Lando Norris

Lando Norris
Lando Norris

McLaren Formula 1 Racing Driver

  • Oswaldo Yépez
    Oswaldo Yépez

    What is the name of the song feo the intro??

  • Shishy 846
    Shishy 846

    Imagine him geting podium in Austria

  • lowfuse2

    will plays f1 ??????????!!!!!!!!

  • Shishy 846
    Shishy 846

    This video helped cause we needed to do interview with famous person at school

  • Shishy 846
    Shishy 846

    Lando: "I did a good job consider he is a world's fastest gamer." Lando not finishing a lap

  • Skratt Prime
    Skratt Prime

    That drip though.

  • Caleb Espino
    Caleb Espino

    Hey lando, can you play f1 with charles leclerc george russell and alexander albon pls? Thank you!

  • La grasa Te vigila
    La grasa Te vigila

    Im moving up and dawn side to side like a rollercoaster 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎼🎼🎼🎵🎵

  • Anna Venturi
    Anna Venturi

    super lando norris beautiful video 100 cute

  • Kritarth Tripathi
    Kritarth Tripathi

    Lando.... The mcalren f1 driver purchasing water bottles in mclaren headquarter...... Mann mannn, 😂😂😂

  • Kritarth Tripathi
    Kritarth Tripathi

    2:11.......I left my toy scooter their once and now its in their showcase

  • Devang Sarvaiya
    Devang Sarvaiya

    That is one ugly car

  • King Samson
    King Samson

    Fuck driving the F1 cars, being able to just go into the pit to the GOAT is worth all the dedication haha

  • Anushka Patel
    Anushka Patel

    He is docter 😍

  • K Nakajima
    K Nakajima

    No wonder people love Lando, awesome to see him race the vintage F1 :)

  • Diether Santos
    Diether Santos

    Pronto Lando? S🅱️innala

  • Ryan Tuscano
    Ryan Tuscano

    You are streaming on your mobile Phone

  • Param Drall
    Param Drall

    i See You Too ! 🐥

  • Jessica Adshead
    Jessica Adshead

    hey lando, ive got a few questions i would like to ask i would appreciate it if you could answer 1. what advice do you have for girls wanting to take there karting further 2. do you like being famous or not 3. do you think getting a podium/win most weekends like lewis would become a bit boring and not as meaningful 4. who was your biggest idol growing up

  • Levi Boone
    Levi Boone

    H2 boss here employees

    • Levi Boone
      Levi Boone

      Happy you have good time

  • Levi Boone
    Levi Boone

    Get out of my gold car employee

  • Luke G
    Luke G

    Real noise!

  • Thomas van Ploepie
    Thomas van Ploepie

    I am fan Lando

  • Gameboy Leo 11 19
    Gameboy Leo 11 19

    Loved it when you said Scheisse (shit in german)

  • Mistyc. fn
    Mistyc. fn

    Grande Valeee💪 sono italiano :) viva la pizza porca putana

  • H4CK61

    Shit sound track ffs. Put me right off.

  • Ari Tuhkanen
    Ari Tuhkanen

    So, it wasn´t actually Lando driving 44 year old MacLaren, it was about something else.....

  • Isaiah Brazile
    Isaiah Brazile

    Why do I feel like you were the celebrity and Rossi was meeting you

  • Team Quoz
    Team Quoz

    You are my favorite driver

  • Ritzen Fikou
    Ritzen Fikou

    Lando you a propper dick

  • buvaneshwaran

    Great person😍👌

  • Michael Kikon
    Michael Kikon

    What never changed over the years ... Yamaha engine and vale accent

  • Impulse Gaming
    Impulse Gaming

    Pls reply. Or super GT will send you to the shadow realm LOL

  • Juna Milou
    Juna Milou

    I feel so bad while watching his videos because i am from germany and i don't understand EVERYTHING uhhhh. I wish i had english as my mother language

  • Wdo Gm
    Wdo Gm

    He’s good butttt , he’s to careful .. there risk , million dollar risk but ... but worth the risk ! Let’s see what he really has. Car is insured.

  • Aayush MK
    Aayush MK

    Wat's the song at the start?

  • Sophie Turner
    Sophie Turner

    looks like avengers hq in endgame

  • David Rojas
    David Rojas

    6:30 we can hear Tyler1 car sound XD

  • Kusqen

    where are you

  • Dominic King
    Dominic King

    get lando on the eboys podcast

  • David Rojas
    David Rojas

    6:30 we can hear tayler sound car 😂


    lando should never be hired for a pitstop lol

  • Hanaé Yoshida
    Hanaé Yoshida

    soy lago

  • Eanna McNamara
    Eanna McNamara

    Reminder for the 2021 season to jump into the lake if you get a win.

  • Gabriele Mellone
    Gabriele Mellone

    3:11 maraaa

  • Esmee van Son
    Esmee van Son


  • VV_ Antares
    VV_ Antares

    @3:00 that reporter .... WOW.

  • wahyu eko p.
    wahyu eko p.

    Feel likes on again in Petronas..... VR is a right compliement for a nice race... n still got a blues with VR in a right race.... 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • LPKelly380

    Chief mechanic: “This is the shifter” Lando: “The WHAT?!? Ok Grampa, time for your nap.”

  • ZRMotorsport

    Freakin expensive simulator

  • Gerardo Andres Villoria
    Gerardo Andres Villoria

    i sea the moto gp to

  • Matteo Menichinelli
    Matteo Menichinelli


  • viperxmars

    no one: likes: execute order 66

  • Der Wuselige Rüdiger Rammel
    Der Wuselige Rüdiger Rammel

    at 3:50 lando speak german

  • Chaospaints

    Hey Lando you should know how to drift

  • Joshua Howard Racing Channel
    Joshua Howard Racing Channel

    This guy is good at F1 games, he should do it in real life!

  • Hunt Dog
    Hunt Dog


  • Make It Go
    Make It Go

    Watching back, trying to choose how many likes to shave, I guess 2020 was the magic number