39 QUESTIONS // LandoLOG 009
A Q&A video answering some of your questions from across the socials.
Shot by Ash @wearegrip
Music by Epidemic Sound

  • Shishy 846
    Shishy 846

    This video helped cause we needed to do interview with famous person at school

  • Anna Venturi
    Anna Venturi

    super lando norris beautiful video 100 cute

  • Esmee van Son
    Esmee van Son


  • viperxmars

    no one: likes: execute order 66

  • SuperJumboJames

    Toes for fing- HMM

  • i’ve mcfallen
    i’ve mcfallen

    what did he sayyyy “i eat it with my wheatiebix” 3:40

    • Bogi J.
      Bogi J.

      *want to know too*

  • Unimakon Susan UNDIEH
    Unimakon Susan UNDIEH

    0:50 says the boy who puts salad cream on his pizza 😂

  • c g
    c g

    Question 1: "Don't be an idiot, changed my life"

  • Alfie Gray
    Alfie Gray

    How many years have you bin racing for?

  • haris a.n.
    haris a.n.

    When the cameraman reads the question from Ticklish Guy Feets, I think Lando plays Motorsport Manager Online. Is that right, guys ?

  • Elizabeth Del castillo
    Elizabeth Del castillo

    Lando has just sealed the deal of my fav driver in terms of attitude because he said that he hate Pineapple on pizza... and he ACTUALLY HATED IT Fight me

  • Wil Kent
    Wil Kent

    The question "Favorite Track". Is it a poser or the actual who asked the question?

  • Alister Booth
    Alister Booth

    What game is lando playing at 6.46

  • Emma Sára Kőrös
    Emma Sára Kőrös


  • speakingofrolls1

    9:20 is he really related to Chuck Norris? Can’t tell if he’s just joking or what.

    • Martina Das
      Martina Das

      He is joking

  • Tylor Moodley
    Tylor Moodley

    is chuck really his uncle

  • CM25 Gaming
    CM25 Gaming

    whose here when he is the meme lord

  • Audrey Jones
    Audrey Jones

    12:08 Because it's the best car ever.

  • Nathalie S.
    Nathalie S.

    Damn, i love his laugh and his hole face and all the things ahahah😂😂😂

  • ThatBeerCan

    lando eats weetabix and apricots for his breakfast hes a nonce

  • Rahul Saxena
    Rahul Saxena

    What the hell am I watching XD.

  • julia

    the transitions tho 🔥

  • Georgia Atlanta
    Georgia Atlanta

    Lando: traveled around the world Me: has yet to to leave the country

  • FellianTheDragon

    0:46 You're wrong

  • Micheala Hall
    Micheala Hall

    I played gran turismo 4 and 5😂😂

  • Irna Shaikh
    Irna Shaikh


  • Neo Godsell
    Neo Godsell

    pause it dead on 6:29 Lando has a gold tooth anyone else see thet

  • Sten PlayZ
    Sten PlayZ


  • Adrien Zeus
    Adrien Zeus

    Love the tracktop

  • Caitlyn Feldtmann
    Caitlyn Feldtmann

    Come to south africa!!😍😍 please

  • Braden Thacker
    Braden Thacker

    Lol ngl Lando would be the coolest name

  • Joao Guimaraes
    Joao Guimaraes

    Stigasaurus rex

  • Sas

    0:46 Italy is proud of you

  • Simeh84

    Stegosaurus Rex, lol. Love the vids!

  • TheTeddyMaster 123
    TheTeddyMaster 123

    I am from Somerset and I pronounce it grarss

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy

    Lando can I be ur f1 assistant I would actually love being ur assistance/ trainer

  • Clarissa

    pineapple on pizza? Lando: no. its just wrong. WHAT A MAN

    • Francisca Almeida
      Francisca Almeida

      Literally, pineapple on pizza is the worst thing

  • Lilis Febriyanti
    Lilis Febriyanti

    2018 When lando was still shy in the mclaren hospitality, 5:16 silvia hoffer still at McLaren

  • ABI

    6:45 Lando playing mm3

    • Khaled Jaradat
      Khaled Jaradat

      No I’m here after the podium it was fantastic

  • ABI

    I guess I am the only one after the podium.

  • KonKar Pinguin
    KonKar Pinguin

    12:50 I think the person asking was hoping for something like Water-o instead of Land-o

  • 2020 bbm
    2020 bbm

    Pespi or coke? Milk!!

  • Reno Saintz
    Reno Saintz

    Do you play Fortnite? No! Worst Game Ever LANDO ALREADY SAID IT, WHAT A LEGEND

  • Cody S.
    Cody S.

    This dude likes driving in the wet and I can't even get around a single wet corner on the game. 🤣🤣

  • Gerardo Espinoza
    Gerardo Espinoza

    Why are you at the Haas building?? Better food?

  • Kadek Chandra
    Kadek Chandra

    Lando "I don't know" Norris

  • Kally

    7:54 can he speak German I mean Oh gott and not oh god? 😂🇩🇪🇬🇧

  • Tonkitza

    Lando which wheel do u have in game? tnx

  • Caiti Stobie
    Caiti Stobie

    Literally such a lil baby 😻

  • Tyler and Gia Pictures 2009
    Tyler and Gia Pictures 2009

    question:the annoying Orange says is marshmallow a boy or a girl

  • Sebastian Heyworth
    Sebastian Heyworth

    4:36 Wow, what a fan!!

  • Aliro Correa
    Aliro Correa

    Por favor subtitulos en español!

  • Chicken Noodle Soup
    Chicken Noodle Soup

    He hates fortnite. He is the Messiah

  • Cayden Rump
    Cayden Rump

    5:57 literally his tooth is orange, what did he eat?!?

    • Gomez Blanco Lesly Mabael
      Gomez Blanco Lesly Mabael

      OMG!!!! THAT'S TRUE

  • Yung Tamz
    Yung Tamz

    Guys the day has come where lando finally got a trim

  • Stickyfoot

    Question do you hate me

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas

    Wow ..... recommended by many and I prefered the walk around McLaren....... My question would be out of 39 Questions asked how many did you lie on.... and how many answeres did you make up.

  • Joey Avila
    Joey Avila

    How do you feel having to cut back on milk?

  • Act Nasty
    Act Nasty

    Hears coke* Lando: “what!?!”

  • D man
    D man

    Gran turismo 3 a spec woot

  • Dilan Nelson
    Dilan Nelson

    6:40 he was playing mm3 mobile

  • Carlos F
    Carlos F

    Yes gran truismo yes

  • Regan Louise
    Regan Louise

    Question: “Do you play Fortnite?” Lando: “No. Worst game ever.” Me: Thank you oh my god someone who hates fortnite 🙏🏻

    • zoticGT

      F O R M U L A O N E S I M

    • Vinicius Rabello
      Vinicius Rabello

      @Matthew Alexander So you just play racing/driving games and talk poorly of shooters, I don't know but to me, it sounds childish and self centred. Fortnite is an ook game, it can be fun if its your type, I don't understand people who say they hate something others like just for the sake of hating, so weak minded

    • alejandro lifschitz
      alejandro lifschitz

      I do too

    • Libor Lažan
      Libor Lažan

      I hate it too

    • Sten PlayZ
      Sten PlayZ

      I hated it since epic games, also pubg is better and its funny cuz my fav dj works with pubg

  • Naeem Mohamed
    Naeem Mohamed

    And bcse Lando's so warm

  • Naeem Mohamed
    Naeem Mohamed

    Dd u sy Lando's Waboing, his nt his so warm

  • Naeem Mohamed
    Naeem Mohamed

    Hw u dng Dude

  • DNK

    why the fuck does he drive a renault clio

  • Mr. Miss
    Mr. Miss

    12:11 _''What is the best car you have driven inside or outside motorsport?''_ ... Doesn't answer F1, but names a shitty street car 😂 How to know he dislikes the team/hates his current car 👌

  • J B
    J B

    My question is: when you go to Ferrari??? 💪🥰 “Get in there Lando”

  • Felony Bebop Club
    Felony Bebop Club

    what is your family backround,,you look a bit eastern european,,or middle east mix,,?,,love ya,,u will be champion,,,

  • Jonah Minerson
    Jonah Minerson

    4:08 What is the Hass logo doing in the background

  • Jonah Minerson
    Jonah Minerson

    2:27 Yes Lando you must go to Barbados and vlog it

  • DingKing 75
    DingKing 75

    Is Chuck Norris really his uncle? Serious question.

  • 1braincell

    He's playing motorsport manager LMAo

  • Blackoutsolid

    McLaren driver drives a renault Mercedes driver drives a ferrari What is going on

  • Praveena S
    Praveena S

    Lando, do another Q&A pleaseee! I'm sure fans have a lot of questions now :D

  • V K
    V K

    WHOs the Guy behind the camera?

    • Baboultje

      V K its in the description

  • Aryanp09 Chelseafan 07
    Aryanp09 Chelseafan 07

    Grass like uu

  • Aurora Franchini
    Aurora Franchini

    I fell in love with you at 0:48 😂

  • Memonke


  • dromeiro

    Liked the editing very much

  • simonproverbs

    Lets make the Barbados trip a reality!

  • Mushroom MIDI
    Mushroom MIDI

    "would you rather be attacked by a horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?" "100 horse sized ducks" o.o

  • JEMLPro

    (I know I’m late) 6:40 this guy is playing Motorsport manager 3 😂😂😂😂man I love that game

  • Kathie

    His laugh is contagious omg

  • blogtwot

    Who else is waiting from the question from @honeybadger "Do you have pubes yet?"

    • VORTEX F270
      VORTEX F270


  • Caroline Tuckley
    Caroline Tuckley

    I say grass!

  • Vale yellow 46
    Vale yellow 46

    Does Lando have a girlfriend?

    • AJ V
      AJ V

      @Praveena S yes, that! I printed the best of the screen shots. So, that's a nice view on my mood board in front of me. 😍

    • Praveena S
      Praveena S

      AJ V Yes I saw that one 😏 He just RISED out of the water!! ❤️

    • AJ V
      AJ V

      @Praveena S found the photo with Seb, but also one with a younger but much taller Max Verstappen. As you know they are good friends. I have made screen shots of Lando rising shirtless from the waters in Abu Dhabi. I guess you saw McLaren's Unboxed? Oops...... no, that's not a little boy anymore. ;) :)

    • AJ V
      AJ V

      @Praveena S there's one with Seb too? Where can I find that one? I will try google too. Thank you! :)

    • Praveena S
      Praveena S

      @AJ V Nooo I haven't. Let me go check it out. I only saw the one with Seb :)

  • Worlds Worst Musician
    Worlds Worst Musician

    He drives a Renault...maybe he's seeing his future...

  • Jimmy Pownall
    Jimmy Pownall

    5:12 he checks that chick out

  • Mgoblagulkablong

    he wants to fight 100 horse sized ducks XD

  • Michael Gallagher
    Michael Gallagher

    Norris: Probably 31 or something Also Norris: Number 4 please

  • Chanou Van Den Broek
    Chanou Van Den Broek

    Why doesn’t anyone in the comments talk about 5:38

  • Jorge Lourenço
    Jorge Lourenço

    Love your vlogs ans streams, i hope to see you as F1 champ one day. Good luck

  • Carlos F
    Carlos F


  • Robert Wieschke
    Robert Wieschke

    10:38 no i dont cry... but he does eat the ice cream!

  • Adry FM
    Adry FM

    Boooring without Daniel 🥑...sorry!

  • 87plank

    Pineapple on a pizza, yes or no. No, it wrong ! the way he says that is great.

  • Kobo

    11:41 meanwhile in Germany

  • Naeem Mohamed
    Naeem Mohamed

    Lando Norris looks like he’s gonna sleep 😴

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