Lando Norris

Lando Norris
Lando Norris

McLaren Formula 1 Racing Driver

  • Lin Samuell
    Lin Samuell

    Rossi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Benji Price
    Benji Price

    Is it any surprise Lando/Max are doing so well when they spend most of their "free" time playing sims. That has to help a bit. Even if keeping his coordination sharp.

  • Julio leyton cieza
    Julio leyton cieza

    Saludos VENGO de free fire exitos

  • A.Killa 47
    A.Killa 47

    Who's noellini and what is first name

  • Lewis Machin
    Lewis Machin

    Upload more

  • Mr lion Dude
    Mr lion Dude

    Ur eyes in the thumbnail will give me nightmares

  • Ramsli

    Why is the lower part of the steering wheel blurred out at 4:31?


    Rossi looked genuinely interested and pleased to me you 👍

  • drag hot wheels Channel
    drag hot wheels Channel

    Lando when the f1 2019 game crashes ITS BROKEN ITS BROKEN your funny

  • DiamondMasterXD

    Hey Lando! I just wanted to say that I'm really glad that you're doing so well in F1 right now. Being in third in points for you is something incredible. You can do this, man. We all believe in you.

  • Mr lion Dude
    Mr lion Dude

    And u said u will jump in the lake after ur first win and have u???

  • Amrita Das
    Amrita Das

    Free fire x maclaren x Lando Norris

  • Vilém Bařinka
    Vilém Bařinka

    Who came from the Mclaren instagram story just before Hungary 2021?

  • Seph2750

    The MTC looks like it's from Portal.

  • Vinícius Antônio Souza de Mendonça
    Vinícius Antônio Souza de Mendonça

    Norris, i am from Brazil and I'm a lot of your fan

  • FatalDragon69

    Pretty Cool looking pair of Bash-Hats.....Nice One !! It's Great to see another Brit on the Grid as well.....I know you've been there a little while now but I've not post here before, soo.....All the Best for the Season, Kick their asses !! On a slightly different note, I'd love to get a Real F1 Driver's answer.....What's your overall opinion of the New F1 2021 game from Codemasters ?? Do you think it's better or worse than the previous 2020 version ?? !! Keep Up the Great Driving !!

  • josessalinas

    You’re very nice in that game. I think u could be f1 professional driver

  • Dion Mole
    Dion Mole

    hey Lando did you ever finish that lego mclaren car?

  • Brennen Teague
    Brennen Teague

    LLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. why cant i buy a single mclaren orange #4 "FLATBRIM" hat. i want you and ur teams merch. but i hvnt worn baseball caps since little league. redbull has like 30 different flatbrim hats. and mclaren has like 30 different baseball caps. no flat brims. can someone please help me here? i want to rep so badly. but i aint getting a baseball cap.

  • speed67

    I think are both crazy and have big cajones.

  • umberto di trotzoni
    umberto di trotzoni

    02:05 Valentni's father Graziano drove there.

  • Double H
    Double H

    I have a joke: What did Daniel Ricciardo say when he jumped out of a plane? I'm glad I Lando Norrised with you!

  • Angus Lloyd
    Angus Lloyd

    “I’m in 1 of the 500 cars” Said Lando. pretty much every day he’s in 1 of 20 in the world in the f1 cars

    • Angus Lloyd
      Angus Lloyd

      Btw I am meaning lando said that not that I’m in a 1 in 500 car

  • Levy Van Elst
    Levy Van Elst

    Valentino Rossi #46🔥🔥🔥💨

  • Bashy Gaming
    Bashy Gaming

    Lando Norris once said: HeLLo ThErE

  • Damiano Peder
    Damiano Peder

    4:45 Woooow I feel like a God is coming

  • Mike Clements
    Mike Clements

    No disrespect, but many of these F1 upstarts come from affluent families. Landos' papa is reportedly worth over $200 million so I don't he or other drivers have been deprived too much in their young lives. 2022 looks like it'll be a lot more competitive with the new livery. Can't wait

  • Ggggggggk

    Why blur and then show it a few seconds later

  • Tygo van Dongen
    Tygo van Dongen

    Aym supper fan

  • Falcon

    what’s that on 6.20?

  • Opaleiro Brasil
    Opaleiro Brasil

    You Gonna have a Long carrer.

  • DRS Podcast
    DRS Podcast

    you acted like a spoiled bratt .. no eye contact when he spoke to you... priviledged lil boy ..

  • Blake11 Motovlogs
    Blake11 Motovlogs

    Broo the baby bottle killed me! Hahahaha

  • MaranelloGaming

    A video clip of you screaming at a wasp just popped up on my homepage

  • Reuben Baxter
    Reuben Baxter

    Are you going to upload again


    My favorite pilot

  • d_segara 07
    d_segara 07

    Anjing lu bego

    • M. huzenn
      M. huzenn

      Yah anjing kok teriak anjing

    • i do
      i do


  • Elli George
    Elli George

    Is that his gangsta Mini Cooper d

  • Toutou951

    Why is the thingy blurred at 4:47

  • Fernando Gagliardo
    Fernando Gagliardo

    The Doctor is a Legend......

  • VroomErgoSum: #stewie7913
    VroomErgoSum: #stewie7913

    Lando: how long you.. Vale: allora, i have the contract.. Masterpiece😂

  • kxrstxn Xn
    kxrstxn Xn

    That was no normal German radio 😂 i think it's one of those only old people hear 😂

  • Fast H Racing
    Fast H Racing

    Try to get to the TT if you can Lando. The same but more.

  • Adam

    I had to say this I'm sorry Lando! Chewing a gun infront of such an idol... Don't chew gum in TV at all mate...

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S

    We need the return of LandoLOGs

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S

    5:12 I’m sure this’ll come in handy sometime in the near future

  • Johnny Twice
    Johnny Twice

    Lando is shy hahahaha


    Nice 650s spyder twitch streamer/f1 driver

  • James Yates
    James Yates

    Lando proper made me laugh, Rossi is my child-hood hero too as he is many around the world. The 🐏

  • Mizer Playzz
    Mizer Playzz

    Great race at britan I was there and I’m a big fan

  • CallumJB


  • ACAB
    ACAB was my hero growing up

  • The aviation Content
    The aviation Content

    That was a great video lando Norris 👍👍

  • Officialjjx

    2:55 what a tune In the background

  • Paula Phelan
    Paula Phelan

    Such a cool video! They seem like really nice guys. I like how Lando does shopping, I'm exactly the same. Thank God! I'm not the only one who's merch mad!

  • Harry Morton
    Harry Morton

    im watching this while watching the great Britain practise lol norris with the second fastest time pogg

  • Mukuro

    This guy just called himself a full time twitch streamer and part-time racing driver. On his 1st podium, XD lmao...

  • Mukuro

    And this guy is the future of McLaren. Posing with a baby bottle.

  • Elias

    10:10 a wild mercedes fan *bibber* so far away from his territory in the wilderness

    • Elias

      its rare to find one

  • Chris Kench
    Chris Kench

    Be so great if he still vlog

  • Ezequiel Corrales
    Ezequiel Corrales

    i missed this video physically

  • the pack of 6
    the pack of 6

    thank you lando i shall note that down✍️don’t put champagne in your eyes✍️

  • Cristian Sas
    Cristian Sas

    Mar Márquez

  • Cibelly

    cool lando has a channel, i didn't know about this

    • Caz W
      Caz W

      he also has another channel, Lando Norris Plays and a channel with friends called Quadrant :)

  • Abqori Abdullah
    Abqori Abdullah

    You’re so humble LN. Hoping to meet you, have a photo together. Much love from Malaysian, LN

  • Ieva Podrecika
    Ieva Podrecika

    My neck would be so happy :D

  • meren2330

    in turkey everybody like nusr et

  • Patrick gaming23
    Patrick gaming23

    Yang sabar ya kak Lando kalau lagi kecolongan jam tangan nya

  • Spinal

    It’s like his neck is gonna snap when she shifts or accelerates lmao

  • Tommy Fresh
    Tommy Fresh

    Hope you're doing ok after your ordeal mate! Hopefully they catch the scum bag!

  • A. P.
    A. P.

    Lando,just in case you maybe see this, or somebody tells you about it. I'm so sorry for what happened to you recently at Wembley 😟 Must've been horrible. I know you must be shocked and understandably shaken. It's an ugly world we live in but don't let it rattle you my boy. Remember you're better than this. Best of luck at Silverstone! Feel better soon and keep safe 🧡

  • Gusti darma Putra
    Gusti darma Putra

    Gue tersesat woiiii

  • Nathan Kav
    Nathan Kav

    hope your doing ok after what happened @ the euro finals..... how ridiculous has the world become when you cant even go to a football match without the fear of being robbed.... keep up the good work this season future f1 champ

  • Me - How
    Me - How

    Any possible videos from Festival of Speed 2021??? PLS

  • chumleyok

    Note to the cameraman, get the thing they are talking about in the shot next time.

  • Dream Liaison
    Dream Liaison

    I love how Landon loves his family it's very nice I hope he is a 2021 world champion

  • silver and gold
    silver and gold

    So happy you got unharmed, take care next time Lando, don't forget how famous you are and second best driver of the grid now after Max of course 😁

  • CheekyChilliPepper

    So Lando, we all know negotiations start months before people realise! I take it due to no activity- you are going elsewhere - no surprise, Mercedes

  • Richard

    Almost looks like he is buzzed lol

  • jack kanoff
    jack kanoff

    so handsome