xD

    • Blanc

      It's actually f1 2017

  • Jack On The Track
    Jack On The Track

    Good luck Lando in F2! Hope you win a championship and get an F1 drive next year!

  • True Mexico
    True Mexico

    It's great you are doing these vids from the F1 paddock. Good luck in the F2 season!

  • OnlyFor Luxury
    OnlyFor Luxury

    Daaaamn that door animation was lit and the video itself as well Keep it up lando

    • Beebo! in the House
      Beebo! in the House

      @Lando Norris you abandoned us :(

    • Lando Norris
      Lando Norris

      Thanks, new one next Tuesday!

  • alexlam24

    Lando daddy

  • Scott Kremers
    Scott Kremers


    • Rajveer Mogal
      Rajveer Mogal

      Strictly Casual that aged well.

    • Strictly Casual
      Strictly Casual

      George will win it in the Mercedes before Lando or Alex, I think Lando winning in a McLaren would be fucking brilliant though

    • Worlds Worst Musician
      Worlds Worst Musician

      There's a big difference between having a great personality and being a world F1 champ.

    • Susjka xxx
      Susjka xxx

      Not in a McLaren :D

    • The Talemaster
      The Talemaster

      Ooo...praise is one thing, but a$$-lickery is quite another xD

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