Bonus LandoLOG showing a behind the scenes look inside my McLaren F1 test at the Hungaroring in Budapest.
Shot by Ash @wearegrip
Music by Epidemic Sound

  • katica buruzs
    katica buruzs

    it’s Budapest not Budatest🥰

  • Andy Groves
    Andy Groves

    Hey lando it's mia groves you make me laugh and you are really good at racing and good luck for the next race and I love you bye

  • Min Yoon 300
    Min Yoon 300

    Hello lando norris

  • Matyi Bernád
    Matyi Bernád

    0:14 Its actually Budapest not with *t*

    • Kompoism

      In Hungarian..

  • Jonah Minerson
    Jonah Minerson

    1:10 Take your time Lando

  • Nick Goodyear
    Nick Goodyear

    Wow I mention that Hungarian grand prix

  • hntmtys

    Good luck from Budapest!!

  • Csaba Kiss
    Csaba Kiss

    Nigel would envy those eyebrows.

  • Simonrules

    That orange looks so sick.

  • EATHinNZ


  • melvizzy

    2:28 good cut

  • 略略略

    So cute (。・ω・。)ノ♡ 1:20

  • mitchell schmidt 21
    mitchell schmidt 21

    Ask Ferrari for test drive and see if there's difference ?

  • build Motosykletist
    build Motosykletist

    Picks his nose then shakes a blokes hand . . . woops. lol.

  • Javier Alfocea
    Javier Alfocea

    1:10 Actual speed of a 2018 McLaren

  • MrnintendoSEGAfan1

    He is a promising young Brit since Paul di resta

  • Maurizio Arrivabene
    Maurizio Arrivabene

    Its funny how easy these cars are to drive fast...even a kid can do it

  • wammy xx
    wammy xx

    Should of put the hypersofts on m8 😂 Good luck for the season

  • Whirlwind

    Really love these, only thing is that the music is sooooo god damn loud compared to the speech. So I have to turn volume up to hear Lando speaking and the turn it down when the music starts.

    • Tita SK
      Tita SK

      What's the music actually? It was so good!

    • xXDJ-WoofaxX

      Honestly I am at full volume with headphones on cause the music gives me them good vibes😁

  • TheRedHead

    3:12 gp2 engine???

  • neek n
    neek n

    you are awesome

  • Cherry2pie

    Quick question, how did you get the where you are today? Like through karting and stuff, really hard to find karting championships and get any further.

  • Play TG
    Play TG

    wow. nice past videos from this channel at last time. You could be the first cool F1 youtuber of history :D your talent is visible lando, so with your skills and a nice aura you would be it :P

  • Chanderson 255
    Chanderson 255

    You seem very cool. I hope to see you in F1 very soon ;)

  • Skeet Skeet
    Skeet Skeet

    Awesome Lando! So cool to see these behind the scenes.

  • Epic Noodlez
    Epic Noodlez

    Alternative clickbait title for this video "My brand new car"

  • Lor Bet
    Lor Bet

    Hi Lando, I'm a your big fan. I have a question for you: As you have begun to compete????? And in what year???!!

  • An Avgeeks passion
    An Avgeeks passion

    There are zero comments about the new nose. I don't know if that's an upgrade but if it is, it looks aggressive. You can spot it around 1:50

    • Iva Nox
      Iva Nox

      Boeing 7378MAX fan yep, is strange

  • Laurie Dale
    Laurie Dale

    Good luck with the rest of the season, it’s been a great battle. Hope to see you in f1 soon

  • PlamenDrop

    I wish it was longer. I could watch 30 minutes of behind the scenes F1 and not get bored.

    • Chris Ipooliquideggwhites
      Chris Ipooliquideggwhites

      There’s a massive series on Netflix about f1 it’s really cool

    • Act Nasty
      Act Nasty

      Rētrōgrādē yeah wut i wasnt even into f1 and the season pulled me in so fast now im becoming a fan

    • Retrograde But YouTube
      Retrograde But YouTube

      @CroInsane That's not what he said but okay...

    • CroInsane

      That awkward moment when BTS is more interesting than the season itself... Yikes.

  • iliovecaRS


  • BjärneVanGrøen

    Hey Lando Is Stoffel out of McLaren?

    • KEV_BE_9000 KV
      KEV_BE_9000 KV

      Stoffel sucks, Im Belgian and he hasn’t got what it takes to be a good F1 driver.

    • BjärneVanGrøen

      Boeing 7378MAX fan ok

    • An Avgeeks passion
      An Avgeeks passion

      TeamLMNTRIX Those are all rumours. Zac Brown even denied it...

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia


  • WCR Fish
    WCR Fish

    I notice this just now but you kinda look a bit like Rosberg

    • KEV_BE_9000 KV
      KEV_BE_9000 KV

      WCR Fish that’s not positive, he looks better.

    • Milan Langer
      Milan Langer

      Nico or Keke?

    • IceMilkTea

      1 Rosberg, 2 Rosbergs soon :D

    • Ben Daniels
      Ben Daniels

      Keke?.. :-)

  • Milton Alves
    Milton Alves

    Very good, bro. Brazilian fan here

  • Joshua Mwanamuke
    Joshua Mwanamuke

    So when are you returning to twitch😃

  • Rene Penquitt
    Rene Penquitt

    Puuuuush Lando to a F1 seat, next year !!!

  • Luca #56
    Luca #56

    Hey Lando, had an idea for a Lando Log. Go to Misano for the DTM/Euro F3 event as a spectator. So we can watch Sacha raceEDIT: I realised my error. I meant to say Silverstone, not Misano. Lando will be at Spa when the Misano event is on

    • AidenT06

      Luca Munro ok I Didn’t know that they are supporting the wec only knew that dtm was racing at siverstone

    • Luca #56
      Luca #56

      AidenT06 Nope. Silverstone. Supporting the WEC. The week before DTM go to Misano, F3 are supporting the 6 hours of Silverstone then the following week, supporting the Misano DTM round

    • AidenT06

      Luca Munro you mean brands hatch

  • Antônio Zueira 4ever
    Antônio Zueira 4ever


  • Antônio Zueira 4ever
    Antônio Zueira 4ever


  • Antônio Zueira 4ever
    Antônio Zueira 4ever


  • Antônio Zueira 4ever
    Antônio Zueira 4ever


  • JanF1Racer

    Lando, you Need a helmet-Camera ! Would be awesome to see you working behind the wheel

    • Human Being
      Human Being

      JanF1Racer the FIA forbids it

    • Jonty Macmichael
      Jonty Macmichael

      JanF1Racer don't think they can wear them as they are huge safety hazards

  • Ramon Samaches
    Ramon Samaches

    I wish I could be part of McLaren. Travel around the world for the F1 events is just a big dream

  • The Merovingian
    The Merovingian


  • Marino

    Well done, Lando. Enjoy yourself.

  • Dona Esguerra
    Dona Esguerra

    Thank you for another #LandoLog God bless and good luck😊

  • rhian Wise
    rhian Wise

    Hi Landon love the vids

    • Lando Norris
      Lando Norris


  • Felipe Ford
    Felipe Ford


    • McLarenF1 FanGirl
      McLarenF1 FanGirl

      Me too😍😍❤❤

  • Fejes Bálint
    Fejes Bálint

    budatest funny :)

  • Fejes Bálint
    Fejes Bálint

    Budapest* 0:11

    • Max Verstappen
      Max Verstappen

      @Fejes Bálint 😂😂

    • Fejes Bálint
      Fejes Bálint

      @Max Verstappen Actually this is a big deal right now :D, back then i didnt even care :P

    • Max Verstappen
      Max Verstappen

      @Fejes Bálint wow! Lando norris replied your comment😯😯

    • Fejes Bálint
      Fejes Bálint

      i've come to realize :)

    • Lando Norris
      Lando Norris

      Budapest + Test = BudaTest 😉

  • Michll

    Hope you had a good test!❤️

  • Jack On The Track
    Jack On The Track

    Hi Lando! Good luck and I hope you win the championship in F2 and get an F1 seat next year

    • yHelloh

      I love how this aged so damn well.

    • Joanna Xuan
      Joanna Xuan

      @LimeCake Came back from 2020, both Lando and Carlos have been on podium.

    • lop

      Synetear yep they are

    • LimeCake

      CyanWise well McLaren are on to get their next podium this season tho

    • DedStriker

      Well Lando got the McLaren drive :) but lost the F2 championship :(

  • alexlam24


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